Friday, April 14, 2017

Now We Must Hate The First Lady of Syria

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Apparently there will be no pussy grabbin' of Asma Assad, as the word is out in the Trump media, that we must now hate the First Lady of Syria, for her crimes of smiling, hashtag #Love and #Children, and her great crime of caring about Syrian children being murdered by John McCain and Barack Obama-created ISIS.

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Syrian First Lady Asma Assad's social media posts reflect ...

The Instagram account of Bashar Assad's wife is adorned with tender snapshots: Asma Assad reading to Syrian children; holding an infant inside a maternity ...

I mean after Col. Khadaffi was anal raped and shot in the head in American policy, President Mubarak was put in a cage in American policy, why does not the First Lady of Syria simply trust the West to not hang her husband, herself and her children, because America through Rupert Murdoch would never stoop to smearing a woman her Syrian People cherish, and ..........well the rest of media did too in 2011, as the Desert Rose, and all of this evil of President Assad in her husband only started when he stopped using the Dollar as his exchange currency.

Assad's wife: I turned down chance to 'run from Syria' - CNN

President Bashar al-Assad's wife Asma refused offers of protection and financial security in exchange for fleeing Syria.

You do remember a few months ago the fake news was saying that President Assad was about dead from being sick..........well he sort of got better or all of this fake news is fake news like chemical weapon's attacks.

The thing is the CIA media is just locked in hatred for this woman now for some reason, which probably is Ivanka related as it makes absolutely no sense. For instance, she was asked about this photo:

“This is a forged picture and not a real one,”  “We have real pictures of children being harmed, but this one specifically is a forged one.”

President Bashir Assad

The first Lady knew nothing of the details, but said she was concerned about all the injured and murdered children in Syria. President Assad later in an interview with intelligence over this Aleppo photo, stated it was a forgery.
Whatever the photo is, there is no outcry from the media about the person who posed this kid in a chair, and took a photograph of him, rather than giving the child a hug and protecting them. So who is the bigger beast, the media not protecting a child who is there, or Asma Assad who is imprisoned and hostage in her own country, because the Americans tried to do the above to her children, and herself when they went after President Assad in trying to assassinate him.

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Oh you did not know that the United States backed an assassination attempt on Bashir Assad as he attended his Mother's funeral. Yes it was right out of Kim Jong Un's artillery as the American backed assassins fired high explosive shells at the President during his funeral.

Assassination Attempt On Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

International media outlets have reported that an assassination attempt on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad occurred on Tuesday evening whilst he attended his mothers ...

This is not the first time this kind of unAmerican actions have taken place against the leader of Syria. It is though the kind of disgusting thing that America and her chosen terrorists have been behind. You see without proof the Trump group condemns Russia as having known about chemical weapons, which Obama removed entirely from Syria, but America engaged in stooping to blowing up a son at his Mum's funeral is just something everyone should be proud of.

Asma Assad, is an innocent. This is HER SYRIA. She is the First Lady because Syrians installed her husband into power to protect them from the terrorists, who were created to bring down Syria. Now though the media is in a frenzy for more blood. So what comes next? Ivanka Trump ordering up an MOAB bomb as Asma Assad attends her child's birthday party, because what every birthday cake needs is an American bomb on top.

But Americans now with such horrid existences are enjoined to all of this hatred to afflict on others to transfer their hatred, as Sarah Palin is no longer around, so create some more fake news about chemical weapons to be able to watch reality television of Asma Assad gang raped like Chris Stevens and her brains blown out like Khadaffi, as that is all going to make a difference in Donald Trump failing to keep his promise in getting rid of Obama rationed death.

Because we know we can trust the CIA and the media as there is no history of them lying about anything, including Syria.

"Assad Stroke After Assassination Attempt"? CIA Plants Fake ...

"President Assad is in excellent health." Syria claims changing political situation accounts for false claims of Assad's near death in an assassination att

The facts that matter to me are HW Bush kept Bashir Assad around when he was guilty and now that President Assad's Syria was the one place in the Mideast where Christians were safe and had rights, including surpassing the Israeli state, I know once I am lied to by the Americans on a subject, I never believe them again.
That is why when I see the Kushner media ring begin demonizing the First Lady of Syria in the most ludicrous of smears, I know I was by God's leading on the right path from the start of this, because when it degrades to beating up innocent women to get a political victory, whether it was Barack Obama on Hillary Clinton, Karl Rove on Sarah Palin or Hillary Clinton on Melania Trump, that is a bestial nature which I am not going to be associated with.

I wonder where the limits are for Americans when their White House in President Trump pushes FOX stories like this, if something in them stirs to say ENOUGH, or are they such depraved pariahs now that all they think is they want to masturbate over the necro rape of this woman laying in the streets.

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