Monday, May 22, 2017

Bravo Mike Flynn for not bringing the Rope to your Lynching

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In this witch hunt, which now has head warlock Robert Mueller, looking to justify the insane James Comey's stalking of Donald Trump and his associates the Lame Cherry applauds innocent Mike Flynn for not agreeing to bring the rope to his lynching by the deep state.

FLYNN TO TAKE FIFTH: Ex-national security adviser will refuse to turn over docs under subpoena
Ex-national security adviser will refuse to turn over docs under subpoena Gen. Michael Flynn, President Trump’s initial national security adviser, will invoke his Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination today, telling the Senate Intelligence Committee he will not comply with a subpoena seeking documents,(Fox)

In this atmosphere of GOTCHA Mike Flynn would be in need of a psychiatric examination for cooperating with these coup plotters as he would face the same fate as Jesus before the Sanhedrin.

Let us be clear in this, in what this is about is the continued coup against Donald Trump and using Mike Flynn as a wedge to get Donald Trump.

Let us be clear in Mike Flynn is being investigated for DOING EXACTLY WHAT BILL AND HILLARY CLINTON were cleared by Robert Mueller and James Comey over in working for the government and taking money for speaking engagements.

Flashback: When the Clintons Loved Russia Enough ... - Breitbart

... When the Clintons Loved Russia Enough to Sell ... bank paid Bill Clinton $500,000 ... which so much foreign money flowed to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Let us not forget in this, that there was not any Russian hacking, no Russian collusion, because everyone knows the LEAK came from democrats inside the DNC, furious over Hillary Clinton illegally stealing the 2016 election from Bernie Sanders.......who criminally agreed to throw it for Hillary Clinton.

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