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Seth Rich as the Grass Grows

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the murder of Seth Rich, we have a tale of two Seth Rich's, in on Seth Rich was killed or gunned down, or he was in a sketchy neighborhood or a quiet residential street, depending on who spreading the propaganda and who is attempting to pull the heart strings.

Seth Rich was 27 when he was killed on a dark street in a sketchy neighborhood in the nation’s capital last July.
- John Podheretz

Seth Rich, director of voter expansion for the DNC, was gunned down on a quiet residential street at around 4.20am on Sunday.
 -Daily Mail


So who is lying? John Podheretz or the Daily Mail?

The Lame Cherry is going to quantify the following with it bases analysis on the interesting reports which are all published online, and in those reports there is an assembled truth, in if you are bright eyed in fantasy and thrilled by power, that you to can be taken advantage of like Lauren Batchelder working for Jeb Bush as a plant at a CNN town hall to smear Donald Trump or you too can be an Amanda Carpenter destroying Ben Carson's campaign in Iowa for your man Ted Cruz.
The powerful are always looking for starry eyed pawns to exploit and the world has an endless supply of resume seekers bent on stepping on others in having the connections to rise up the food chain.

Rich was killed as he walked home in D.C.. He was shot twice in the back but wasn't robbed. 
His wallet, cellphone, keys, watch and necklace were all left on him.
- Washington Examiner

In piecing together the press accounts leaked to it, it appears that Seth Rich was shot twice from behind on the right side. Indications are there may have been a left quadrant exit wound which was mistaken for an entrance wound.
The Medical Examiner stated it was a torso shot which was the fatal wound. On other unverified reports, the Lame Cherry concludes Seth Rich was shot in the liver, a non immediate fatal wound, but a wound which would incapacitate as it is an internal bleeder.

Due to location, the shooter was right handed, and in the Adrenalin rush, pulled the trigger hard, slightly off center to the right, and that concludes the shooter was right handed.

As there are not released "facts" for the record, except police stating this was a handgun, it points no conclusives, as to semi auto or revolver, if the police ascertained the handgun by shell casings. If the casings were policed, this points to a thought process of policing the area by the murder in a premeditation and coolness after the act.

Internet scuttle indicated in the woundings indicated a slight upward trajectory from the entrance wound to the back. Autopsy reports would be most helpful in this as that would indicate Rich was bending over in attempting to flee.
Angle would also reveal height of shooter and that would indicate sex of the shooter.

Seth Rich was a high profile case in a Presidential Campaign. This would have been a high priority with democrats in power. The Metro would have shaked and baked everything as would the FBI in electronic surveillance and if this was Niggers of the Night, they would have been wrung out.
As in most high profiles that linger and some later convenient quarry appears as in the case of Mary Pinchot Meyer or Chandra Levy.

The official police report of the murder:

At approximately 4:19 am, members of the Fifth District were patrolling the area when they heard gunshots.  Upon arrival on the scene, members located an adult male victim conscious and breathing, and suffering from gunshot wounds.  The victim was transported to an area hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead.

The above is a 2014 Google photo of the murder scene. The far corner is the location of the local market. The near is the apparent murder location.
In examination of the location, this is not a blind location. DC planned this corner well for visibility. There is not any way that Seth Rich was surprised in a frontal 180 degree view. The assailants appeared on his six and from the alley behind the house on the corner.
The iron fence provided a secure open location.

Now that Sean Hannity is running for the bed to hide under in being leveraged out at FOX, the fact is that none of this changes, even if another false report was fed to FOX in order to create more cover and hide what this is all about, in someone was murdered on a street corner in Washington DC.

It is one thing to read of all the fake reports and partial reports which have facts in them, and  another to actually take a Google street cam view of standing there.

The place where Seth Rich was murdered was a two way street which intersects as one way street. As you can see by the picture below, Rich approached the corner from right to left. Notice the iron fence, the openness, and the reality that no one caught Rich unawares.

It appears there are no street lights, but DC lights up as all cities, with a twilight glow which provides adequate security.

There are cover stories speaking of  "construction" and robberies, but none of that ads up on this location.

 There is an interesting police report which has since disappeared in the archives, that this shooting was detected by surveillance listening devices which has been widely reported. What has not been reported is the source which handles this information and alerted the Metro Police. The source was Homeland Security which monitors DC like a dragnet.

But according to the police report the CIC reported the shooting which I am assuming is the Homeland Security Command Information Center of the Metropolitan Police Department. Here’s how the website describes the CIC:
“The Command Information Center is a multifaceted and highly technical compound that is capable of intelligence gathering. It entails the coordination of field activities and the multi-jurisdictional management of any type of emergency. Members assigned to the Command Information Center monitor the computer Aided Dispatch System on a 24 hour 7 days a week basis. Violent crimes, unusual Incidents, bomb threats/suspicious packages, intelligence information, suspicious persons, gun recovery and any other incident/event deemed necessary are recorded in the Command Information Center’s running resume for posting in the daily “SOCC” report. The CIC disseminates raw intelligence information to support personnel on a “real-time-basis” as it develops using the RSAN paging system, radio and landline communication.”

 Reports indicate this was two motorcycle cops with cameras, either on patrol, or having an alert come through, were the two who discovered Rich who was conscious. It is police procedure to at least attempt to question the victim.
What is puzzling is why Rich did not phone 9 11, unless the liver shot which is suspected struck a nerve which paralyzed him with pain.

As one can ascertain, this is a street where no one is going to surprise or sneak up on Seth Rich.

If one examines the above photo and the close up from a new angle, your view is the alley to the left, and most important where is the logical position where  the attackers were waiting, behind the board fence in a perfect concealed position.

Rich would have passed by this location, and the murderers approached him from behind or was it a matter that Rich had a meeting in this alley.

Rich was reported to have been bruised, knuckles, face and knees before death. It is a matter that bruising would occur in three cases, accidental fall, a beating to make a point or rough sex.
The bruising on the knees does not make sense, no more than his assailants beat him on the street if this was a robbery as that is a delay and gets criminals caught, or he was beaten to send a message in an alley and somehow escaped to be shot down in the street.

When this bruising took place is a suspect as Seth Rich hanging up early on his cell phone with his girl friend in stating he was home when he was two blocks away.

This though is the focal point as what took place in the last minutes of Seth Rich's life logically began here.

In this the location was not conducive to surveillance, it points to a spotter was located as noted previously at a basketball court a block away. That is the only location a vehicle could park and not draw attention from neighbors. It also points to a reality that a spotter knew Rich's travel route, as Rich made a left turn to his street from the main street.
Even a robbery team would not know Rich would make that turn, as logic would expect a robbery victim to continue straight on. This points to a spotter, alerted the team in the alley, and the events which followed.

In closing, there was a report of the security camera from the market across the street of the murder, whether fact or fiction. In researching the known government cameras, covering this area, one notes that this entire area is saturated in it would have been impossible for a vehicle to exit this location without being recorded.

The murder location is in red center and the red lines at the bottom are the White House and Capitol Hill to  reference.

In this the concentration of cameras in traffic alone saturates the area. This does not include hospital, university, business and ATM cameras. There are more videos of this murder than is being stated, along with the missing traffic cop body cams.

Speed Camera Locations // Fifth District

  • 1100 block of Florida Avenue, NE (northwestbound)
  • 2200 block of South Dakota Avenue, NE (southeastbound)
  • 2500 block of North Capitol Street, NE (northbound)
  • 2800 block of, NEw York Avenue, NE (eastbound)
  • 3200 block of Fort Lincoln Drive, NE (southbound)
  • 3900 block of South Dakota Avenue, NE (southeastbound)
  • 4200 block of Eastern Avenue, NE (southeastbound)
  • 4200 block of South Dakota Avenue, NE (northwestbound)
  • 4400 block of Clermont Drive, NE (southbound)
  • 600 block of, NEw York Avenue, NE (eastbound)
  • Bladensburg Road (northbound) @, NEw York Avenue, NE
  • New York Avenue (southwestbound) @ North Capitol Street, NE
  • New York Avenue (westbound) @ Bladensburg Road, NE
  • New York Avenue (westbound) @ Florida Avenue, NE
  • Rhode Island Avenue (southwestbound) @ 1st Street, NW
  • Rhode Island Avenue (southwestbound) @ Reed Street, NE
  • South Dakota (southeastbound) @ Bladensburg Road, NE
  • 1100 block of Bladensburg Road, NE (northeastbound)
  • 1100 block of Michigan Avenue, NE (westbound)
  • 1200 block of Mt Olivet Road, NE (northwestbound)
  • 2100 block Queens Chapel Rd, NE (southeastbound)
  • 2400 block of 18th Street, NE (southbound)
  • 2600 block of Lincoln Road, NE (northbound)
  • 3100 block of 4th Street, NE (northbound)
  • 3100 block of 4th Street, NE (southbound)
  • 3300 block of East Capitol Street, NE (westbound)
  • 3600 block of Eastern Avenue, NE (southeastbound)
  • 3600 block of South Dakota Avenue, NE (northwestbound)
  • 600 block of, NEw York Avenue, NE (westbound)
  • New York Avenue @ Bladensburg Road, NE (eastbound)

In final assessment, Seth Rich was ambushed. He knew his attackers or knew those who sent his attackers. This appears coordinated in more than one individual.
The shooter was right handed, excited, a competent marksperson, but not "employed" in this as a vocation. Body center shots mean focus and intent to kill as the objective. Two shots mean insurance, three shots would point to law enforcement training.
Lack of additional shots, mean an emotional detachment from target. This was not personal. This was a job to accomplish. Lack of dispatch shot, means certainty in the kill shot, and lack on intimacy in keeping distance, also points to attackers exited scene immediately.
Kill shot would mean Rich saw his attackers. That concludes he did not contact with them, and the bruising occurred earlier. The physical assault would have left DNA on his person and clothing.

The Metro Police if ordered to stand down by the FBI, means the case is not active for them. If the FBI has shelved this by order that whatever was involved in this was embarrassment to those associated with it, there will not ever be an outcome for information the family desires for closure.

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