Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Ivanka Trump Humiliates Herself and America in Germany


Scheiße nicht in Deutschland

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Does not Ivanka Trump not have some child to nurse or a diaper to change, as this West Wing Cabal leader had an absolutely perfect disaster in Germany that her Frau Merkel set her up for, as Ivanka moving to rid the world of little boys in schools, for little girls taking their places in all high paying jobs, was received in Germany to BOOS.

Yes the Trumpenfuror stood there and took it, when she was booed, when the President was booed and America was booed, because being a weak person who keeps cuck males around her like her father and husband so she can IVANKUCK them, she humiliated herself and the United States on the world stage.

But then we have the fake chemical weapons attack, the fake intelligence by McMaster and Ivanka getting her father to launch a Tomahawk salvo destroying American Russian relations, for as long as this Trump administration is in power, so after that liar's dice, what could be better for America to suffer through than Ivanka putting the cherry on top of humiliating America.

Again the pertinent question, is not there some child this incompetent kucker can have latched to her silicon filled nipples, to give her something she might be qualified for which would not start a global war, humiliate her husband or cuck her husband when she is getting pussy wet over comrade Trudeau of Ottawa?

Wasn't there something about some other Nazi sympathizer female being intrigued with another German leader.

'The people who caused me most trouble were Wallis Simpson ...

... 'The two people who have caused me the most trouble in my life are Wallis Simpson and Hitler.' ... ' Heath Ledger's sister Kate praises Michelle Williams for ...

Perhaps we need to be more understanding as this is Ivanka  first time in seizing the Presidency, as she is young, just a girl and..............say wasn't that what this Ivanka Merkel Conference all about in needing to get rid of accomplished men and put little girls in charge of the world?