Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Time for the President to pull the Political Trigger

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I disagree with the President's War Room as he is not Bill Clinton, nor has he broken the law like his family members and staff have, as Richard Nixon was plagued by.

President Trump simply needs a message team, like Mike Deaver for Ronald Reagan. Going on the road is not enough. He must go on the road and give people what they want, and that means ACTIONS and not promises.

Go to West Virginia and announce a National Coal Reserve.

Go to Montana and announce the BLM and USFW are disarmed.

Go to Arizona and hand a settlement check to the family of LaVoy Finicum.

Go to Texas and state support for Louis Gohmert's Wildlife Protection Bill and that the USFW will not be prosecuting Americans any more.
Run 12 high profiles over the summer, get Health care and taxes done in the fall, and the operation should settle out.

Advance Teams make certain all are on script and no surprises as the President surrounds himself with cuddly animals, smiling children, grateful citizens and wives with closure.

Donald Trump needs to become a meld of Reagan and Putin photo ops which appear real.

It is time for the President to pull the political trigger on Reince Priebus who ruined this Presidency along with the Kushner liberals, and put David Urban as Chief of Staff.
Urban owes his life to Paul Manafort making a better political deal in Ukraine than Urban, thereby saving this lobbyist from the Russian taint.

Urban's qualifications are COS of the double dealer Arlen Specter who saved Clarence Thomas.
He helped get out the vote in Pennsylvania for Trump.
He knows how to work both sides of the aisle, thereby meaning the thing that the treacherous Pence and Priebus ruined in the Trump legislative agenda, will get on track to save this presidency.
Urban is West Point, Airborne, athletic, knows how to get on with people and is honest enough to get things done in people will trust him.
He is big enough to kick that Gary Cohn's bullying ass and have a big enough imprint to handle Ivanka and Jared.

He can get the job done which is required doing at this juncture in time.

The leaks must be ended and prosecutions arise, or Urban will be battling more upheaval.

So the mix should be Urban managing and moving the legislative to give the President victories the base is demanding. Win legislatively and the impeachment and other talk stops, so you do not have bomb things which alienate the Trump base.
Corey Lewandowski and the head hunters are vital in driving the message, but the message has to be baby, cuddly animal, jobs and wives in closure framed, in order to give positive press coverage.
The leakers must be hauled off to prison to scare thee entire leaking plotters.

Do this and the President has a chance again. Winning makes everything go away that is bad. He must make his Kushners and staff lawyer up in nothing comes out in testimony except a lawyer is sitting their advising as this is about getting the President.

Lastly, the coup plotters want to shut Donald Trump up from tweeting. Big mistake as the President has kept himself viable by the tweets. Should he have an Urban or someone else to bounce things off of before posting, absolutely, but this communication must be kept open for the President.
As for the photo ops, local press who are friendly and told to stay on subject and no surprises, and that includes stations or media that is not running impeachment stories afterwards.

Enough of this update and urban should be able to get a new FBI Director in place to shut these investigations down so the country can move on.

One more thing, STOP using the Marionette First Lady. Make her pretty on the 4th of July in fireworks as a symbol of American beauty, but do not overuse her. Let her European and Mideast miracles cement, to plan a new structure built upon that success.

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