Thursday, May 11, 2017

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the past months the Trump loyalists have been subjected to a series of bizarre "leaks" which centered on Donald Trump was insane, and now the New York Times has inadvertently  revealed the source of this smear, which has permeated  through the coup plotters of the right and left attempting to impeach  Donald Trump, was FBI Director James Comey who was smearing the President as not being normal and crazy.

This is a most serious slander and  libel against the President to have the head of the federal police state with the full weight of the FBI behind him, in attacking President Donald Trump.

  James B. Comey, the F.B.I. director, was flabbergasted. The president, Mr. Comey told associates, was “outside the realm of normal,” even “crazy.”

The list of the high crimes of James Comey against the United States, her People and President Trump run a gambit of creating a Constitutional Crisis in Plamegate against President George W. Bush, sending Special Agent Gregory Bretzing to murder by the FBI, LaVoy Finicum and this witch hunt against Donald Trump for months.

We are now entering the 11th month of James Comey 'investigating' Russian hacking, and seeking more funding.  It is though necessary to expose the history of James Comey to understand his "investigations".

Sources: Comey sought to expand Trump-Russia probe to former campaign officials

 Joe Digenova on Wednesday's Sean Hannity, termed James Comey the Potemkin Investigator, in James Comey never investigates anything, but instead is the ultimate cover up artist for his deep state benefactors.

Comey first appeared in figurative investigations, in Plamegate, where he hired his best friend Patrick Fitzgerald to produce a witch hunt to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney, which was intended to place Colin Powell as Vice President, as the Lame Cherry exclusively revealed, and the victim in this was Scooter Libby who they threw into prison.
Comey and Fitzgerald both knew it was Richard Armitage who started this leak, but kept on this investigation, exactly as Comey is hanging onto fake Russian hacking to get Donald Trump. They literally said, "Give us Dick Cheney and all of this will go away".
Comey simply wanted to destroy Donald Trump  and if someone would lie about the President, their problems would disappear just like Plamegate.

If you understand the intrigue in this, Comey worked for Attorney General John Ashcroft who oversaw the face of Plamegate and his protege Katie Walsh was in the White House leaking, until the President fired her.

In the DNC "hacking" Comey allowed Hillary Clinton to refuse the FBI access to investigate. Comey gave Clinton every opportunity to shut down the investigation, and in the end Comey covered up the Clinton crimes and instead made Donald Trump the target of the investigation. Think of it, in the history of James Comey non investigations, and how he has a pattern of exploiting the system to drag out investigations for years, until he can trip up some staff member like Libby in order to try and coerce them into turning fake evidence on their boss who Comey is really after for deep state.

This article started with a New York Post jibe of J Edgar Comey. The reality in this is James Comey and J. Edgar Hoover have absolutely nothing in common.

For those who require a refresher in history, J. Edgar Hoover ran the American Police State, and he ran it by blackmail, intimidation and his involvement in the Kennedy assassination. This all sounds horrid, until you know the fact that Director Hoover ran the FBI in protecting them from political manipulation and ran the FBI in protecting Americans and America first and last. J. Edgar Hoover spied on the elite, and used their crimes and debauchery to control them, all for the purpose of not protecting the system of the police state, but so that Americans would have safe and secure lives, from a police state which they never feared, as long as they conducted themselves as Americans.

James Comey on the other hand has been directly involved in the disruption in the continuation of the American Government in his deep state coup against Dick Cheney which injured George W. Bush greatly, unleashed the police state on Americans from the murder of blacks in Chicago to whites in Bundy Nevada, and now involved in a coup against President Donald Trump.

J. Edgar Hoover was involved in the cover ups in the assassinations of those who were disrupting the continuity of the American Government, whether it was Martin King jr, Jack Kennedy or Bobby Kennedy, which all circulated as part of the globalist upheaval of America.
James Comey in opposite was involved in the cover up the assassination of LaVoy Finicum and the protection of the police state of the Obama regime as it unleashed on Americans in making them political prisoners in the America Gulag.

The comparison is to show that J. Edgar Hoover targeted the elites and left the Silent Majority untouched. James Comey protected the elite criminals and criminalized the American Citizen. In short, J. Edgar Hoover was for the 99% of Americans by policy, while James Comey is for the 1% of criminals ruling America.

One must understand that there is a system which rules all nations. It is either the Hoover protecting the masses as was American tradition or it is the Comey police state attacking the masses.

James Comey was the face of all the deep state which Americans were uneasy about in knowing something was very wrong with America, in the fake news, fake intelligence and fake investigations, and the reason all of this was taking place is the "American System" had been replaced by a globalist standard criminalizing Americans and seeking their genocide.

It is why the leftists in press and politics were given immediate marching orders, with more fake news. Propaganda was placed that the FBI was furious over Comey's firing.......and yet as the Lame Cherry proved right again there was not any mass resignation for Comey as the real FBI detested this fraud, as everyone knew their work was politicized and the  rule of law had ceased.

The Swamp Monster in DC was James Comey and he should have been fired long before, along with all of Comey's political officers. He is not alone, but one of many.

President Trump was absolutely correct in firing James Comey. Comey will continue whoring for the obstruction and that includes Richard Burr and John McCain who are the same coup plotters as Comey, looking for a way to harm the President in holding up the repeal of Obmacare and the Trump Tax Reform over this bogus issue of this crooked Comey being fired.

The fact remains that the FBI needs J. Edgar Hoover to run the FBI and run it as Director Hoover would in draining this swamp coup which has been exposed again in who James Comey really is.

The protector of the 1 % is fired. Now America needs the protector of the 99% to be hired.

- Lame Cherry