Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Donald Trump Legal Foreign Invasion

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Yesterday in the village, I noticed 3 new fat, ugly, genetic misfit Mexican females being impolite as usual and chattering like monkeys. There were in turn, two chattering juvenile primates standing on toys, and pulling down other toys in crashes.
In addition, there were two friendly hoochies, the painted up, rather thin Mexican women, taller, who brought the conclusion that enough Mexicans are now in the area, that Donald Trump is importing green card whores for them.

I want you to understand something as the headlines wonk about Donald Trump deporting foreigners, that what is being lost in this, IS DONALD TRUMP IS INCREASING THE NUMBERS OF VISA ENTRIES INTO AMERICA for laborers to replace Americans.

Trump admin moving quickly to build up nationwide deportation force...

Expected to Return 4,000 Somali Migrants...

The fat ugly vermin stunk of chemical, meaning it is not just the males who are now employed in the huge dairies here, but the women are taking these jobs too. Every month we get in a new batch of these visa card Mexicans, and while you think this does not matter for you, the area I am in, is a pipeline where this is where these beaners get their first jobs, and then move to your areas for the  jobs which you are working at to replace you.
I watch Mexicans in Wells Fargo banks as they are bi lingual. I watch Mexicans in contractor jobs. Mexicans under Donald Trump are coming in LEGAL, as they champion the border is shut down.......and all that means is Donald Trump is displacing American workers faster and he is not going to be creating any jobs for you.

This is not just Mexicans, but it is Muslims. The same Muslims which ARE NOT VETTED, are pouring into America because Rex Tillerson is not limiting numbers nor is Mr. Trump. The fact is the Tomahawk bombing delays peace in Syria, and that means more Muslim terrorists flowing into Europe and America.

Trump Is Resettling Syrian Refugees
At A Much Quicker Pace Than Obama

1,401 Syrian refugees have been resettled State Department
figures reveal. This is more than double.

So, do not be fooled by the Kushner Trump economics, as it is all Wall Street Chamber of Commerce. You are being told to wait around expecting a promise, but what is already engulfing you is your legalized extermination.

That is the legacy of the Trump regime, in it lies and deceives as much as Obama did to his leftist base, but where Obama was criminal, Donald Trump is engaged in the American Genocide legally. To think that the healthy DNA of Americans is being replaced by the regime in this unhealthy Mexican DNA, as Americans were betrayed again in this clever slight of hand.