Thursday, May 18, 2017

America is at Civil War

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Zweiter B├╝rgerkrieg, those words are the reality of what is taking place in these United States, as certain as in 1861 AD when President Abraham Lincoln was too slow to react, and the First American Civil War through foreign intrigue embattled America almost to her division and oblivion.
There is absolutely no difference now in the Zweiter B├╝rgerkrieg , the Second Civil War which has now terrorized, engulfed and inflamed America as certain as John Brown and Barack Hussein Obama were seditious twins birthed to the division and oblivion of America.

Unparalleled in history have been the attacks upon President Donald Trump, to bring his impeachment and imprisonment in fake news, fake intelligence and fake diaries, evolved from the political elite, the media elite and the intelligence elite. This cabal of coup plotters has been operational for the past generation in America from assassinating Presidents, driving Presidents from office to blackmailing Presidents, but has been held in the shadows as their nefarious plots have succeeded. Against Donald Trump though, in their inability to steal the US Presidency for Hillary Clinton, they have now become desperate in their fake stories and fake investigations, revealing the subversion of the United States Government in control of the police state few for the 1% oligarch billionaire and trillionaire.

It is at this point ridiculous to be like the mindtard of 1861 in stating the Civil War would be over in a few weeks and slandering visionaries like General William Tecumseh Sherman who prophesied this war would be long, bloody and deadly.

President Abraham Lincoln, as much as his predecessors before him played into the better angels of their souls, against the demons in the midst of the American Genocide, which would produce the Civil War. The one President who understood was President Andrew Jackson who threatened the rebellious that he would personally lead the Army to their states and hang every one of them if they did not cease and desist. President Jackson's word quelled the intrigue for decades, but with the installation of Abraham Lincoln, the coup plotters had far too long to produce a melee which would destroy America.

For this reason, as the last great minds of America in Patrick J. Buchanan are like Benjamin Franklin far too reserved in their warnings to America in stating an obvious but not a solution, the Lame Cherry advocates for the United States President, the Government of the United States, the Military, the Civil Officers, the Congress, the Judiciary and the People, who have treacherous provocateurs in their midst leading them to their deaths. 

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 We have before us a reality in Robert Mueller the insular man of the 1% who oversaw the installment of Birther Hussein Obama, along with the entire Obama Crime Syndicate to 2013 when James Comey and his continuance for the 1%, as Special Counsel, the cementing of the illusion of law and order, as the coup against Donald Trump rages on, like a caldera of magma under peaceful Yellowstone.

It is time to state that America is in a Second Civil War, and for President Donald Trump to begin enforcing his Oath as President to Protect and Defend the Constitution and the People of these United States as other militant Presidents have before him, to preserve the Union.

The Lame Cherry lists the legal right of the President to appoint a group of Special Federal Marshals, backed by Military Police, and if necessary the National Guard, to seek out, indict, arrest, trial and hang every coup plotter great and small.

The very first President in George Washington faced a like rebellion in Pennsylvania, and put into place Federal Troops to keep the peace and subdue the rebellion of that era.


Whiskey Rebellion - Wikipedia

Whiskey Rebellion; George Washington reviews the troops near Fort Cumberland, Maryland, before their march to suppress the Whiskey Rebellion in western Pennsylvania.

President Ronald Reagan as Governor of California, called out the National Guard and took over the city of Berkley against war anarchists during the Vietnam War to restore order and make arrests.


Governorship of Ronald Reagan - Wikipedia

Governorship of Ronald Reagan ... Ronald Reagan was the Governor of ... Reagan then called out 2,200 state National Guard troops to occupy the city of ...

In that same period, Governor James Rhodes in answer to anarchists at Kent Ohio, answered the call of the Mayor and City Officials in bringing in the National Guard to subdue the rioters, intent on burning down the city.


City officials and downtown businesses received threats, and rumors proliferated that radical revolutionaries were in Kent to destroy the city and university. Mayor Satrom met with Kent city officials and a representative of the Ohio Army National Guard. Following the meeting, Satrom made the decision to call Governor Rhodes and request that the National Guard be sent to Kent, a request that was granted.

President Herbert Hoover in the era after World War I, called out the federal army to remove the "hooverville" occupants of DC by force, in which protesters at Kent State were shot.


On July 28, U.S. Attorney General William D. Mitchell ordered the veterans removed from all government property. Washington police met with resistance, shots were fired and two veterans were wounded and later died. President Herbert Hoover then ordered the Army to clear the veterans' campsite. Army Chief of Staff General Douglas MacArthur commanded the infantry and cavalry supported by six tanks.

President Lincoln called out the largest assembly of National Troops and Police in the American Civil War, and was followed by President Andrew Johnson who dispatched General George Custer to occupy the State of Texas to bring it to order after the rebellion.

President Andrew Johnson

Reconstruction duties in Texas

On June 3, 1865, at Sheridan's behest, Major General Custer accepted command of the 2nd Division of Cavalry, Military Division of the Southwest, to march from Alexandria, Louisiana, to Hempstead, Texas, as part of the Union occupation forces. Custer arrived at Alexandria on June 27 and began assembling his units, which took more than a month to gather and remount. On July 17, he assumed command of the Cavalry Division of the Military Division of the Gulf

In like precedent, President Hiram Grant, using Congressional authority of the Enforcement Acts which are still valid to this day, dispatched the United States Marshals and US Army to the South to shatter the Ku Klux Klan.


To stop Southern Klan terrorism, President Grant engineered the passage of the Ku Klux Klan Act in 1871, which in professor Brand’s words “remobilized the engines of the Civil War to deal with the Klan and the violence it practiced.” Against strong political opposition, Grant then used his new powers to the fullest to protect the freed slaves, as is described above. Using the words of the author, perhaps this is the epitaph which should have appeared on Grant’s Tomb – “Grant’s campaign put the fear of federal power into the Klan and shattered its sense of impunity.

Second Enforcement Act of 1871

As one can read by the law of the Enforcement Act, President Trump is afforded full protection against any one or group who seeks to prevent him from holding the Presidency, and the President can accomplish this by force, as President Grant did in the 1870's.

The Ku Klux Klan Act

  1. Conspiring with one or more persons to levy war against the United States, to overthrow or destroy by force the government of the United States.
  1. Conspiring with one or more persons to stop the execution of any law of the United States or to seize the property of the United States.
  1. Conspiring with one or more persons to prevent any person from holding any office of the United States government or to force any person to resign from an office of the United States government by injuring him or destroying his property.
  1. Conspiring with one or more persons to prevent any person holding a position under the United States government from carrying out his job.
  1. Conspiring with one or more persons to prevent anyone from testifying truthfully as a witness, serving as a juror or grand juror, or in any other role in the court system.
  1. Conspiring with one or more persons to punish anyone who had testified, served as a juror or attended a trial.
  1. Conspiring with one or more persons, either directly or indirectly, to deprive any person or any group of people of the equal protection of the laws.
Conspiring with one or more persons to use force, intimidation or threat to prevent any citizen of the United States who is lawfully entitled to vote and participate in the election process during presidential and congressional elections, from doing so

In the last example, President Franklin Roosevelt, by Executive Order utilized the FBI and other police offices to detain numbers of Japanese, German and Italians residing in America in internment camps. Much has been focused on the Japanese in this era, but no one ever focuses on the greatest population that America had in Germans were brought under surveillance by Franklin Roosevelt and key groups of their people were also imprisoned for the length of the war, as were the Italian Americans.


Executive Order 9066: The President Authorizes Japanese ...

... were also applied to smaller numbers of residents of the United States who were of Italian or German ... of Federal troops and ... in carrying out ...

The ordeal which America is in, must be understood and expressed, and it arrives at the Lame Cherry to once again be the only source which has assessed this moment of history correctly, as the Lame Cherry informed the President in these pages, that President Trump either immediately gain control over the CIA Mockingbird propaganda wing and their assets for the 1% in politics and media, or they would impeach him. This group has now crippled his Presidency of the People, and now America after another contested election as George W. Bush in 2000, has another Special Counsel who will be a tool of the elite and burden this President in the mire of intrigue, until he either gives into the blackmail as Bill Clinton did, or be removed by other means, as other Presidents have.

There is no greater bonafides that President Donald Trump is of the John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan group in he is now being destroyed, unlike the treacherous Obama who awarded the masters their rapine of America, and those crimes were swept away by Robert Mueller and James Comey in their police state.

It is time for the President in Donald Trump, before he like a sheep is impeached and imprisoned, along with his Trump Brand children, rise up as other President's have, and unleash the power of the Presidency and sweep away the insurrectionists by the United States Police and Military enforcing the laws of the United States in protecting the Presidency, Government and the People, before this becomes a conflagration of an American Civil War.

It is time Donald Trump to be President, either chain this cabal of coup plotters or you will chained, as your plotters record you in history as an enemy of the state in fake news.

Mr. President, if you decide to save yourself and America, understand you are going to have to see this to the end, be relentless in the law, and it will require you cleanse America of Tories as George Washington did and anarchists as Abraham Lincoln did.

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