Sunday, May 14, 2017

Big ass black woman shot in big ass and hides her big ass in White America

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The above title tells the entire story of what white people in America have to deal with.

So you got these coons in coontown USA, shooting each other for doped up, boozed out, sweaty anger sport in summertime hotter than a match head, and then one of them pumps a round through the floor and hits some big ass Muchelle Obama mama in the ass, and she claims being a victim.

Then she flees from coontown USA, to white man's land where most folks are normal, and sure enough her kinfolk will be dragging their nigger asses down to her, with their dope and sticking their cocks into fat, greasy white tramps, knocking them up, and leaving them on welfare and that white community to deal with more trash.

As you can see this is Kansas City Missouri, not Kansas. See that is what is across the river in Missouri, all the Nigs, Hamas and whatever. In Kansas you have the coons, but they are moving to the white fringe, because all the aggressive beaners are moving into coontown.

Violence, violence, violence, that is all it is, and this is Obama Trump policy rag assing itself all across America.

Good thing it wasn't a tracer round and didn't ignite that big butt as that ass fire would have been bigger than the Chicago fire and done more damage than a Hiroshima nuke, as you know once a lard fire gets to burning there ain't no putting it out.

The Kansas Coon, Beaner and Sand Nigger Muslim Line of Death

See there used to not be  a problem as all this shit stayed in their ghettos. Thing is Obama and them religious charities started dumping their measles Somalis into Minneapolis or these MS 13 shit into Long Island, or these slave labor Nigs up in Fargo for profit, and then you got the displacement of coons to crackerland, and all these white people have to deal with this filthy goddamn vermin from the 3rd world.

I mean Geez Louise on a mule, I drive around our town, and I see nothing but mattresses piled on the fucking lawns now. Looks like a goddamn garbage dump in some areas, and what it is, is these goddamn Mexicans infested with lice, pissing, puking and shitting in beds in houses they rent, and the owners have to pull out every goddamn fiber and hose the place down with radioactive waste to kill the stench.

I realize the liberals in Missouri don't like guns being available, but hell I say Donald Trump needs to hand out an AK 47 to all of these goddamn foreigners and let them start shooting each other like little Beirut. Best thing in the world it would be, hand out guns to Blacks, Browns, Yellows, Reds and just make sure the whites get the RPG's and licensed like up in South Dakota to open up on any Indians they see in groups of 3.

Seriously, normal people do not shoot a fucking gun through their floor just to cap off a round. That is what this ghetto vermin is, and this is all after the great hope and change of Obama. Shit sakes, Kansas was peaceful as was Missouri, in before Obama they had settled down from being murder capitals, but after Obama  they are hosing each other down like it is a carnival event.

There will be more of this, and all of them white skanks who get fucked and knocked up, drag that shit back to white communities to hide in, like the incendiary ass polluting up a white neighborhood. Everyone wants to come to white America, as white's built the country and stopped the third world shit, as Italians used to be grubbers as were the Irish drunks, but they sorted it out, but these Nigs have been here for 200 years and are still acting like something that came out of the caves.

No one ever addresses this as it needs to be addressed in the reality it is. Clarence Thomas doesn't shoot his neighbors and most white folks are not shooting their neighbors, so it is a choice to be an outlaw. That is the reality in this, in all you hear about is big ass black women shot and nothing about blacks tracking the shooter down and hanging his ass, as blacks don't give a shit, like none of these communities give a shit about themselves or their neighborhoods.

Donald Trump promised blacks to shut this shit down and whites that he would stop importing these goddamn foreigners, and instead all we got is more Muslims, Mexicans and Asians dumped into fringe areas, forcing out the coons and the crackers, who then drag their dope crazed asses to normal small town America and piss in our beds, and pile them on the lawns in a stench so bad the flies won't even light on them.

This is what American Genocide is and it is taking place in Black and White America because of the 1% Goldman Sachs rapine of  these United States.