Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Hacker Which Was

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is a shame that Roger Stone plays a character in the media, because he is a very well versed gentleman.

I happened upon his site as I was on Drudge and noted that Mike Cernovich had been added to the list of must read writers who no one ever reads, but the net bots always make certain their numbers are trending, because that is what the Mockingbird wills to always have its guilded caged parrots on display to inform each partitioned group of society.
If the above sounds like I do not appreciate Mr. Stone or Mr. Cernovich, nothing could be further from the reality. We would have been much better off if the soothsayer and the gorilla had been in the West Wing.  Kushner one and two would have had their intrigue quiver full with them.

What this is about is Roger Stone's website, and how it is like reading an encyclopedia. He has a very well developed feminine sense of the details. The details provide some insights into the fake news, fake intelligence and fake investigations over the fake Russian hacking, and the information that one of the tells that Crowdstrike focused on in the DNC hacking was a codex pointing to Russia, but it also was possessed by the Ukraine hacking group RUH8. 

But Jeffrey Carr, of the cyber security company, Taia Global Inc., said Agent -X is not exclusively possessed by Russia, and that Ukrainian hackers 'RUH8', which self-identifies with Pravy Sektor, a Ukrainian Nationalist group that seeks war with Russia also has the malware.

The reason the above is interesting is because the Pravy Sektor or Right Sektor, are the same Neo Nazi leftists which John McCain has been promoting in a war against Russia, and it goes to the heart of the Neocons who have permeated the war machine in the Trump White House.
Pravy Sektor is who Nuland of the Neocons was with in working with Evenlyn Farkas which set loose this entire hysteria and coup against President Trump.

US, EU meddling in Ukraine battle — RT Op-Edge

The core of Pravy sektor is made ... Nulland's partisan pro-EU comments were followed by a brazen appearance from Republican war-hawk Senator John McCain a ...

What is even more intriguing in this is for those who remember, it was Bill and Hillary Clinton who sent Boeing over to Russia to help Russia "fix" their worthless hypersonic missile called the Sunburn which would not hit anything. After Boeing fixed it, it became the premier American aircraft carrier killer missile, as it moved so fast that it hit with the shock of a nuclear warhead. This Sunburn is now in the inventory of China and Iran, and is why the American fleet runs far away from the Chinese coast.

Hillary Clinton though was not finished with Russia advancement as Americans, Europeans and Russians joined to produce their own Silicon Valley called Skolkovo, headed by the accomplished Victor Vekselberg and Craig Barrett of Intel Corporation.

The complex is headed by Viktor Vekselberg and co-chaired by former Intel CEO Craig Barrett.

Victor Vekselberg was born in 1957 to a Ukrainian Jewish father and a Russian mother.

Secretary of State Clinton spearheaded U.S. involvement in a Russian government technology initiative called Skolkovo which was planned to be the Russian equivalent of America's Silicon Valley.

Unlike the entrepreneurial culture in California, Skolkovo would be run by Russian government officials. The head of the Skolkovo Foundation, Viktor Vekselberg, an oil and metals billionaire, and Putin confidant, was a Clinton Foundation donor.

He was not alone. Of the 28 Russian, American, and European Key Partners in Skolkovo, 17 made financial commitments to the Clinton Foundation or sponsored speeches by Bill Clinton.

Three major Clinton foundation donors, Cisco, Google and Intel invested heavily in aiding the Russians to develop Skolkovo.

If you notice in all of this Russian hacking, the same names keep showing up.........same names who keep showing up in the fake intelligence which moved Donald Trump to blow up Syria for the Trumpenfuror Ivanka, in John McCain and Hillary Clinton, both were praising Trump and knew of the strikes before they took place.
Then again, so did the ISIS terrorists that Clinton, McCain and Obama created and armed in Syria as they coordinated their attack on Syrian military just as the Tomahawk missiles grounded the Syrian air force which is Tomahawkgate.

 So now as no one cares about Congressional hearings or impeaching Donald Trump, now that he is implementing Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush's policies for Obama's 3rd term in a nuclear war with Russia, all of this information about selling Uranium to Russians, like the same lead shortage in America, the murder of LaVoy Finicum in Obama land grabs, along with Mrs. Clinton oversaw creating an advanced super computer network in Russia to rival America, so the CIA could spy on and control all of Russia, is of little interest, but it is interesting that for all the venom that Vladimir Putin has had targeted at him, Hillary Clinton was building the Russian cyber arsenal which Mr. Putin is accused of using against America, and Donald Trump was in adoration of, but is now blowing up to start world war.

This is the revolving cast of characters in this, and it all had to do with creating a scenario for world war which everyone is now moving as was intended.

Does any of this matter? Not in the least as no one will remember who was engaged in what as the plumes of cities become wed to the sky as the world burns down. It is the way it is.