Sunday, May 7, 2017

Cherrytime Stories

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As I have never seen this in print, because most people had beds to sleep in where frost did not form on the walls in the winter......and I do mean that in two parts of a bed to sleep in and frost on the walls.........I was blessed as this Inspiration from the Holy Ghost would never have been discovered.

My bed mattress was I think manufactured before the Korean War. It was a twin and had the attributes of being hard as a rock with a big hole in the middle where someone with a big ass that threw the mattress away wore a depression. I inherited it from my brother, so maybe he helped in masturbating, but I really do not care to go there.

I know that bed gave me a back ache and tried to give me a hysterectomy as the wire poked through from one of the coils.

The old man's response was to get me a bed after 12 years, a mattress which was not a mattress but a box coil. I thought that rock mattress was hard, but nothing is hard as sleeping on steel coils.

Well I suffered through that until he died, and then we got a used mattress from my sister and her husband, which was piss stained, and rotten. It was a hysterectomy machine, of lumps and holes.

Now I nearly froze to death those latter years, and my pilot light went out when I was so sick, so to try and keep from freezing sleeping on wire coils, and about the time that to occupy my time, I invented an entire line of backpacking additions, one of which was a trusty heavy carpet mat to sleep on.

What is good for rocks, is good for wire coils, and that is what I wanted to share in a way to extend your mattress life by doubling it, in simply getting a carpet end or a carpet first if you are richer than rich, and have it cut to size or you cut it to size with a utility knife, and you have a mattress pad which will keep your big ass from wearing a hole in your mattress.

On mine, I have the carpet end, then the mattress pad, and then an electric pad which I now never use, and then the sheets, depending on the season. My current mattress is a junk store one for 10 dollars. If you flip and go end to end on the mattress a few times a year, they will last a great deal longer too.

The point is this is a way to save your expensive mattresses which are a huge price and far too many people abuse their beds in the worst ways. You really should sleep on the things I did and have coil wires poke you and then you would take better care of your things, and yourself, as a bad mattress is just plain torture.

With that I have now saved you from yourselves again. I can not save you from the condition I have as I root around in bed too much so everything moves down to the end and bunches up after a few weeks. It at least makes me make the bed more often in changing it, but it just irks me in how I can barely move things in making the bed, and in sleep I am Wonder Babe. Makes me wonder how the bed does not become airborne as I am champion at pulling covers out or kicking covers across the room.

I will now call this......

Nuff Said