Monday, May 15, 2017


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As no one besides Vladmir Putin is stating this, this viral attack upon the world is directly from the CIA Vault 7.

No one needs to look at some government in this world as the source of this and this is not some intelligence group, but what this is, is what it always is, it is about money. You can bet buried in this, is the cartel having gotten something in blackmail or used this as cover to obtain what they were after.

The reality is, this virus spread, because the world is overflowing with John Podesta's who are too stupid to not to click on things, which auto load the encryptionware onto their computers.

Computer Bug Spreads as Experts Try to Limit Damage...
MSFT blasts NSA 'flaw stockpiling'...
Asian Govts, Businesses Disrupted...
U.S. critical infrastructure operators affected...

So this is about stupid people, and American intelligence creating software which all of us are stuck buying, which has ports into it. The only reason we know about numbers of this, is there have been codex written which exploited these holes.

Whoever did this is inside the system, protected by the system, against the factions this is exploiting, and it is not finished.

It is easy to foresee a power grid shutdown, where another trillion can be laundered to key assets and we can claim security again, except from deep state.

When the virus programs invaded the internet, numbers were from computer programmers who had been screwed over by Microsoft. You will notice Apple rarely had problems as they took care of their people. You might remember that just before all of your virus protectionware was about to run out, that suddenly a grand virus would invade the internet. Yes create a problem so you buy your software protection.

Now the virus protection has holes all through it, so that solves everything, as most computers have so many exploitation points, that the cyber winds blow through them all the time.

There is probably some geek who is going to be blamed, probably shot in their attic, as the world will be warned more are out there.

Someone releases viral agents from weapon's labs for profit and someone releases computer virus for profit, created in the same deep state. No surprises here, and no surprises that the world is full of John Podestas who click on things.

I do not click on things, and a week ago I got an alert that a new program was installed on the computer and none were highlighted in programs. Yes it was my company peeking up my skirt again. It is what the world is, and I long for the huge donation so I can go back to writing of God and critters, but those subjects makes one a pauper.

As a warning to you, those of you on Facebook and Twitter have a far more dangerous and worse ransom ware operating on your systems spying on you and tracking your every keystroke.