Friday, April 14, 2017

To Our Americans Tents

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wanted to thank the friend who wrote me this correspondence, because they have summed up their lives and their feelings about everything they have been put through, going through and do not have the life to pack up and fly off to Mar Largo.

This letter is that important and I hope the writer understands how valuable they are to America and this world, because this is the typical Lame Cherry reader. They are not who the Trump children can not sell their brand to, as they do not know the really educated and common sense Americans who make up America.
I apologize to the writer, but this letter so summed up the experience of all of us, that I hope it helps in their knowing that numbers of people will be praying for them, their family and their peace.

What each of us has to understand is that we are not powerless. The same God who constructed this time line is making notes in all of this, and God was informing me through Bible readings almost from the beginning of the transition that He was displeased.

It is important to know that there are millions of you. There is a majority of you who have been stunned and saying you did not vote for this deviance, and now for all the flack I took from the paid MOGs online, the Lame Cherry has driven the story again, so that it broke now in Politico alerting everyone to the fact that we are not alone, and that we are all feeling betrayed and ill  used, because we are betrayed and ill used.

I can not reveal personal details or stories, but I can tell you that you are not alone in this, and the way Sarah Palin was brushed aside like trash, is not the only established person who Donald Trump owes a great deal to, who has been ill used.
It is important now though as Sherlock Holmes says that the game is afoot, because it is, and we are back in the game. People did not know who was betraying them or what was taking place, but now we know who the insiders are in the Echo Chamber in the K Streeters and their plotters of Cohn and Powell for liberals, connected with the IC group who are driving the McCain war in Syria and Korea.

Do not lose sight of the fact that Steve Bannon is someone who holds a grudge, and while Jared Kushner grins at those he waits around to stab in the back, Steve Bannon is connected to the Mercer money, and there is that ill used Alt Right, who are still up and running on Twitter, and are the same rascals as before in hilarious cutting satire. As stated, it is being defined who stole our 45th Presidency, and as Steven Bannon knows as I have posted, this is going to melt down because you can not have peace nor build a nation on Bush Clinton Obama policy.

So let not your hearts be troubled. Be of good cheer. The White House went silent on the Politico story, and everyone there knows they have major problems in listening to the Kushners and their conspirators. They are lying to themselves in thinking the Trump brand is going to be accepted by liberals, because liberals hate Donald Trump.

I'm writing to thank you for the encouraging post titled "He Made Me an Engineer." I was furious and heartsick about the action against Syria. I'd been increasingly worried about the lack of progress in the president's domestic agenda anyway, so when the airstrike in Syria took place, I had a sinking feeling that all we'd hoped and prayed and worked for was not going to come to pass, since he had just done a complete reversal on a major policy. I felt betrayed and ill-used.

All this has comes at a particularly difficult time for me personally, as my beloved older brother died suddenly on March 4 of an apparent heart attack. We were very close, and I still am in shock that he's gone. He shared my admiration for Donald Trump and really felt he might be the answer to prayer for our country. I can't believe how much things have changed with the administration just since my brother passed away. Your post made me realize that there is little I can do about all that; instead, I need to concentrate on what I can do right now, which for me is keeping strong ties with my family and helping take care of my young niece and nephew, who now don't have a dad, and comforting my elderly parents, who had to bury one of their children.

I have read your subsequent posts, as well as the news and commentary from Cernovich and Paul Joseph Watson and their cohorts, and the encouragement I'd felt has waned a bit--because, let's face it, much of what is happening is dismaying. It's left a lot of us feeling cynical and angry. I don't like being jerked around or "played," and that's how I've begun to feel with the constant theatrics and "deal-making" bobbing and weaving. It was fine for DJT to do that with his opponents (previously the Democrats and the media), but now he's using those tactics on his base, and I'm tired of it.

I have one remaining hope for the Trump presidency, and that is Melania. Do you think that she could play a role in bringing DJT back to his base? I admire her for staying with her son and taking care of him, but I've felt all along that the administration was really going to suffer from her absence. I hope that once she's in the White House, she will take some of the power from Ivanka, who has worn out her welcome with many of us.

Thanks for your work, and I wish the best for you and your family.

An admirer,

P.S. This might be a stupid question, but I've never been sure how to say your name. Is it pronounced like "Flame"? Or is it said "la-MAY"? I tried to find the answer in your archives, but I couldn't.

There is already movement in this of Steve Bannon 2020, as I have stated Donald Trump will be primaried in the GOP. This group of oligarch Chamber of Commerce banksters have cheated us and attacked us, and people are already moving to find Congressional candidates to build their Nationalism and Christian coalition for 2018. They accomplish that in part or full, and Trump will either be repealed and replaced or put on the NC leash.

I was going to write about this in a separate post, but I do have a way to save the Trump Presidency, but I have decided I am not going to post it, because this group has stolen my counsel enough, and I am not going to save what is the West Wing Cabal. For my involvement, I would save this Presidency and my wage would be the Kushners fired along with their cabal.
I could turn this all around in 7 days if President Trump would humble himself before the Lord.

As it is, the Administration is appealing to the psychotic voter now whose drive is war to inflict on others to make up for the shattered American Dreams  they have. Bombs wear off like a coke hit, so this is not a long term solution, and Mr. Trump is in the arena now with the best statesmen on the planet in Putin, Xi, Kim and the turban heads of Iran. Mr. Trump has to win every time in the hands he plays, and the minute the law of averages catches up with him and Americans get harmed over a Trump policy, then his Ivanka War politics comes crashing down.

I counsel all of you to step back and not be acting out or saying things, so no one gets into trouble, as that is not a solution. Center on Christ as this is His battle. You proved who you are and Whose you are in  your vote and in not following back into the abyss. Take care of yourselves and your families, and this is going to work itself out for you benefit.

Do not overlook that the South  Koreans who are reading this blog along with military people there are terrified over Trump policy as is Japan, as they are the ones who die first in this nuclear roulette. The same people booing Congressmen in the states are going to be protesting Trump once they get this figured out, along with Mr. Trump being booed if he tries another rally in the States......and that is why he is not holding rallies any more.

For now the White House is an echo chamber. The left no longer cares about hacking or Trump flaws, because the President is making war and his conduits are attacking those on the right, but the thing is those people on the right are the same wild children that Andrew Jackson tamed by his will. Mr. Trump does not have the ability to tame these ruffians as he is New York and does not understand these people who climbed over mountains to make America. They love mixing it up as the Alt Right does. They love an Irish bar fight for the sport of it and laugh and drink together afterwards. That is what Americans are and the minute Donald Trump tried to lead them a new direction, they like mules, stopped in their tracks and went their own way.
I told people this at the beginning in Donald Trump was leading nothing and he knew it then. He though started to believe it was about him and that is his political mistake in the base is never going to trust him ever again.

There are things lurking in the background as Mike Cernovich keeps hinting in his gossip in numerous sexual perversions in Trump Trans, and this is going to come out as it will stop the Evangelicals from supporting Mr. Trump and the minute Americans get deployed for an Ivanka War and dying in numbers, or America bleeds from these policies, the military will stop supporting Mr. Trump.

In case you missed it on the MOAB bomb, which was a stunt, the US Military stated IT DID NOT NEED PRESIDENTIAL PERMISSION TO DROP IT'S BOMBS. That is a giant bitch slap to Donald Trump from the Pentagon and Mr. Trump for all his uniform wearers, is not in control of the Pentagon in they are telling him what to do.

If it helps, know that the President and his lurking children all are having a weekend where their every thought is clouded by thoughts of each of you, in  they are frustrated and do not know what to do. They are blaming you, licking their wounds and know they are vulnerable.

You are absolutely correct though in First Lady Melania Trump is the salvation of this Administration if she takes control, puts God on the agenda, is sincere and leads. It is impossible for the Trump clan to fire the Trumpefuror and the Dummkopf, but they can be leveraged out.......and once again you have noticed these press whores have disappeared as they have been ordered to shut the hell up as the public does not like any of this kinder rule of America.

Oh and I answer to Lame or La MAY as I am not fussy, and nice people can call me whatever they like.

God bless you in the strength of the Holy Ghost guiding you and holding you, to comfort you and your family. To especially in Christ caring arms to hold your Brother's children to comfort them and direct their steps in the paths of Light for the day when all of you will be reunited in Heaven where all of our sorrows will be wiped away and we will remember this no more, in Jesus Name Amen and Amen.

Know your Brother is like all in Christ's Heaven, in His Peace and his prayer is for all of you to know that and to be comforted in love.

God bless you.