Monday, May 8, 2017

Stoning the Prophetess

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This past weekend I was shown comments on Facebook which said "I was a left wing blogger and reactionary", as two ignorant deadbeats were making excuses over the new House bill concerning North Korea and how this bill is Donald Trump declaring war on China, Russia, North Korea and Iran, as the United States with the UN is extending global policedom in monitoring and investigating these nations.

For the ignorant deadbeat, it requires explanation that this bill deals with trade. Just as the United States gets it's profit margin from Mexican poppy and the Europeans get it fom Afghanistan poppy, the Russians, Chinese, Iranians and North Koreans get their profits from laundering things the United States needs and buys with a wink and nod through Peking, Moscow and Tehran.

None of this is new. The Jews for years have piles of Iranian dried apricots showing up in their markets. The Donald Trump crowd for years had Cuban cigars to smoke. The elite get away with contraband and it was a published fact that when the collapse came to Europe, the only reason European finance stayed afloat was because of all that Slavic virgin pussy being raped in Tel Aviv, the guns sold out of Germany, the dope out of Turkey and the various oil skimming operations coming out of the Mideast. It is how the world operates, and if you require a refresher course, it was Germany and France who were involved in selling Saddam Hussein biological and nuclear weapon technology and material.

No one speaks of these realities save the Lame Cherry, who is a popular girl, a Right Wing Christian Conservative blogger who produces the best blog in the world, breaks stories non stop, does not deter from the Truth, and concluded that Ronald Reagan was a moderate, as I am personally that far right wing. So to be called a left wing blogger, as I am not a Trump rubber stamp of American Genocide when Donald Trump is enacting the extension of Barack Obama policies, is ridiculous, as much as the Lame Cherry was the conduit God worked through to put Donald Trump into office and defeat Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.

To answer the reactionary over the US extending law to target four nations, engaged in commerce, so North Korea does not all famine itself to death, and dump millions of more exiles into America to be exploited by Chamber of Commerce Trump, this is how war starts, because the United States very subtly just took away the profit margins from China and Russia, concerning the product of North Korea and Iran.
This means Iran will not have resources, so it means Iran will move more aggressively to terror strike America, Europe and Israel. This means that Russia and China will view this for what it is, an FDR isolation of Imperial Japan in which they will have to break the United States in a Pearl Harbor, leading to war, or they will cease to be. This means that Kim Jong Un, is going to be pressured more in receiving less of a cut for his contraband in precious metals, so it will afflict on the people of North Korea more, just like we do not get to eat delicious chocolate cake with Donald Trump at Mar Largo having no jobs and Trump debt, but the rich will be gobbling it down with smiles, as the rich are never denied anything.

The MOGs and morons online are distasteful in propping up this Trumpenstate. I refuse to support anything that is going to get you people harmed and what is taking place in this looting of the Treasury and this coming global war is not what any of you voted for.
I realize there are a number of hurt and furious people out there who like beaten wives are going to attack anyone who exposes Donald Trump, as they think he is all they have. I will remind them they have Christ and Jesus will not let them down ever. These hurt people though will come to the reality as they always do that Lame Cherry was right when they were gnashing their teeth, attacking this blog, getting things harmed here as satan amplified their murderous prayers, and pretend to forget all the damage they did as they suddenly see the light and start quoting me......but giving me no credit.

By God's Grace I was first in this in warning people of this Trumpenstate. I was attacked for naming Trumpenfuror Ivanka and Dummkopf Jared in going too far, and I have been proven right on these two coup plotters and money whores.

This blog attempted to counsel this group for their benefit and for making America Great Again, and now they have woven a web in which they are criminally caught, and are about to create a nuclear cocoon of every American.

Jamiel Shaw is someone I am not going to forget as the forgotten man, who Donald Trump used at the Convention, because his son was murdered by illegals in America that Mr. Trump is now cleverly importing as legals as Mr. Trump broke his word over DACA to all of these parents, starting with Brenda Sparks in the Angel Moms.

This is how global wars start. It is how the 7 Years War started as the first world war and it is how the Great European War began over doing the same things to Germany that Mr. Trump is doing to these four nations.

I will be proven right in time, and this time most of you should at least have the opportunity to see the war coming, before it appears on American shores. I said most of you, because the seers of Europe have insights which they witnessed in the matrix.
I have not inquired of this in confirming their time lines, as my focus now is the coming of the Lord, the shortening of days, and the important remedy of the rescue of Christians in the east and west, who have not chosen to martyr themselves.

But we must shout down the Prophetess, because we want to be lied to and told that genocide is life, and that being robbed is being enriched. 

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