Thursday, May 25, 2017

Congratulations to Greg KICK ASS Gianforte of Montana

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter  anti matter.

Congratulations to Greg Gianforte of Montana in joining the Congress as a Republican, despite British election intrigue in sending a fag reporter to try and throw the election for a dude cowboy democrat riding brokeback mountain.

There are still enough Montanans who have not been replaced by Donald Trump's goddamn Mexicans and Muslims who praised a politician who would beat the fuck out of a fag Brit. I figured it would help Gianforte and it did.

Now onto the investigation of British election tampering, including FOX news liberal owners, who were seeking to gain Ryan Zinke's seat in order to impeach Donald Trump.

The advice to all Republicans, go beat up some reporters. It will make 2018 a sure win, because Trump voters want to knock the hell out of these goddamn liberals and foreigners, and would be doing it if Trump would just give them cover. Real Americans want a politician who will beat up some shit or at least  be a woman who kicks some son of a bitch into the nut sack.

You want to win an election in the GOP, haul ass like Greg Gianfote did in overcoming his British election tampering.


Party Votes Pct.
Greg Gianforte Rep. 176,397 50.6%
Rob Quist Dem. 152,209 43.6
Mark Wicks Lib. 20,133 5.8

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