Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Time For the Russian Bear to maul the French pansy and German mad cow

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For the security of the United States, the Anglo Saxon, Scandinavians, Slavic and Greco Italian peoples, it is time for President Donald Trump to offer to President Putin an Atlantic Mediterranean Alliance, along with a Slavic Alliance as a buffer zone and free trade zone between American western Europe and Russian eastern Europe, as the rogue elements of Macron in France and Merkel in Germany are endangering all of Europe, which means American involvement in trying to rescue these bad actors again.

The faggot of France in Macron, had a most deplorable week, in first acting like a pansy thug in spiting President Donald Trump, rushing off to brag to Angela Merkel, and then Macron was reprehensible in picking a fight with President Vladimir Putin.
This was thee most ghastly and undiplomatic action France has engaged in, in her entire history, as the French pride themselves on being cordial and diplomatic, refined and suave, but Marcon came off as some soccer poltroon whipping his air cock out at every opportunity to prove he is not the child in pedophile bondage to his cougar wife.
To overcome his pansy nature, Macron took it upon himself to attempt to assault the President of the United States.

The French president, however, came prepared.
Though Trump leaned in first, he tried to release his hand from the lengthy shake, twice, while Macron kept squeezing. Speaking to Le Journal du Dimanche this weekend, Macron explained that “my handshake with him, it wasn’t innocent,” later adding: “One must show that you won’t make small concessions, even symbolic ones, but also not overpublicize things, either.”

President Trump must now retaliate in effective diplomatic turns to gut French and German power as this can not stand.

What was most troubling was not the Macron demands on President Putin in a most undiplomatic way, but when President Putin spoke of Russian issues of freedom, Marcon literally smirked and laughed.
That honestly stunned me, because this is the Russian nuclear bear, that Macron kicked in the side, and Macron somehow thinks he is the United States which provides 70% of NATO, with the other percentage being the English.
For this reason, it is time for President Donald Trump to pull out all United States military assets from France and Germany, and go beyond not accepting Article 5 of the NATO charter in an attack on one is an attack upon all, but literally stating the United States will no longer be responsible for the defense of France and Germany, and if they are attacked, it is their war and not America's no matter who are what it is.

This European leftist welfare state which has lived like royals on American money since 1945, is the cancer upon Europe and and it is time for America to liberate the Spanish, Portugeuse, Greeks, Italians from this Franco German enslavement of them, along with all of eastern Europe. The time for it is now with an understanding with President Putin, because there is not any way now that France is not going to feel the full wrath of Moscow after what this fag idiot Macron did in pissing on the leader of Russia.
If it were my FSB, the funding would immediately begin flowing to the Mideastern factions who have comrades all across France and Germany, to begin an armed resistance for Muslim rights in France and Germany. Vladimir Putin will have Muslims paint France red for Macron's Paris balls.

President Putin can not allow this belittling of him to stand, for he returns home where his competitors watch for weakness in order to take his place. This proves the above, that Moscow will have to bring the French to their knees and expose Macron for the petty fool he is.

The United States and other allies, must immediately distance themselves from the rogue Merkel and Macron, or Finland, Sweden and Norway will face invasion from Russia, as will the Slavic states being put into ruin, along with Italy and Greece. For Europe and the United States, it is better that Russia fights this anti Christian German and French axis on the seas than on land, meaning the Russians should do overflights and naval bombardments from the Baltic, North and Mediterranean Sea, and the Bay of Biscay with the rest of Europe and American neutral to not be drawn into this Marcon and Merkel pissing fight.

Macron and Merkel's muscle may turn French and Germans into mutton, but this can not stand in another world war where the English and Americans are drawn into a conflict because these central European socialists think their small sized cocks and oversized twats should rule the world.

Macron with Merkel's mad cow support in attacking America, have now provided the Russians with the reason to drive across eastern Europe to retaliate on her enemies in France and Germany. For the English it is better the Russians have a new found hatred for Germans and French than English, and for the rest of Europe and America, they must now provide Moscow with a better alternative of a sea bridge and air bridge war against France and Germany, to preserve Europe for Russian and American trade.

Russian raw materials, American technology and the labor of Spaniards and Greeks, rebuilding a new France and Germany would be the objective in cartel policy.

First will come the Muslim terrorism expanded and the Nationalist uprising in arms against Merkel and Macron, then will come the Russian retaliation. The civilized world should remain neutral and see to it that it is an air and sea war, and not a land war devastating Europe.

Macron and Merkel Faggot Wars

Macron said he spoke to Putin about LGBT rights in the Russian republic of Chechnya and about the rights of embattled non-governmental organizations in Russia, vowing to be "vigilant" on these issues. Earlier Monday, human rights activists protesting near the Eiffel Tower displayed a banner that said, "Stop homophobia in Chechnya."
Any use of chemical weapons in Syria is a "red line" for France and would be met by "reprisals" and an "immediate riposte" from the government, Macron said.
He did not specify the form of such reprisals, but France flies warplanes over Syria and Iraq, striking Islamic State targets as part of an international coalition.
On Sputnik and Russia Today, Macron showed little restraint, saying the two organizations spread "untruths about me and my campaign" during the French election.
"I will not give an inch on this," he said. "Russia Today and Sputnik ... behaved as organs of influence, of propaganda, of lying propaganda."

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