Thursday, May 11, 2017

Please Hire Me Mike Cernovich

 All media wives are ugly factor 4.0 compared to Mrs. Mike

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am so upset that Mike Cernovich is launching a #CernoFilms and he did not hire me without an interview. After reading his site in the morons on there who post pleas to be hired, in not following Gaytube instructions.........I never watched it either as I have no bandwidth, but all the same as this is Gorilla Monsoon's audition page, I will instead audition here.

First, I will run 24/7 footage of Mrs. Cernovich. Sorry I do not know her name as I do not pay attention to such things. I just know she is hotter than Thai peppers in a hot methane turd heated Chinaman wok and I think she is an Iranian spy, as why else would a woman that gorgeous who takes nice ass shots in a boat, be married to that Great Ape.
No offense to either Cernovich or the Mrs., but my conspiracy theories are more interesting than Cernovich Film.

Ok here is the plan. I have written something on this and had to move it in the archives, but it deals with the disgusting big ass Kim Kardashian hosebag for Negroids, in which every time I follow a Drudge the Guardian or something, there on the side are these puff pieces and sure enough are 4 stories about Kim Kardashians big ass or her whoring vulva sister.

My purpose is to make Mrs. Mike a global star. I don't know what the content is, but maybe we can put her in hot military uniforms, hot cowgirl clothes and hot other American things, and give her weapons where she can destroy things. She would be reality television, even if I never watch that chit.

Thing is that is all you need as people will watch anything with a hot chic. Maybe play 80's music and as Gorilla Monsoon has all those Trump press passes,  and all he can do is ask Alex Jones out for dates, why not put Mrs. Mike on some Navy ships, sign her name to missiles and fire them off. It has nothing to do with content, just dress a woman up nice and people will watch it.
It is like that great German American genius David Hasselhoff said, "Women are not interesting when naked. Keep them clothed and you got people's attention".

Oh I would also do a "What would Ivanka do?" segment where Mrs. Mike would do the exact opposite and it would be a great success which would be legal.

Where I would take this is, when Rex Tillerson blows up Iran, that the Persian hotness would be the next Shahette of Iran. I mean what is hotter than Mrs. Mike with nuclear bombs, nuclear missiles, all that oil, all that Persian hotness, and Vladimir Putin as your best ally, and Mrs. Mike and Vlad shooting tigers, riding horse, casting big rods while fishing and signing arms deals.

See that is where the real money shot is, not this piddly Cerno Films, but Mrs. Mike as the focus of this, in which we overthrow the dusty parts of the world, and have her star as Esther, and every week we get to see what she and Putin are up to in saving the world.

I realize now that I have given away all of my secrets and of course there is now no reason for Mike  Cernovich to hire the popular girl, but at least in another year when Putin TV does an uplink with Mrs. Mike Network that I will be able to kick back for some red beer, green olives, chex party mix and ..........well give Archer a break as that Archer Vice season really blew in a waste of killing all them plastic trees.

Anyway have to get back to work and stop recreating, but Mrs. Mike better jump on this or Ivanka will be strapping on a big one and hosing down some cruiser with her own gal pal show.