Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Angels of Hill 64

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As this is the true Memorial Day, it is the memory of honoring the dead and the mystery of God's Holy Angels who protected the survivors which is what the Lame Cherry wills to speak of on this day.

In Vietnam at the seige of Khe Sahn, there was an outpost Alpha I on Hill 64 in which a miracle took place. The NVA had been raining mortars, rockets and shells on the various Marine positions for weeks, and on February 6th the sappers came in the wire. They threw canvas over the razor and flooded into the camp.

Khe Sahn was a red dusty area, where smoke held in the hills and fog inundated them the other times. It was a difficult place to fight covered in jungle.

The NVA took control over half the camp in the rush and half a platoon held a trench on the south side of camp as they were hammered by endless grenade attacks.

One grenade struck PFC Michael Barry's helmet and bounced off. He reached for it to throw it back out, but it detonated before he could throw it. The grenade peppered his hand, back and leg with tiny fragments, but his hand was not hurt.

A platoon from another base counter attacked, and with artillery and air strikes it caught the communists retreating and the end result was over 150 NVA dead, 24 Marine KIA and 27 WIA.

Medals are handed out for bravery and flags draped over coffins, but war is always filled with miracles which are from some prayer from someone, keeping some kid safe enough to not be put into a body bag. It never makes any sense how some die, some are wounded and maimed, and others have miracles in impossible situations, but for the Grace of God. It is what war is though.

It is that part which needs to be memorialized too, when the politicians fail and get kids killed and when the Pentagon gets kids killed for a military contract.

I choose to believe in miracles and not body bags.

- Lame Cherry

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