Friday, April 7, 2017

The Trump card wasted on a Deuce


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was going to post this for tomorrow, but Capt. Kirk is like many of you in wondering what the future holds. I was going to post about Wednesday a future tense of the realities of America, but for some reason that vanished in my 28 hour days packed into 24.

I want the good of you to not be disheartened, by Syria or how all what we voted for is being hijacked and trashed, because Christ is always on the other side of this.

The Russians are going to respond to what President Trump did both overtly and covertly. That has been taken into account, but this all comes to the point that these were Turkish chemicals and it was set up to bring this response by Donald Trump via Ivanka Trump whining about dead kids.

Question: How many babies do you see crawling around on the floor of DuPont, DOW or Monsanto? Surely their parking lots are full of kids right? Yes that is a problem because what are piles of children doing at a weapon's factory, unless it was staged as in last sarin attacks in Syria or they were put there as human shields for the propaganda.
If you bother too study the photos of the "gas attack", they were all in specific positions..........unlike the 1960's when Americans gassed sheep on military proving grounds and the woolies convulsed and fell in all sorts of your flies do when you spray them.
See whoever staged those photos messed up on that part, pointing to one person directed the bodies be placed in a certain respectful way, and it was repeated over and over.

Water does not wash sarin away, so why is the above person hosing the situation down, unless of course it is a matter that the terrorists knew what the toxin was in the bomb factory which was struck, and knew water would wash it away, as contact with their bare skin was no threat in the least......nor touching the dead or their clothing which sarin remains active on for up to 30 minutes.
The pictures are telling you things and you are missing them, just like no sarin effects are on these people's faces.

Logically what is being generated now is a rush of various groups who had gripes with Obama cutting them out of the action, or being Mr. Trump's new Ivanka toys, to find ways to use the CIA hacking blame game of leaving false tracks, to strike America so someone else gets blamed for America being crippled, and then hit by the Americans.
There are regimes from Germany to Iran to North Korea who all have a gripe with America and might not find a way  to warn America of a coming attack, so that their advantage will be pushed.

There are many who do not love me nor appreciate the things posted here. They find all sorts of ways to attack and attempt to bait. The focus though is to remember that today's people in power are tomorrow's group blamed for messing everything up. The Trumpenfuror will mess things up, as all these other theorists and leftists will that Mr. Trump is being led by. The Sean Hannity line in the sand that other nations now know that America will strike...........well they also are now moving to strike in their own way and get away with it again. To put it plainly, a single event in a Muslim stealing some person's car does 1 hundred fold damage. A nation state can spend airline tickets and do a billion dollars damage on 9 11, and suck 3 trillion dollars out of America in a response.
Do not forget that Turkey invested a few thousand dollars in chemicals in Syria, and it cost Americans millions in the Trump Salvo. Who is winning? It ain't Americans and it is not Donald Trump no matter what the MOGS and minders are posting.

One thing to watch for in this is Crazy Ivan. The Captain will remember this probably, and I do not mean from Red October the movie. The Russians have a history of ramming other nation's ships to send a message to that nation as a prelude to a real nuclear war. The Russians start clipping American aircraft or bumping American technology by "accident", then this has gone to a new level.

President Putin stated that there was about 1 year before war began. He understands that either Russia fights and dies or Russia submits and dies. The Russians understand they are going to die and their one chance in this, is to somehow gain population in the Slavic lands and to let America and China discover the wonders of warfare. China can absorb all the American firepower and survive with a population of over 100 million. The United States though with it's technology would not remain more than a bunker nuclear state.
If you missed Dr. Ben Carson discovering 500 million dollars missing from his cabinet, that money is not missing. It is like the trillions the Pentagon is missing in going to projects for the elite to survive what is coming.

We should be in the end game of this sooner than later. The President made that interesting statement about evil December in reverse speech. There is not any walking back what President Trump did in attacking Syria, because President Trump ENDANGERED RUSSIANS deliberately, along with the fact that he bombed nerve agent sites if they existed.........and the reports are that half of those tomahawks did not hit the base.
That means President Trump has deceived Americans as to what the purpose of this attack was or it means that the US missiles are so defective that half of them can not hit where they are aimed. Do not lose sight of that, because Russia certainly will not......and it means that one of Mr. Trumps missiles could have slaughtered Russians, because there were dead babies from this missile attack in surrounding cities where missiles did strike.
As for the missiles..........they were worthless against hardened bunkers and were not Colin Powell flying through windows accurate. Numbers hit the hoop rim it appears.

I would simply look to Jesus, and let this Jehu rampage around as his McMaster leash holders lead him around with. This policy is to topple Syria and Iran, which will lead to more terrorism and Christian genocide as Sean Hannity cut off an Iraqi Christian caller today over. It is designed to bring war with Russia by making Russia roll out her tanks to kill her on European and Asian fields. It is designed to draw out China to kill her on Alaskan fields as her resources dry up in 30 days.
It will fail, as the Bible speaks  of Armageddon and that is where this will all drive to instead, as technology falters and populations go to 1800's lifestyles.

I am very disappointed in creating the time line for  this Jehu, as I had dreams of peace and cooperation to save billions of lives, but the evil in this world and the trolls who keep attacking me as  tools of satan keep surging the global genocide time line.

God is not going to reward sodomy and we have a sodomite progressing government. We have something that we were born to in this age for Christ to carry us through. Lights shining in darkness as those who are darkness become even more pitch hole.

There is though not any reason to be upset about any of this, because it is what it is, another example of how much we need Christ to return. We were going to get this war if Jeb or Hillary was in place, and the hope was to stop it in President Trump, but he is determined to not follow through on what people voted for him for. That is nothing new and you can only become disappointed if you keep hoping this government is going to actually benefit Americans.
It is just a reality that America and Russian relations have not been this shattered in the entire history of America. The Russians will never trust Donald Trump ever again. That is the fact and that can not be undone. It does not matter how many ignorant or senseless trolls or MOGS are posting otherwise praising this situation, because it no longer matters what Americans believe or what Donald Trump does. All that matters now is what the Eurasians decide and act out with in policy, as America already played it's card and the trump card was wasted on a deuce.

President Trump is off being Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, or Obama on Bush steroids. You though are still going in the direction the majority intended, so remember blessed are the peacemakers for they shall inherit the earth.

The Bible points to inheriting an earth that is depopulated, so look forward to that acreage in the future in miles of it, as 1600 Penn sent a message to Russia which was deliberate, and Russia with the rest of the world heard it, rejected it, and their combined intent will be to neutralize the American military state so it can not inflict upon them.

That though is none of your concern, so enjoy your weekend and remember you have control over your lives in Christ as Christ carries you.