Tuesday, May 16, 2017

James Comey either covered up a Crime or is committing a Crime.


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With the revelation that James Comey recorded in his diary, that President Donald Trump asked Comey to shut down the investigation into Mike Flynn, there is something in this requires a reality in a story of who is believable in Donald Trump or James Comey?

In this, I would point out a legal reality in, it is illegal for Donald Trump to make such a request in shutting down an active investigation. Before those who are ready to lynch Donald Trump, I would point out a legal reality that JAMES COMEY BEING PARTY TO SUCH A REQUEST WAS MANDATED TO IMMEDIATELY REPORT SUCH AN ACTION TO THE ATTORNEY GENERAL.

Yet James Comey according to his diary willingly was involved in a cover up of a crime in tampering with a federal investigation.

This is as vital to the story in James Comey in recording an event has provided evidence for his indictment.

For those who remember the "memories" of James Comey, we remember the same dinner, where James Comey recorded that everyone in the Intelligence Community was there at this dinner, and all went to Comey and pleaded with Comey to be the one to go to President Trump and tell the President about the Pissgate file.
Comey has a pattern of this in delusions of grandeur, in remembering things which did not happen.

James Comey has a past in nepotism in appointing the godfather to his child, as a chief prosecutor on a witch hunt against Dick Cheney, in which Comey and Patrick Fitzgerald stated the witch hunt would disappear if those being assaulted by this investigation, if they just rolled over on the innocent Vice President.
Comey knew that it was Dick Armitage who leaked the original Plamegate story from the beginning and ran this witch hunt.

James Comey also is the father of almost a dozen scandals in his tenure at FBI, including the murder of LaVoy Finicum to the cover up the crimes of Hillary Clinton. Comey's number two in Andrew McCabe was in direct conflict of interest as in the Plamegate situation with his appointing his best friend to attack Dick Cheney for impeachment to install Colin Powell as Vice President, and here again we have this serial coup plotter of James Comey, involved in a plot to impeach President Donald Trump, a man that Comey loathes and has called crazy.

We have absolutely no evidence that Donald Trump said anything to Mr. Comey, so it is Comey said, Trump said. What we have is James Comey's diary admitting he was involved in a cover up which is a felony.

What James Comey appears in the patterns he has formed which are the evidence is James Comey has been a tool of the deep state, involved in weakening Presidents like George W. Bush to blackmail, to literal coups in Plamegate in removing an innocent Vice President Dick Cheney.
James  Comey patterned again in the Obama regime in the crimes of being involved in bribe payments to terrorists, and the blackmail situation with Hillary Clinton in her Emailgate, which would have provided leverage against Mrs. Clinton.
James Comey left the same pattern with Donald Trump, in the almost year long investigation as in Plamegate, on fake Russian hacking, based upon fake intelligence, where Comey was going to pay 50,000 dollars for the fraudulent Pissgate files.

This is not about defending Donald Trump, as this blog warned him to get his shit together before he took office and seize control over the police state and Mockingbird, and instead he let himself be ensnared by more fake news in the press. This is about a reality that James Comey has a pattern of High Crimes against the United States, and it is past time that Attorney General Jeff Sessions indict James Comey for his crimes, and for the psychiatric staff at Bethesda do a complete examination of James Comey, as frankly in the patterns of James Comey he is a serial sociopath, with delusions of grandeur who suffers from a god complex, as the deep state unleashes him for their purposes and James Comey feeds that self righteous obsession.

James Comey directly leaked his diary to the New York Times in direct violation of federal law in the protected confidential conversations with the President, and the workings of the FBI involved in a federal investigation. At best James Comey is guilty of violating executive priviledge and at worst James Comey is guilty of high treason in trying to bring down the Government of the United States.

Executive privilege - Wikipedia

Department of Defense employees were also instructed not to testify on any such conversations or ... president's executive privilege ... a private fraud ...

The issue in this is no longer what Donald Trump has done, but what James Comey is doing, and what James Comey is doing warrants that he either needs to be dressed in an orange jump suit in a federal prison or a white straight jacket for his numerous psychosis.

James Comey has committed crimes without any doubt now. He either covered up a crime or is involved in committing a crime.

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