Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Making Trump Great Again

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Coke and coal
Out of the black hole
For China the profits will be
Not for the butcher, not for the baker, not for the candlestick maker
Just for China, Wall Street, but not me

In the wonderful and delicous chocolate cake policy of President Donald Trump, we were entertained to discover that in his negotiations to get China to get America blamed for starting nuclear war with Russia or getting America blamed for so making North Korea suffer that it makes an nuclear strike, that China is working with America in this according to the the President offered to give China full carte blanche in bulldozing Christian Churches, annexing Tibet (the Crimea of Asia) and not caring China is arresting Chinese wholesale as political China gets to buy up America to fund Donald Trump's "make Wall Street richer" policies as that is where this is going with Gary Kohn's Bleed America First policies in championing the Fed, talking down the Dollar and pushing the new dirivative scheme of "carbon taxes"

In this expose' on the Trump .........what is it sunprancer over at CONservative Treehouse was chimping for Kushner........"You glorious bastard we read your damn book!!!" Never mind that the quote is from George S. Patton in North Africa, and the glorious bastard that Patton referred to was Nazi General Field Marshall Rommell, in the sunprancer is comparing Donald Trump to a Nazi, but this is Jared Kushner doing the scripting, so if Jared Kushner wants to call his father in law a Nazi, that is just something a Jew gets away with you as you can not fire a family in law, and most importantly, in the pecking order, Donald Trump is way below what Ashkenaz Jew Ivanka and Jared say about Donald Trump.....after all Mr. Drumpf is German, so you can see why Kushner media is linking President Trump and the Nazi's.

But it is about the chocolate cake, wonderful chocolate cake negotiating of the President with the dictator of China, who is less freely elected than President Assad of Syria, that it is noted that in all of this negotiating, that Donald Trump got China to drop low grade North Korean coke for steel manufacture, and will instead have China buying cheap American coke for Chicom steel manufacture to flood the world market and American markets with Chinese inferior steel..........the kind that Hillary Clinton stated that Donald Trump puts into his beautiful and wonderful construction projects, and will of course destroy the US Steel industry after Mr. Trump promised he would use American Steel.

I realize that this is all sort of complicated in the pecking order but let us sort this out as the basis of this is the violation of everything America fought against in 1776 when Americans were forced to buy manufactured goods from England while England only bought American raw material.

So here is the analysis.

China buys cheap American coke.
China sells expensive Chicom steel to America.
Americans lose jobs in the coal industry, because US Steel is not making steel.
Americans lose jobs in the coal industry, because China keeps buying North Korean coke.

That should explain this wonderful and wonderful chocolate cake policy of the negotiating President Donald Trump, as what we have is China taking cheap American raw goods and then dumping their inferior marked up steel into America, while American steel collapses and all of us are in worse shape, because steel workers are not buying anything without jobs.

This is the Kushner's favorite Goldman Sachs guru in Gary Cohn economic policy. Start world wars with Russia for profit and the American oligarchs make money in their investments in Chinese slave labor, as Americans are economically raped again.

That is President Donald Trump's wonderful coke and coal policy with the wonderful Peking communists who are stoking the nuclear fire smelters with America tossed into the pot.

Now I never went to any fancy pants business school like Donald and Ivanka, nor did my daddy spend 2 million dollars to get me into college as the Kushner boys were. I just sort of had to read books and policy papers, by the greatest American economists in Benjamin Franklin's memoirs and Milton Friedman. So I sort of pay attention to raw materials and manufactured goods. The President in 2016 used to understand all of these things too, but since the Kushner's have flooded 1600 Kushner Avenue with Goldman Sachs nation rapists, and froze out Americans like Lawrence Kudlow, Mr. Trump has repeatedly stopped being populist and instead become a Barack Obama Wall Street scoundrel.

The correct policy is to arm Japan and North Korea with neutron and cobalt bombs, raise hell in the UN about Chinese human rights, and for American coke to fire American steel factories to employ Americans and convert American raw resources into expensive manufactured goods for sale to China as President Trump call for a new Global Better Business Bureau exposing inferior Chinese manufacture which ends their shoddy cheap undercutting of South Korean, German, Japanese and American manufacture.

Maybe Donald Trump could adopt me, that way the kinder could not be getting rid of me.......but the why not adopt all the Gold Standard, Christians and Loyalists into the Trump household as they will make Donald Trump Great again.

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