Tuesday, April 11, 2017

He Made Me An Engineer


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I received this letter yesterday and post it, because it relates how all of us feel concerning President Donald Trump. I say all, because that includes TL as much as myself.
I have sat here for sometime feeling absolute shame in what God's Grace allowed me to construct in this time line. I will answer the questions and realities after this perfect letter.

Hello again,

Maybe the subject line is poorly worded, but I'm failing to come up with anything better. You're dead right about people's impressions boiling down to "stupid idiot", as that along with "God damned betrayer" were my gut reactions. I feel a bit of a fool for voting for him now, as my very first reaction before getting to really know... well, the man we saw during the campaign... was "another arrogant NYC blowhard CEO", based on every damn Yankee businessman I've ever had the displeasure of meeting. It was when God took an interest in him as I learned through you, that I started taking him seriously.

The part we don't understand is how God crafted this victory, and then sits back and lets it go to waste.* I could add, we don't understand either how a daughter has so much sway as to make an idiot of the man. Forgive a moment of crudity, but I could almost see it from a wife: "Bomb Syria or no sex tonight!" But a daughter?

Ever since we've come to roughly understand through you about thoughts and words influencing reality, we've been praying simply that His Will be done first and last, with our ideas sandwiched in, in hopes of not screwing things up too badly. I can't imagine this is what He intended, because this is having hope (not in the man, but that He was guiding that man) snatched away. It's almost better to have no hope and know it rather than the cruelty of this betrayal.

Sorry, I've probably rambled enough. In any case, God bless you, TL, the menagerie, and the extended Cherry Family. The cynical bastard in me wants to add "May He at least grant us swift deaths." Scold away as needed, I hope you know we do learn from and appreciate everything you write.

The first thing the Holy Ghost whispered to me was JEHU in all of this in reminding me exactly who God said would appear, in a man who drove furiously, was defeated in foreign policy and had a regime of intrigue.
For those who think, "What could God do with this?", know that Donald Trump was all we had to not have Hillary or Jeb. They would have had troops in Syria by now and America probably would have been struck already by a WMD 9 11 event to get you along for the ride.

If you recall, before all of this started I was moved to post on the Trumpenfuror and the dummkopf, and was railed on about it, and within a week the Lame Cherry was proven correct.

Each of you has been proven correct, because you chose to commune with God before the election. Do you remember that? Do you remember that this election was about the Right not following a false messiah and proving it........and each of you who did not fall in behind this current bombing of Syria have proven you are Christ's and not trusting princes nor in the sons of men.
The Bible predicts the very elect if possible could be deceived by the anti Christ. You have not yielded to Obama in your personal racism catharsis, you did not yield to personal pride in Donald Trump, and are being taught to not to yield to your own godhood in the coming anti Christ.

I deal with this as I am a tactician, and I disassociate from the emotions of it and do not let it interfere with my mission. I view it as a primate game of chess and observe the moves and listen to God in analysis of what each move from pawn to queen tells me. This is a moving game in which no one can say, "I don't like it so I will quit" or "They got my rook", as we are in this and have to play it out.
Who I play for is Christ, as each of you, and your families. This is not going to stop in what was planned for Clinton and Bush, nor for Trump. The President has not chosen to lessen it, but his choices are now increasing the event flow. On the other side of this is Christ's return. All these events move us to that reality.

I created this time line by God's Grace to preserve Christian life east and west. It has varying degrees from not so bad to the worst in history. I am still working on the not so bad, but it most likely means the American national pride is going to be humiliated.

I am still recovering from things. The effects of I needed time off a decade ago, and that Ted Cruz effort last year was trying, and it has been wearying here in deaths, turmoil and injuries. None of the evil thoughts help from people reading this blog and it nigh got me killed in that fall.  I do not get hurt, so when it does happen I know something is amiss.

We are not afforded the luxury of Bill Clinton humiliated in a Congressional loss in Clinton then signing all of Newt Gingrich's Contract with America, as democrats will only amplify the West Wing Democrats. I intend to write on this in what people can do besides obeying the laws and not making yourselves a target of the regime, because there are Kushner operations taking names online.
I simply have to remember to do it.

Evil is something that God does not allow to happen, but gives people free will to Life or Judgment. Evil simply manifests as people are influenced or possessed by satan. Evil is proof of the failure of satan and humans in rebellion against God.
We are entered the Great Tribulation. If you recall in the Bible terms like, "their iniquity was not yet full", "there was no remedy", and what the Great Tribulation is and the Judgment, is about the cup of evil full. It is being filled and Atonement is what Armageddon is, and the feast of the fowls in all the dead are the sacrifice or cleansing to provide the reckoning for every one of the injustices and hurts you have had inflicted on you.
To have any other outcome would be unjust. Justice will prevail.

As for the sway that Ivanka Trump has over her father. She is his first child, his pride. Most males have it for a son, but when it is a daughter, it concerns in forensic psychology, not the power of a son in his own image, but the nurturing of a father's pride in something special to make up for the failings of Donald Trump with his father. Remember Donald was sent off to military school for not measuring up.
Ivanka exploits this as she is well aware of her father's weakness concerning her. She plays on failed marriage and abandonment. She never wants to be not in control, so she married a weak Jew to cuck to play against her father who competes with the cuck Kushner.
Donald Trump gives her a platform, because he utilizes her as his "balance" to the things Donald thinks and does. This IVANKUCK though is a problem on the world stage and national stage, because it is FEMININE in emotion and weak.
I do not state this to mean women are weak, but when Donald Trump 'just does healthcare to do it" that is feminine mindset of actions over substance. When Donald Trump gets defeated by his failings on Obamacare, he blames strong men and that is feminine mindset when he abandons everyone and goes off to do economics which is now a failure too.
When the President bombs Russians and Iranians at a Syrian base, because Ivanka says to. It is a weak Donald looking to do something and thinking that his vixen quality will beat Vladimir Putin and Xi who are men.
Observe the result in Xi played Trump in learning all Trump knew, got Trump to bomb Russians, and Xi put 150,000 PLA on the North Korean border to inform President Trump that his girly policy has met the male mindset.

In this Donald Trump is not an Andrew Jackson, as his New York has no idea how to deal with those same Rangers who Jackson did in New Orleans to slaughter the best butchers in the world in red coats.  The problem is none of the Trumps understand how to deal with unbridled males. Even Eric Trump is feminine in he foolishly blurted out that Putin will not bully us..........stating that tells the world the Trump's are afraid and Putin is the man in the room calling their bluff and is besting them.


Split opens between Washington and London over Syria...

Donald Trump is a tool in the hand of the Lord, as Jehu was, as Jehu like all that followed were the failures of leaders who did not follow  the Lord. Understand the Lost 10 Tribes in God through Jacob and Moses Prophesied that Joseph would have a son whose descendants would be a vine running over the wall, meaning a colonizing people, and that son would become the greatest nation in history. That nation was America, and it's mission was to spread the Gospel to save the world as Christ intended.
America has who God knew Donald Trump would be, and God now has each of your actions proving you are God's not some man in power.
Our peoples were sifted through nations and lost their Joseph identity, so you think you were English, Scott, German, French, Scandinavian etc..., but each of your family groups in founding America were Joseph bloodlines. Your people went through generations of strife and fighting, just as our ancestors built North America. We are coming to final phase in this of those before the harvest. You will have in the Millennium places entrusted to your jurisdiction on your being faithful as Christ taught. As it looks now, Donald Trump is not doing so well in his stewardship as he Saulite in listening to the mob and the bleating of sheep is his legacy.

This is a unique experience in I am offered a glimpse of what it was like to be Samuel in the disappointment of the Saul he anointed and the crippling affect it had on Israel, in once again failures in meeting the people's needs and an insecure nation in more wars.

I would that President Trump would listen to counsel from the Lord, put into place God's Stewards, and then trust in the Lord for Christ to do the battles, no matter how hopeless the situation appeared. This will not happen and now I believe the minute Donald Trump hesitates or attempts to shed his leash, he will face 9 11 events to steer him to the unfortunate situations which he is now being led by.

Each of you know that you are more than some leader. Christ Who is in you is greater than that which is in the world. You are defined by your Spiritual Nature, not by the world around you, which you are a stranger and sojourner at the present.
You are not the silly left who whimper when Hillary Clinton is defeated and you are not some plotting squat assassins like the #Nevertrumpers.
The reality is the paradigm which has been constructed can not succeed. If you observe Steve Bannon, you can see he is humiliated, but he is already aware that what is being engaged in, will be an absolute failure at home and abroad and once the situations degrade, Donald Trump will look for people to blame,  others will decide they will quit, and in that it is my hope that God will direct the Christians and those He can work through, as what is now in power is not blessed by God, and that is the reason for the failures.

This is the first draft, blue print, white print, model, and move on the chessboard. Others will follow and that is where we look for God's openings, as Joseph arose from slavery, a prison and a global famine to save his People and the world.

For me it is boots and saddles at 3, and daily moving by the left flank, as the sapper is in the wire. Each of you simply has a calling to not be moved, nor be swayed by this nonsense fake news and fake intelligence.

Be of good cheer as you have been proven faithful to you Father in Heaven.

God bless the good and may God guide each of you by His Holy Ghost in Jesus Name Amen and Amen.