Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Czar's Baltic Fleet

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Subject: Inquiry to the Matrix

Inquiry points to three aircraft carriers enter Sea of Japan, in Nimitz, Vinson, Reagan. Inquiry points to only one carrier leaves the Sea of Japan in the Vinson.
Inquiry states is not a reactor problem on Nimitz. Inquiry points to Reagan group in rescue operation. Contaminated. Inquiry points to Reagan scuttled.
Inquiry points to is a weapon below deck, not loaded, in process of arming.

Surface fleet removed all nuclear weapon's platforms in the surface fleet by Bush directive 1991, completed 1993.
2007 AD in the year of our Lord, Navy official comment concerning protested port call in India of the Nimitz.

Strike Group commander Rear Admiral John Terence Blake stated that: "The U.S. policy is that we do not routinely deploy nuclear weapons on board Nimitz.

Inquiry points to dates in April 19, 25, 27 as important in this time line. Deployment, arming, scuttling.

Inquiry points to satellite arming.

Inquiry points to coincides with NK missile launch.

Inquiry points to THAAD deployed and successful. Inquiry states it will be said it saved Japan.

Leader is unaware.

Battle of Tsushima