Sunday, April 2, 2017

In Defense of Jared Kushner

Pick up my tampons Jared, as Justin and I have congress to perform

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I preface this with the reality that Jared Kurschner is an incompetent businessman, a backstabbing troll and has ill served the President. I state this so there is no doubt about the low regard I have for this boy.
He stands around on jets as fags berate his wife and children.

In stating that though, I will stand up for him, because Ivanka Trump chose this weakling so she could be the man in the relationship and rule. What goes on in marriages is the people's who are in them business, but when it goes public it is ever person's business, and when Mrs. Kushner is parading around her wet pussy in public for that communist from Ottawa in Prime Minister Trudeau, Jared  Kushner needs to be told what a cuckold he is and how disgusting and repulsive it is.

Look at these official Ivanka photos. One can see she is just giddy over comrade Trudeau in she wants this wimp.

It gets worse, because while she was getting jiggy for Wimpy Trudeau, her husband was off with the President to the Jackson Memorial, as Ivanka was parading around in gay broadway dating Justin Trudeau.
Just look at the adoring looks of Mrs. Kushner to another man.!/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_620/image.jpg

Yeah the ultimate seat of Ivanka's choice, her father the President is second choice, as Ivanka sits across the table with Trudeau.

Who knows, maybe Jared Kushner gets off on this and jacks off to the pictures as cucks get off on that Sado Masochism, but I know I am disgusted by it, because that is the one thing no one is allowed to violate in to go off whoring on their spouse, as they look to trade  Jared was cock enough, but now there is the White House, and Ivanka needs a new ken doll who rules a country and doesn't bend at the waist for her daddy.

If Ivanka Trump were my daughter, I would have informed her of how gutter trash her performance was, and  that she was being sent home to diaper the children, as they need a mother and not a jezebel.

I want the REAL FIRST LADY in Melania Trump, who has class, dignity and morals, who knows how to treat her husband in public.

What Jared Kushner allows himself to be degraded by, says exactly what he is, and that kind of limp cock does not belong anywhere near power where our lives are on the line, no more than Ivanka sogging up the furniture every time some communist comes around, belongs near power, as wimpery and lust do not belong near power.

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