Sunday, April 9, 2017

In this Moment of Warning

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If you are not aware, there has been Kushner fanning out of MOGS and minders to shout down everyone on posts and to follow certain bloggers around and smear them.  What this is, is Kushner's Nigger Knockers, or the e bombing Kushner unleashed to suppress the black vote, which hurt Mr. Trump in the elections, and now this is funding and turning on Americans.

Conservative Treehouse actually has been the Cheetos Glenn Beck in this phase of going scorched earth on everyone. The chief troll there posted thee most inept policy statement in IT DOES NOT MATTER WHO USED THE GAS ALL THAT MATTERS WAS THAT TRUMP BOMBED SOMEONE.
It was a vacuous post without any semblance of intelligence or construct, but what captured my attention was it was reposted on Lucianne Goldberg's site and the comment section was all this glowing fluff as copied below, which is meant to condition everyone to believing Donald Trump initiating John McCain and Birther Hussein policy is a good thing for Americans, when none of us voted for this garbage.

Syria: It Doesn’t Matter Who
Used The Chemical Weapons…
Conservative Treehouse, by Sundance

I will neutralize this nonsense with one response as if all that mattered was bombing something, then why does not Donald Trump just bomb Bismark North Dakota, as his enemy Tea Party opponents are there, and it will send as important message as bombing Syria as something was bombed according to Treehouse illogic.

Reply 6 - Posted by: privateer, 4/8/2017 12:11:04 PM     (No. 11215386)
A good effort from Sundance to support the Coach´s Big Play; and perhaps it deserves to be. But in the absence of any citations of actual evidence or previous factual information, when he says: "None of this is in doubt." I hear: "this is settled science".

Reply 1 - Posted by: earlybird, 4/8/2017 10:55:34 AM     (No. 11215312)
This may be one of the most thought-provoking articles you’ll read today. It goes into a discussion of why Assad has not been in any hurry to stamp out ISIS in Syria (the analogy: If you knew your house was going to be repossessed, would you finish the kitchen remodel?) He knows that at some point he will be going. Sundance spares no words talking about just how bad Assad really is. (We don’t read that in the MSM.) Why has no one replaced him? He kills those who are threats to his rule.

Who is working with President Trump on the solution to Syria and to ISIS in the region? The various heads of states with whom he has visited during the last few weeks, in person or by phone. Read what they’ve been up to. It’s here.

So the same minders which were unleashed against Obama voters are now in the process of being unleashed on people who support or supported Donald Trump. There are numbers of them.

I am attempting to warn you so you do not have to put yourself through months of having your hearts ripped out in disappointment. I told you that Donald Trump was the only one to ride out of the abyss. Now is the time to get off that horse, because he is dragging you back into that abyss.

War is coming. The same things the elites planned under Hillary Clinton are coming due with Donald Trump pushing those policies.

I warned you yesterday that there is not going to be any tax cuts, jobs or rationed death repeal as you thought in your mind in voting for Donald Trump. Wall Street will get the tax cuts, Mexicans will get your jobs and there will be a monopoly insurance to profit off of your being given cancer.
We had 60 days to get things moving in the right direction. That time is up and now it is Ivanka Trump Cabal in Obama's 3rd term.
Conclude there will not be any changes, just stagnation in the coming American Genocide.
Conclude that a major terror event will take place to 'give reason' for cover in this Trump policy,  which is geared to a war with Russia.
Conclude to look for Jesus as your Savior as nothing in politics is going to give you any redress.

Proof of this in no tax cuts are coming:

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Donald Trump has scrapped the tax plan he campaigned on and is going back to the drawing board in a search for Republican consensus behind legislation to overhaul the U.S. tax system.
The administration's first attempt to write legislation is in its early stages and the White House has kept much of it under wraps. But it has already sprouted the consideration of a series of unorthodox proposals including a drastic cut to the payroll tax, aimed at appealing to Democrats.
Some view the search for new options as a result of Trump's refusal to set clear parameters for his plan and his exceedingly challenging endgame: reducing tax rates enough to spur faster growth without blowing up the budget deficit.
Administration officials say it's now unlikely that a tax overhaul will meet the August deadline set by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.

Do the math in this in even a moron can subtract.

Take away from Americans 45% more money in Obamcare insurance spikes and your state regime going into debt paying subsidies and raising your taxes, and that is over a trillion dollars more coming out of the US economy.

Delay tax cuts and target them only to unions and Wall Street, and America is stuck with another Obama year of record tax collections in the trillions.

Mr. Trump is speeding up bringing in foreigners for your jobs. You will not get a job due to Mexicans not being deported. You will not get a job created because there are no tax cuts, no Obamacare repeal and no energy policy in a national coal reserve to drive this recovery.

What there will be is wars. Mr. Trump is wasting millions blowing up tractors in Syria as Conservative Treehouse thinks that will stop Turkish terrorists from making chemical bombs in Syria, as Mr. Trump now steams more US warships to North Korea, as it will be a disaster in intelligence released that they want to murder Kim Jong Un.
It does not make any difference if the Lame Cherry policy as posted here is beginning initiated in part, because my counsel was specific to neutron bombs and cobalt bombs, and the US getting out, after leaving US ships anchor in the area that North Korea is shooting missiles into the sea. Trump policy leading with murdering Kim Jong Un, simply gears this up to the North Koreans preparing several dead switches in miniaturized hydrogen cobalt bombs to pollute American metropolitan areas. There is no incentive for Kim to behave if he is figuring he will be dead.

All of this though is rhetoric, as Vladimir Putin can not if he wills to remain in power in Russia, allow President Assad to be removed, and Kim Jong Un murdered, still leaves North Korea hardliners with suitcase hydrogen bombs where one artillery shell can end the lives of 35,000 Americans in the South.

Now does the genius intelligence which serves President Donald Trump that CONservative Treehouse is going scorched earth for, want a legacy like that, as a growing chorus of nations, including the billion Muslims of Indonesia are condemning the much praised blow up anything in Syria.

Russia again plants its flag in Nicaragua... 

As the Lame Cherry predicted, the Russian response would be to initiate conduits and now there is presence in the American sphere. Nicaragua is a naval port for Russian ships and the next step would be a Russian base there, as much as an expansion in what was Venezuela.

Put it plainly, if Russia weaponizes the narcommunists of South America in the gangs, they will make the Muslims that Mr. Trump is attempting to use as a platform against Russia, along with the Nazi of Ukraine seem tame.

You want to cheer all of this stuff for Kushner dollars and for idiotry, then that is the way things are in a corrupt and uninformed nation, but you have not yet witnessed what the Cold War on Putin can generate once it has been bitch slapped in Syria in Russian Soldiers were targeted.

That is the lesson for this moment of warning so you are not disappointed and cease being disillusioned, as you can not have money when Donald Trump has nothing but policies stealing your money and all of his policies are about starting the Eurasian War.

More to come on this concerning Russia and China for this week in exclusives, I just need to write them today sometime in my 28 hour days.