Monday, May 22, 2017

The Life of Jeb Bush in the Shadow of President Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Many of you have been wondering what Jeb Bush has been up to as his family coup plots in an attempt to put him in as Vice President, so the Lame Cherry provides this Day in the life of Jeb Bush after being beaten by Donald Trump and rejected by all America.



Here Jeb! arrives for his first meal of the day.

 Jeb's first meal attempt is a booger picking

Not deterred, Jeb! takes to the street and learns how to pick boogers with success.


Mother scolds for failing at Booger 101


 Jeb! arrives at New Booger Institute to show off his booger picking finger

Mother learns Jeb! elected President of Booger Pickers local #403


Jeb! sweats and offers pork products to starving women for human booger contact


 Jeb! drops a booger in public and has emotional episode #8 on this day

George tells his creepy little brother to quit wiping boogers on him

 Mother kills father for impregnating her with Jeb!

 Mother adopts the son who does not pick boogers

...or so she thought.

 This concludes the thrilling and exciting low energy glimpse into the life of Jeb Bush in he finally has arisen to what he was birthed to more like Obama.