Friday, April 7, 2017

The Smoking Gun in Syria was TURKISH TERRORIST WMD

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Cheri Berens who resides in Egypt is reporting that Syria attacked an al Qaeda landmine production shop which was placing poison chemicals inside the mines. The problem with Ms. Beren's site is she is even more toxic than I am in even a search for her content places her 12 links down even with a name, and it will not produce her story.

The point in this which matters, which is not going to Trumped away is we know for CERTAIN that Turkey has it's own terror group in Syria, separate from the John McCain terrorists who compete with the Syrian group and that Syrian group is AL QAEDA as was reported here days ago.

This is important, because Turkey was the one providing forensic evidence blaming Syria, and when I did an inquiry into the matrix, voila it was reported that it was Turkey who was providing these poison chemicals to their terrorists.

That is the real story behind this, and it is going to take some time as the propaganda steamroller, trolls, minders and MOGS are going full bore, while this little blog was in shut down in not being able to post, until someone sort of found away to post alerting the public what was taking place.

Once again this is a precarious situation this blog is in and thank you to those who have supported and not been dickweeds and asstards attacking me nor thinking this was all over when Trump was in the White House.

The fact is Russia knew that Turkey was dumping these poison bombs into Syria, but Russia needs Turkey, so it can not come out with the evidence, and America can not blame NATO Turkey, so the crooks there get away with their terrorism as John McCain now has President Trump advocating for ISIS terrorists.

Americans were promised a few months ago a comprehensive plan to destroy ISIS, and to stop regime change, and now fighting terrorism has stopped, and America is wasting a fortune on another failed attempt to remove President Assad.............

And now we have nuclear armed Russia responding and no longer trusting President Trump or Americans. For the asstards who do not understand this, this is serious as Russia and a hosts of others who have had enough of Yankee Run and Gun, are going to impede everything America is going to attempt.

Take a very long look at the above photo, and see how much pleasure this group has in getting aroused over bombing Syria.

The smoking gun in Syria is now proven, in it was Turkey's terrorists and Turkey was the source of the chemical weapons. When you get done cheering, you now have Russia shadowing US warships, Russia upgrading missile defense in Syria, Russia ceasing all cooperation with the United States and America with Europe being one event away from a nuclear war with Russia.

You just wait around until the Eurasians make you pay for Mr. Trump's Tomahawks and then figure out if there was anything to cheer about.