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Donald Trump's Hot War

Donald Trump's Admiral, Harry Harris
for International Policy
I  thought 2016 was about rejecting Globalism


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After the bizarre April 29th rally on display in Pennsylvania, where Donald Trump attacked the fake news, and has been doing nothing but phoning the New York Time and Washington Post, while leaving Conservative media in silence, there is something which surfaced in Congressional testimony which all of you missed, which is damning in people had better stop cheering Donald Trump and start demanding answers.

It was this story in the UK press by Admiral Harry Harris, of Pacific Command, in stating the US is running out of munitions from hitting ISIS so hard.
Perhaps if President Trump was not bombing fake chemical weapons in Syria for Ivanka tears with missile salvos, perhaps America would not be running out of ammo. That is satire, but the fact is America has not been hammering ISIS, so what is Harris talking about.

He said: “Critical munitions shortfalls are my top war-fighting concern.
“We must maintain our capability to operate in contested environments.
“Additionally, we must continue to expand cross domain fires capabilities and focus on joint integration to strengthen deterrence and enable joint combined manoeuvre.
“Priorities include long-range and stand-off strike weapons, anti-ship weapons, advanced air to air munitions, theatre ballistic/cruise missile defence, torpedoes, naval mines, and a Cluster Munitions replacement.”

Now for the punch line in what all of you have missed in Harris is in the Pacific and ISIS is not. ISIS also does not have a navy or shipping, so Harris does not need torpedoes or mines. ISIS does not have an air force so Harris does not need fighter jet missiles.

And if Harris needs cluster bombs, then American Italian bases are full of them, as are all the other ammo dumps America keeps around the why is Harris before Congress and deceiving them with a cover story?

Italy completes destruction of stockpiled cluster bombs ...

Italy completes destruction of stockpiled ... it was not known if the US continues to stockpile cluster munitions in Italy. Stockpile destruction has been one ...

Le Notizie Analizzate: US Military Bases in Italy (there are ...

US Army munitions depot. 8. Trieste. US ... General Division of NATO and command of SETAF of the US Army, which controls American forces in Italy ...

What Admiral Harris is speaking about is a hot war in Asia. That means Donald Trump and HR McMaster have plotted out with the Pentagon a naval war of blockading all the straights which will affect, China, North Korea and know nuclear powered nations who are not going to accept their ships blown out of the water by US mines.

Project this out then as Admiral Harris is in green light operation from President John McCain and Vice President Lindsey Graham, with HR McMaster moving Donald Trump's lips to say he loves nuclear war, how long do you think it will be, before robotic mines appear in all the American harbors from New York to Seattle, to San Francisco to Houston blowing our ships out of the water with all of your Walmart goods?

How long before Donald Trump in the Chinese lease on the Panama Canal has 250,000 PLA Soldiers in Central America keeping those canal locks from operating for Americans?

How long before this Donald Trump torpedo and mining in a hot war over his North Korea nuclear saber rattling begins to strangle the United States in rationing of gasoline to food, as everything in America begins shutting down from the mining of US ports?

Admiral Harris lied to Congress. He lied about a munitions shortfall, in order to get other kinds of bombs.  He lied about this has to do with ISIS, so that means this Pacfic commander is in the process of making a hot war in the Pacific, and when North Korean ports are mined, North Korea will respond in kind, and the minute Russian or Chinese ships get blown up by a US mine, then they become involved.

Yoichi Shimatsu had a good article on the Sea of Japan, which backs what the Lame Cherry wrote about before in  this is a sea of death for ships in war. He touches on something which none of you understand and that is the United States in in Armistice with North Korea. The North Koreans want a peace treaty, but America refuses, and in that any violation of that Armistice means the United States is at war with North Korea.

War On A Lake Of Death Will Prove That Men Are Gods

For those who are ignorant of the facts, that means North Korea's ally is at war with America, and that means communist China. There is not enough Mar Largo beautiful chocolate cake to stop this from expanding to an escalating confrontation with China and Russia.
China and Russia ARE NEVER going to allow Donald Trump to overthrow or unite the Koreas, because North Korea is their buffer to America that sits on their borders, and North Korea is overflowing with markets and resources China and Russia are in control of.

So what Admiral Harris was telling everyone, is that he is going to war with North Korea, China and Russia, and that is what he is preparing for, because Donald Trump green lighted it as HR McMaster's nodded Donald Trump's head for him.

These are the stories that matter as proof of world war is come, and not Donald Trump fake appealing to his voters with some crumbs on the table as he rails against the very fake media he is now in bed with joined at the hip.

If you want war with the Eurasians then just keep on cheering, even when the biological and chemical weapons appear in the United States, but if you do not want war, it is time to stop glorifying Donald Trump every time he tweets and start stating that you do not want war, nor to die for these US bases in foreign lands, which are making a fortune for the conglomerates of Trump Brand.

Admiral Harris stated also in that quote that Donald Trump is going to push China and Russia in their territorial waters and that the Pentagon is promoting 4 dimensional warfare in EVERYTHING, including boots on the ground are integrated in this deployment.
For those who did not get it, the Nimitz of Trump's phantom armada contains invasion forces.

What sand pebble said this was not world war and what Mormon troll was lecturing about no consequences to actions...........

The Lame Cherry proven right again, because Harris was caught lying to Congress about munitions, and his focus is fighting a huge naval operation in the Pacific rim.

Do you want this war? Do you want to suffer? Do you want to perish, all so Donald Trump can replace you with these border invaders still pouring in, in record numbers  now "legally" on green cards.

PS: One more additional note, when carrier groups go down or entire nations like South Korea are wiped out, or islands like Okinawa for Japan, then of course some Admiral for some puppet master like McMasters for some President, needs to have all those additional bombs and missiles to fight a war, instead of fixing American infrastructure or getting North Koreans  hooked on Bibles or Ivanka porn and Kushner opium, depending on what CIA operation is the one that makes the most money for the cartel.

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