Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Face it, it is an Andrew Breivik World

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Five years ago when Andrew Breivik struck at the problem of European leftism and was imprisoned in Norway for this Guy Fawkes act, the world has watched in horror as Mr. Breivik has been proven right, as Europe is a terror state, a Muslim Rape Cock assault, and the globalists who have pushed Europe to this, are watching as the European Union is being torn apart.
Understand this, that Marcon can have the election stolen from Marine Le Pen, and put in a moderate prime minister, but the same forces ripping Europe apart is not going to be stymied by election theft in France, nor Macron being Frau Merkel's hund.

The headlines speak to the reality in the first election the globalists stole in Austria for the leftists has not held, and that regime is now fragmenting in less than a year.

Austria to THREATEN EU: Anti-Brussels party in fresh power bid as coalition collapses

AUSTRIA’S right-wing Freedom Party is to get a another shot at power thanks to the collapse of the country’s grand coalition government and the decision to hold new elections this autumn.

Frau Merkel and Madame Macron do not have enough fingers to plug the leaks in their dykes, as the EU grabs power in trying to smash the nation states in order for it to survive. It is the Nazi state for today it is Poland and tomorrow it will be Greece.

EU POWER GRAB: Brussels prepares to set major precedent with attack on Polish constitution

It does not end there as Greece is still in a massive debt flux in being robbed by Merkelstate, as that nation is in the same throws as all of Europe is in the prophecy of Andrew Breivik.

Greece slides back into recession – pressure grows on Tsipras as IMF STILL won’t act

Add to this, the Dutch regime of leftists is collapsing in they can not rule themselves as they seek way to protect Muslim Rape Cock and not their own citizenry.
Yes that sodomite Geert Willders has returned as there is nothing like a leader on the right with the scent of feces penis or Donald Trump waving the sodomite flag during his campaign, incurring the wrath of God.

'Friends - It did not work’ Netherlands faces another election as coalition talks COLLAPSE

TALKS to form the next Dutch government have unexpectedly broken down after the four political parties failed to agree on what to do about migration.

And who is watching all of this, but President Vladimir Putin, furious at Europeans and America for putting in another military base on the Russian border to draw the Russians out to cut swathes through the faggotry  of Europe.

World on a KNIFE-EDGE: Russia furious as NATO creates permanent soldier town near border

And this is the face which will lead Europe. A little faggot who is wed to his pedophile mistress.

Seriously, Russia could send in an oxcart and Europe would surrender before her, with M & M, Marcon  and Merkel, offering up the European wombs to be impregnated by Russian manliness, so a race would arise there which could actually rule itself.

Andrew Breivik has been proven right in what he warned of  and Europe is one volcano act of God away from cleansing itself of the vermin it has become.
The world will either save itself by an Andres Breivik or it will be consumed in the ashes of destroying Donald Trump.