Thursday, May 25, 2017

Sacred Geometric Electricity

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter  anti matter.

The more we learn of the sacred geometry or the "nature vortex" of the universe electric, we discover that science is absolutely flat earth in the establishment denial of what is the complete universe.The Lame Cherry has always quoted the unifying Law of God = God, meaning the regenerative outside force of God is the balance of God in the complete circle.

Simeon Hein is a most fascinating man. He studies remote viewing, creates crop circles and does though through a scientific Tesla Stubblefield mind. That is what is most interesting about this science in Tesla and Stubblefield spoke of energies existing which could be captured like the wind in a sail, and did so. That is what Mr. Hein is finding in the rudimentary designs he is creating in his monitoring equipment is finding these are collectors of energy.
Yes the Tree of Life in its complete diagram of the sacred geometric symbols regenerates life when induced with God energy, and there is now proof that these energies are collected in symbols.

So the dream catcher is actually catching energies. Granted in definite forms as demonic that is something the Bible mandates to stay away from, as in enhancing human thought with witchcraft in the neutral forces. But the genesis of this is absolute proof that electrical energy does collect in designs based upon the common wheat stalk.
There is a symbiosis in this in humans leave aura signatures, which impart energies into these designs to "breathe them to life", but the life force in the wheat is a collector of resonant energy, and this opens up all sorts of "machines" which are in existence in black ops which amplify energies and manipulate humans.

Kansas Crop Circle Experiment - June, 2002
In June, 2002, we made a small crop circle in the midwest United States to scientifically test the effects of the circle on our research equipment, including our Trek-520 static electricity meter. The circle was about 12 feet in diameter and took about 5 minutes to construct using a stalk-stomping board. We found that the circle changed the static meter by over 2500 volts compared to readings in the rest of the wheat field. When the slides of the film were developed several months later we found strange light anomalies on many of the slides. Pictures taken of other locations on the same roll of film were not effected. This incident supports the idea that manmade formations create paranormal effects.

As one can witness, there is not a grande death ray machine to make crop circles in human form. All it is, is a a flat surface and a rope to make the skidding easy. Quite complex designs can be achieved in mathematical measurement and line in 15 minutes to a few hours.

I though am interested in Stubblefield's experiments in collecting energies for electrical power, which is my coming focus in getting things sorted out. The Earth batteries are already understood and complete, but I conclude there are natural batteries available that Stubblefield was collecting energy from. That is what my creation would reproduce.

I look for utilizing the Stubblefield enhancers and am pondering the effects of geometric designs in collection and amplification.

As a sidenote:

The reality is, in dirty electricity which is harmful and clean electricity which has no harmful effects, these energy collectors of sacred geometry can be boosted or amplified in the energies they are already collecting.

It brings the question also will "clean" geometric patterns like circles in Kansas collecting energy be beneficial and would complex patterns produce a disharmony which would agitate or disrupt the system............Classical music to Rap.

This is the science of zero gravity discoverers, which has been created by the US defense industry, as had the German SS in the German Bell, which was a fascinating machine of different calibrations, producing different effect.

The Germans ran a two dimensional apparatus, but in my mind I see the possibilities of amplification of a 3 dimensional device in motion, generating a 4th dimension type power.

All in goode time though, first the donations, then the place, then the tapping the energies, then I get a warm house for free and put all of the information onto the internet so everyone else can warm their homes and light them.

Got to get busy as am running out of time.