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Who the North Koreans are

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Forget the absolute nuttery of American stealth technology kidnapping Kim Jong Un, as it all comes to the conclusion that removing Kim, will leave a greater pariah who will be more  inclined to use nuclear weapons  to pollute the peninsula to drive Americans out.

In that with 3 super carrier groups now assembling on the orders of Donald Trump, it is relevant to educate the ignorant in who the North Koreans are as a military group. Never forget whether it is the troops of dictators in Japan, Vietnam, China and North Korea, that they fight to die and they die well.

I am going to post some quotes from Wiki to explain the Korean War before General Douglas MacArthur arrived on station and drove the North Koreans back, but most of you in your American pride have no idea that the North Koreans kicked the hell out of the Americans REPEATEDLY. The American forces in Korea fought engagement, after engagement against North Korea, and the Americans recoiled and lost battle after battle, AND THE AMERICANS OUTNUMBERED THE NORTH KOREANS.

It all came down to the Pusan Perimeter in a savage month long battle of American entrenchment hanging on by her fingernails, as the South Koreans were worthless like the UN fighters sent into to help. It was only after expending their army on this perimeter was North Korea defeated.........and North Korea defeated herself, not the Americans.

Following the outbreak of the Korean War, the United Nations decided to commit troops in support of the Republic of Korea (South Korea), which had been invaded by the neighboring Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea). The United States subsequently sent ground forces to the Korean peninsula with the goal of fighting back the North Korean invasion and to prevent South Korea from collapsing. However, US forces in the Far East had been steadily decreasing since the end of World War II, five years earlier, and at the time the closest forces were the 24th Infantry Division of the Eighth United States Army, which was headquartered in Japan. The division was understrength, and most of its equipment was antiquated due to reductions in military spending. Regardless, the 24th Infantry Division was ordered into South Korea

The 24th Infantry Division was the first US unit sent into Korea with the mission to take the initial "shock" of North Korean advances, delaying much larger North Korean units to buy time to allow following forces to arrive.The division was consequently alone for several weeks as it attempted to delay the North Koreans, making time for the 7th Infantry Division, 25th Infantry Division, 1st Cavalry Division, and other Eighth Army supporting units to move into position. Advance elements of the 24th Infantry Division were badly defeated in the Battle of Osan on July 5, during the first battle between American and North Korean forces. For the first month after the defeat of Task Force Smith, 24th Infantry Division soldiers were repeatedly defeated and forced south by the North Korean force's superior numbers and equipment. The regiments of the 24th Infantry Division were systematically pushed south in battles around Chochiwon, Chonan, and Pyongtaek. The 24th Infantry Division made a final stand in the Battle of Taejon, being almost completely destroyed but delaying North Korean forces from advancing until July 20. By that time, the Eighth Army's force of combat troops was roughly equal to North Korean forces attacking the region, with new UN units arriving every day

Having captured Taejon, North Korean forces began surrounding the Pusan Perimeter from all sides in an attempt to envelop it. The North Korean 4th Infantry Division and the North Korean 6th Infantry Division advanced south in a wide maneuver. The two divisions were coordinating to envelop the UN's left flank and were extremely spread out. They advanced on UN positions, repeatedly pushing back US and South Korean forces

It was then that General MacArthur arrived at Inchon and in a brilliant campaign drove the North Koreans back to the Yalu River, at which point the Chicoms joined the North Koreans and drove the American forces back to the DMZ where stalemate was inflicted, General MacArthur was removed by the imbecile Harry Truman and the modern version of Harry Truman is in the White House, thinking he is going to "do something" which will not end badly for Americans again.

So you understand this, when the Chicoms entered the fight, the Americans fought like hell, but there were so many Chinese, the Americans ran out of ammunition, and in the end were forced to use their 105 Howitzers, which were obliterating the PLA in swathes, and the hordes just kept coming and overran the American positions.

What each of you must understand is that America does not have enough bullets to fight the Chinese. America can not go into North Korea and assassinate Kim Jong Un without a disaster. If this is war, it will be a requirement that America will have to use Weapons of Mass Destruction in order to murder the millions in the North Korean military and and the hundreds of millions in China.
This is not a one sided act, as the destruction of the North Korean missile which is bragged about, is a trigger to bring a first strike as the Russian, Chinese, Iranian and North Koreans are vulnerable, so first strike becomes a reality.  It is a certainty that attacks on North Korea will bring a nuclear response, most likely fixed hydrogen bombs in North Korea's 70 plus submarines moving to Okinawa, San Francisco and only satan knows where.

America fought these Koreans before, and they did not win, because MacArthur was removed before nukes could be utilized as Truman stopped it, now the modern Truman in Donald Trump is moving the American Pacific to a reality that America will only have nuclear weapons to respond with, because even clean WMD's will bring the dirty response from the Asians to save face.

The sexiness of Ivanka Kushner has brought America to this point, along with the Neocon warmonger drive of McMaster and Mattis.

American War Deaths - Military Factory

American War Deaths ... The following is a listing of US casualties in the various conflicts that have been a part of the country's ... Korean War. 1950-1953. 36,516.

Trump's message to North Korea: 'Gotta behave'

Trump, in Washington, and Pence at the tense Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea, signaled...
Chicago Tribune5 hours ago

No Mr. Vice President, this time the United States does not need Donald Trump implementing Harry Truman's failed 1950 policies slaughtering America and her allies, because this time North Korea and China have hydrogen bombs.