Thursday, May 4, 2017

Beyond Fodder

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is ode to Hillary Clinton, because as the DNC went through an ethnic holocaust in the election of their extremist left in ridding itself of the Obama Party, history is attempting to forget the disaster of Hillary Clinton the candidate.

The reality in this is we now know that Bernie Sanders, who actually won the nomination by democratic voters would have been the better candidate against Donald Trump. The problem with Sanders is he was a willing strawman for Hillary Clinton and betrayed his voters.

Joe Biden, even in his creepy nature of sniffing women and children, completely understood what was missing from the Clinton campaign.

"What happened was that this was the first campaign that I can recall where my party did not talk about what it always stood for -- and that was how to maintain a burgeoning middle class," Biden said during an appearance at the University of Pennsylvania.

"You didn't hear a single solitary sentence in the last campaign about that guy working on the assembly line making $60,000 bucks a year and a wife making $32,000 as a hostess in restaurant."

"And they are making $90,000 and they have two kids and they can't make it and they are scared, they are frightened."

If one examines the democratic party as in the people, they have been abandoned since Lyndon Johnson was President. Gone was the Great Society, and what replaced was Jimmy Carter who turned the steel belt to the rust belt. This then became the neo democrat in the Neo Covenant of Bill Clinton which shipped union jobs overseas, and what was the final death throw of democrats was Barack Obama turning democrats into a sodomite slave state paid rationed death.

There was nothing inspiring in this, as Hillary Clinton offered a trillion dollars in new taxes, new wars in the Mideast and Russia, and hating Donald Trump. This is the reality in the legacy of Barack Obama has nothing to do with community organized change to believe in, but an Obama Clinton festering hatred of Donald Trump where they impersonate the ghost of Jimmy Carter, in  lurking around like a bad Betty Davis movie in both reliving their close up of being president once.

DNC Perez Unleashed: 'Trump Didn't Win Election'...

Republicans 'Don't Give A S**t About People'...

That is the legacy of failed Obama and failed Clinton. It seems impossible for a serial rapist and pathological liar in Bill Clinton, but he has been so far surpassed by the Hamrod Birthrod legacy of extremism, that Bill Clinton seems quite normal now.

The Kayne West, George Bush hates white people, has become the mantra of the DNC. This is the legacy of Hillary Clinton.

George Bush Hates Black People - YouTube

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What democrats were, is not what they are now politically.  Having run out of worker's rights, which was hijacked by Woodrow Wilson from Teddy Roosevelt, having run out of civil rights of Abraham Lincoln, hijacked by John Kennedy, is no longer an American workers or racial opportunity party, but is now an advocate for foreign invasion, nuclear war with Vladimir Putin and genital identity where perversion is a civil right, as babies are aborted and sold for profit.

This is the choice of democrats as is their right. Gone though is the era of Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Jefferson Davis, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and even Bill Clinton. What should have been a populist John Edwards in 2016 was destroyed by Obama Clinton, just as Governor Rod Blagojevich was destroyed. Imagine 2016 with two charismatic democrats in John Edwards and Rod Blagojevich in not having been targeted, in how no Republican could have defeated that ticket........and yet it was destroyed by Obama Clinton.

This is the legacy of Obama Clinton, a legacy of nothing but hatred of Donald Trump in a Latin named Perez and a Muslim named Ellison, who appeal to a rather psychotic group who are sadly summed up by women like Evelyn Farkas who will go on Morning Joe and destroy themselves and their careers in a Trump coup, but then in a delusion which only makes sense to them blame Russia for their actions.

What the democratic party has become is the nightmare of the George Soros fake news site of Capitol Hill Blue which produced thee most lunatic stories of "everyone in the Bush administration was about to be arrested", and yet democrats or John McCain had absolutely no problem with the European Union financier of George Soros overthrowing the American government.

It is a regret that a party which once produced some stunning victories as in the New Orleans Purchase and a man on the moon, now only produces the War of 1812, World War I, World War II, Korea and psychotics obsessed with Donald Trump, sodomite sex and representing people who are not Americans.

If Joe Biden had run, he would have produced a voting margin that the Obama voting machines could have flipped for Mr. Biden. America would have at least had the myth that democrats care about the working people in America in having espoused it, but all democrats have now are Soros employment of rioters, rationed Obama debt and death and the hatred of Donald Trump.

American democrats understand that hating Donald Trump does not provide for them, that rationed death is not a future, and that Obama Clinton lives matter, when Soros is proving with David Brock that democrat lives do not matter, beyond fodder.

Beyond fodder...............