Sunday, May 14, 2017

Once upon Donald Trump

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It is not often one gets to witness a President informing an out of control police state agency called the FBI, that he was in charge, and that those investigating him, might discover what a Russian gulag experience would be if they continue with their coup plotting.

Of course the troll democrats when trolled by the President, set the hook on themselves and play very well.

Top Democrats demand any "tapes,"
communications between Trump and Comey
CBS News, by Rebecca Shabad

And of course the leading man, righteous James Comey was all set to play the victim before a national audience in the Senate with plotters Warner and Wyden, but most interestingly he decided to hide under his bed.
Logically, this means that the tapes do exist and Republicans have been provided them, and were about to expose Comey and roast him slowly before a national audience, before he was indicted soon after.

Sen. Warner: Comey will not appear before Senate Intelligence ...

... Former FBI Director James Comey will not testify before the Senate intelligence committee next ... Friday that Comey would not appear next week.

Yes it all was Mockingbird working so well in smearing the President, as James  Clapper impersonating the FBI, and then Comey had to go and run away from it all in trying to save himself.

White House Escalates FBI Fight With Attack on Former Director. The FBI Strikes Back...



But then President Trump has been sending more than Tweets, but direct messages to the FBI political minders, who though they were so immune in their Obama jobs, as Cartel Comey was protecting them.

But now, Cartel Comey is gone.......

.......and look who showed up with the President, the Russians for a happy get together.

This is what a giant PISS ON YOU, looks like from a President who knows what his coup plotters have been engaged in, and has informed them, that they are about to end up in a very interesting prison, if they keep thinking they are immune  from prosecution for treason against the United States.

 The official spoke of the agents who are now working the Russian influence investigation.
“Do you think those agents now feel they have the insulation of the institution and the protection of the director?” the official asked.
Imagine how those agents felt upon seeing video of Trump happily meeting with Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov, along with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak, whose meetings with Jeff Sessions triggered the Attorney General’s recusal.

President Donald Trump does seem to be understanding how this all works. It seems that James Comey is learning who his owner is and I am betting that numbers of political officers at the FBI are swallowing hard in wondering when they have a Homeland badge flashed at them and are going to have to answer some questions.

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