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Today the Gateway Pundit featured a story concerning ALIPAC removal of it's endorsement of President Donald Trump due to Mr. Trump's breaking of his promises to Americans concerning the illegal invasion of America.

Top Immigration Group Pulls Trump Endorsement Due to Betrayal on Immigration Promises

May 2nd, 2017 10:00 am

I had contacted ALIPAC earlier today as a journalist asking for a comment, as this is a most important issue if America is to have a chance at surviving. Mr. Gheen kindly replied and I share his letter below, as each of you have to understand this issue and the brave stance Mr. Gheen has undertaken, as he has come under a barrage of reactions from those who just do not want to deal with the fact that Donald Trump is not the dream they all believed in.
It is important to understand that ALIPAC is a key in this if any of us have a chance, because until the large groups stop giving cover to Ivanka policy, Mr. Trump is not going to be pressured enough to start listening to you and keeping his every promise he made to each of us.

We represent an important part of Trump’s base of support that is leaving the “Trump Train” because of President Trump’s broken promises on his most important powerful issue: illegal immigration.

For myself as well as TL the break point came with the betrayal of Brenda Sparks and the Angel Moms concerning the DACA betrayal, where Mr. Trump promised to get these criminal invaders out of America who have been murdering, raping and preying on Americans as foreign born children, hauled into America and suddenly termed "Dreamers" who brought along with them all of their 3rd world rapine.

My entire thoughts the entire weekend this DACA betrayal took place was how Brenda Sparks placed a great deal of hope and meaning on Donald Trump, in giving her efforts to protect other American children from foreign invasion murder, some positive in the murder of her own child. Donald Trump took all of that away when he broke his word to this Mother. There is no excuse in this, and it was cowardly to do it on Friday evening to hide it in the news cycle and as I have watched this story, the Lame Cherry was the only media source which featured this betrayal and championed these Angel Moms.

Each of you have to understand that nothing Donald Trump does or promises means anything, when Mr. Trump and Mr. Tillerson are pouring foreigners into America to replace Americans. Mr. Trump is more savvy than Mr. Obama as Obama did it illegal, but Mr. Trump is pouring his invaders in with green card documentation, so they will never be deported.
I was just speaking with an 86 year old woman whose son in California was being fired, because Indians were imported by Mr. Trump to take this American man's job. It amplifies when Mr. Trumps Agriculture Secretary is promoting illegals for the farm slave trade in being cheaper than robots for big agriculture.

Mr. Gheen in his stand is the good and moral man, seeing enough of King George in 1776 and saying, NO MORE. He is as Samuel Cooke of this age as someone has to stand for Americans.
Each of us needs the True Principles of Civil Government, and that begins with a President protecting Americans first and always.

Samuel Cooke, The True Principles of Civil Government (1770)

[Samuel Cooke, A.M., Pastor of the Second Church in Cambridge, The True Principles of Civil Government. A Sermon Preached at Cambridge, in the Audience of His Honor ...

As Benjamin Franklin stated at our Founding, either we hang together or we will be hung separately. There are trolls trying to shout us down from Kushner Media online, the voices we have behind mics are giving this Neocon menagerie cover in claiming Mr. Trump is some victim and trying to lay blame on Congress, but every last thing in this is from Donald Trump. He chose Trump Trans. He chose the cabinet. He chooses to threaten the Freedom Caucus. He chose foreigners over Americans, exactly as Obama, Clinton and Bush.

William Gheen took a stand for America and is being attacked. He took a stand like Samuel Cooke did in reminding Americans that we are the principles and the government, and without Americans there is no civility or America.

America is not the grace of Donald Trump as a god bestowing rights and protections on foreigners, but America is a law of Constitution to protect the rights of Americans and mandate that a President uphold a nation, by the People, of the People and for the People of America.

- Lame Cherry


It has become a very busy day and I am being inundated with calls and emails in response to the media coverage of ALIPAC revoking our endorsement of Donald Trump due to his broken promises on ending DACA Amnesty and dangerous refugee resettlement programs.

The Gateway Pundit article that was linked to by Drudge Report seems to be the main generator of attention and while it is a good article the lead in paragraph makes it look like ALIPAC's main motivation for dropping our endorsement was just Trump's retreat on border wall funding in the budget.

We have heard from many new supporters and more than 100 new people have joined our email alerts in the last few hours.  We've also received several calls and supportive emails from Americans that tell us they are proud of us for standing up to Trump on this.

But there are also a lot of negative and hostile emails from Trump supporters that are confused by the layout of the article and to be honest many of them clearly do not want to believe the truth that Trump has lied to us at this moment.

They want to blame Democrats, Congress, and the Courts for Trump's failure to end DACA and refugee resettlement when none of those factors are the cause.

I'm taking the time to speak with each person I can by phone, by email, on Twitter, and Facebook to calmly explain why our decision was made. 

You can see much of what Im saying to people in a standard e-mail reply Ive posted on our open boards beneath our press release here...


"Our decision to drop our endorsement of Trump was made with great care after exhaustive efforts to get him to honor his campaign promises.

We will be glad to answer any questions, but first please take the time to carefully read our press release here..."

I've received several very thoughtful and encouraging emails from folks that say they were angry with me when they first read about ALIPAC's dropped endorsement but after reading our release and open letter and following our reasoning they now understand and support our move.

This is very encouraging to me because it means the more people understand the truth of the situation they more they become ready to hold Trump accountable.

Trump has no incentive to change or honor promises if he believes he can treat the people that took him to dance like shit and they will still cling to him because Americans are cornered and he made important promises to desperate people that have been cornered by a globalist backed illegal alien invasion of America before he announced last week that he too is a Globalist!

Hope this helps, please link back to us as much as possible at www.alipac.us www.williamgheen.com and www.gheenreport.com


William Gheen

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