Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Meetings for War

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The Assad regime is not coming to an end. That is why Secretary Tillerson said before all of this, that the world would have to deal with Assad in power. The war is over. There will probably be a year of more fighting, but it is finished."

Former Ambassador Robert Ford
Charlie Rose Show PBS
April 10th, 2016

The reality is that everyone knows President Assad is in power and will stay there. Now the insanity appears in the statements from Rex Tillerson, ordering Moscow to choose Washington or Syria, and the lunacy of the Assad regime is coming to an end.

PUTIN: USA preparing to bomb Syrian capital...
White House Accuses Russia of Cover-up...
TILLERSON: Assad Regime Coming to End...

In a scheduled war counsel, the President met with Homoland for two hours. That means the most important focus in all of this was dealing with the American People, as that is what this domestic police state is geared to subdue.

I did an inquiry as to the content of topics which came up.

Russia has gone to it's version of the first strike DEFCOM.

People who wanted peace with Russia.

People who wrote pro Russian articles.


Russian assests to be seized.

People to be rounded up.

US raises nuclear alert to DEFCON 3. China mobilizes, masses ...

US raises nuclear alert to DEFCON 3. China mobilizes, masses troops on North Korean border. April 12, 2013 Comments. DEBKAfile April 12, 2013.