Saturday, April 8, 2017

Syria's Crusader Children With Red Hair

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You probably missed the above photo in the press accounts, because in all cases it was digitally skewed to hide the identity of the children, but I found the original in the UK press, and as you can see why these children were masked, is because they are RED HAIRED CAUCASIANS.
I reported before that President Assad of Syria is of the bloodlines of the Christians Crusaders who came to the Mideast centuries ago, as the Europeans Christians mingled with the local peoples, as much as the Romans did in impregnating the children of Aram.

For those who read the Bible, Aram produced a woman that was the bloodline for the Israelites, as much as Egypt produced a later line in Joseph for those who would become the American and British Peoples. The Syrian is the grandmother to Americans and the Egyptian is the mother, while the Arabs are cousins.

So you understand this, there is only one bloodline on the planet which produces Ruddy Children, as King David was Ruddy Complexion, as in red haired, and that is the 13 TRIBE LINE of the entire group of Israelite Peoples. I am NOT talking about Jews. I am speaking of the Judahite tribe and the other 12 Tribes.

In historic Egyptian paintings the Hebrew or Sons of Eber are painted as WHITE, with blue and brown eyes, and hair that ranges from brown, to red to blonde. Take an inventory of the Western Europeans, and you are finding the Israelite Lost 10 Tribe Bloodlines.
Laban, who was Jacob's father in law, meaning the brother of Rebekah and father of Rachel and Leah, has a name which means WHITE.

In genetics there is not a DNA in which any color overcomes black, except in the red haired Israelite line which always sleeps dormant and dominant.
This red from Esau though no longer prevails in the modern Turk, but it still prevails in the Crusader lines in Syria, which is what is being wiped out by the Ashkenaz, and if you bothered to look at all of those dead people that al Qaeda kidnapped and presented for photographs.......they are Caucasians.

Horrific images show piles of dead children after the alleged chemical attack

It is interesting in how these red haired children were hidden in 99% of the press reports.