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The F 35 Retardware

An F-35B Lightning II aircraft takes off from the amphibious assault ship USS Wasp (LHD-1). US Navy Photo

F 35 Marine Version

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There is a reality that when the F 35 debuted it was a wonderful fighter, but when the Obama regime overthrew America, the Pentagon in a bribery scandal simply let the industrial complex rape Americans in driving up costs, into black operations budgets and whatever kickbacks which no one has any idea of outside the shadows where the money went.

Fittingly, it was President Trump with his military group who said NO to Boeing and other gougers of America, and by miracle all the prices dropped millions of dollars.

This article though is for the expressed purpose of educating Americans as to what the F 35 is on the electronics end, as in the mechanical it is basically, the cockpit, a huge metal washer, to which the cockpit and rear engine are bolted into......hence the 3rd piece is the rear engine assembly.
A bright idea to be cost effective, but it is too high of price for a stealth painted aircraft, which should instead paint the books at about 20 million dollars a piece, including the advanced jet power plant now on board.

In addition, the F 35 is to appear in 3 versions: a vertical launch Marine type, a 'normal' Air Force type and a Navy tail hook type. The Marine version has a massive fan that is run off a pivot from the engine, which is different from the British Harrier which angled its exhaust downward.
Something goes wrong with the hover jet and those high speed pieces are shrapnel going to make a lot of KIA's around the deck.

What the "problem" is in the F 35 is the software, which from the outside looks like all brilliant ideas in making people obsolete by making a computer program do all the work, but what takes a human in some training takes a computer and billions of dollars.

The  F 35 runs a Block 2 B software in the jets in the flying versions, which do not have a great deal of capability, as it can drop a bomb and deliver a missile. This is something which was already completed in the Vietnam War, but the F 35's designers are still teaching the problem child not to think, but crawl.

Block 2B builds upon the enhanced simulated weapons, data link capabilities and early fused sensor integration of the earlier Block 2A software drop. Block 2B will enable the JSF to provide basic close air support and fire an AMRAAM (Advanced Medium Range Air to Air Missile), JDADM (Joint Direct Attack Munition) or GBU-12 (laser-guided aerial bomb), JSF program officials said.

Like all weapon's systems the F 35's does not work and are glitchy.   As an example we can look to Vietnam in the "new" F 4 Phantom, which kept appearing in various alphabetical improvements, until General Dynamics fixed it with a new model called the F 15 Eagle.

What appeared was the F 4E as requested by the TAC, Tactical Air Command which had the F 4 built around the CORDS, as produced by Hughes Aircraft as in Howard Hughes.
CORDS stood for Coherent On Receive Doppler System radar. Yes the genesis of your weather radar warning you of tornado and storm was this system.
Slight problem though with CORDS was it was too complex and the military dropped it in 1968.
CORDS was replaced with Westinghouse's AN / APQ radar fire control system which was a solid state radar which fired off heat seeking Sidewinders and radar locked Sparrows, both of which did not work most of the time, including a radar which went down, lost growl acquisition on MIGs in not being able to paint them in clutter nor missiles which would track and not go ballistic.

The F 4E also got a new engines in the J79 General Electric 17 engine, which smoked and sucked gas like a crack whore sucks things in the back ally, a 104 gallon fuel tank that still required wing tanks and center tanks, a cannon and radar in the nose in the 120 and 109 versions of the Westinghouse radar.

I know we were talking about the F 35 and it's retard ware.

What is currently being tested is the 3F software which is still a problem child, like the math kid who can figure out how fast two trains moving east and west can fill a tank with a pipe 2 inches and another pipe of 1 3/4 inches, but can not talk to girls without green cards.

2016 AD in the year of our Lord:

3F software issues have been a problem for the F-35. 3F software is the final software block required for full war fighting capability. The rushed test schedule and weapons delivery was described by Michael Gilmore, the DoD’s director of operational test and evaluation, as “not realistic” and constituted a “very high risk of failing”.
The F-35 ITF deployed 30 weapons in 31 days, which included 12 WDAs and 13 separations.

But the F 35 is flying in the previous 2B software which is about as smart as the cave man Vietnam War era weapons ware.

2014 AD in the year of our Lord:

The F-35 program office is confident that the aircraft’s Block 2B software will be ready in time for the U.S. Marine Corps’ planned July 2015 initial operational capability (IOC) date, but a more pressing concern is modifying the existing Joint Strike Fighter fleet to combat-capable standards.
“For the 2B capability that the U.S. Marine Corps is going to use to declare IOC and limited warfighting capability, we are tracking 206 individual capabilities within the software,” U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Chris Bogdan, F-35 program executive officer, told the House Armed Service Committee on Wednesday. “As of today, 80 percent of those have been verified as good to go,” he said.

If you compare 2B which ran an Air to Air Missile, a JDAM which is a GPS iron bomb with wings and a GBU laser guided bomb to the anticipated 3F Block which drops a small bomb, a JDAM and an Air to Air, the difference is the multi million dollar package can drop small bombs.
The special about this retardware is that it can drop it in 3 modes of millimeter wave, infrared and laser radar.

Basically retardware is giving a dozen more buttons to play with to a pilot or jet to confuse it to retard status, instead of the already too complex 1968 Vietnam ware which two pilots were turning off systems as they were unnecessary.

The Marine Corps is planning to declare initial operational capability for its short-take-off-and-landing F-35B JSF by 2015 and the Air Force plans IOC with software block 3i in 2016, Schaefer said. Full operational capability will come with Block 3F, he added.
Block 3F will increase the weapons delivery capacity of the JSF as well, giving it the ability to drop a Small Diameter Bomb, 500-pound JDAM and AIM 9X short-range air-to-air missile, Schaefer added.
The AIM 9X is an Air Force and Navy heat-seeking infrared missile and the Small Diameter Bomb, or SBD, is a precision-guided, air-dropped Air Force bomb engineered with a next-generation seeker.  The SDB seeker uses what’s called a tri-mode seeker which can utilize millimeter wave radar, infrared guidance and semi-active laser technology, Raytheon officials said.

Not to stand on their trillion dollar laurels, in the LAST FIGHTER WHICH WILL HAVE FIGHTER PILOT INSIDE as humans can not pull the G's in fast aircraft, and all of this is already obsolete in zero G craft, the military is developing an even more complex retardware called Block 4 in this 8 million lines of codex.

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter officials are in the early phases of mapping out a fourth software drop designed to ensure the fifth generation fighter can counter threats and weapons expected to emerge in the mid 2020’s and beyond, Air Force officials said.
“Block 4 will be that next block of software that we do. We will gather up all the requirements of what we need as a nation to counter the emerging threats that we can see even past what we can already do,” said Col. Carl Schaefer, the Air Force’s top Joint Strike Fighter integration official.
The fourth increment will build upon existing increments now in development, Schaefer added.
Many of the JSF’s combat capabilities are woven into developmental software increments or “drops,” each designed to advance the platforms technical abilities. There are more than 8 million individual lines of code in the JSF system.

But what is Block 4 retardware? Why it is software in which the F 35 can get confused about dropping worthless British weapons, Turkish weapons, as we all know what great bombs the British and Turks have from no one purchasing them, as nations which will be destroyed by cave men Muslims in Europe want their own version of the F 35 in retardware.

But be secure in knowing that Block 4 will be ready when most of you are dead, and Block 4 will be able to deal with enemy air defense systems which have yet to be created.

Block 4 will include some unique partner weapons including British weapons, Turkish weapons and some of the other European country weapons that they want to get on their own plane,” said Thomas Lawhead, operations lead for JSF integration office.
Lawhead added that Block IV will also increase the weapons envelope for the U.S. variant of the fighter jet.  A big part of the developmental calculus for Block 4 is to work on the kinds of enemy air defense systems and weaponry the aircraft may face from the 2020’s through the 2040’s and beyond.

What it all comes down to in this, that with all this retardware in trillion dollar jets, that it will be some AAA flack like that which shot down B 17's over Germany in 1942 will defeat the retardware just like a brick to the head defeats Einstein.

If you look back to 2001 when the JSF threat started, the threats were mostly European centric – Russian made SA-10s or SA-20s. Now the future threats are looking at more Chinese-made and Asian made threats. Those threats that are further out are the ones that are being focused on for Block 4,” Lawhead said.

Do not take from this that I do not like the F 35 nor its software. It is just that the law of averages in SAMS, AAA and some enterprising type frying everything with EMP off a few nukes above their theater, sort of negates all that technology as the enemy beats your army's brains in with sticks, because some nation spent all its money on air cover that is obsolete already, instead  of 10,000 A 10's by Republic that can fire off anything any genius ever devised with a human pilot in the cockpit or a drone operator sitting in a bunker.

Now you know about the F 35 and it's Vietnam problem redoux.