Saturday, May 13, 2017

Tipi Style

We welcome you Great White Eagle Mike Pence to Crow Nation
Pay no attention to Obama sign as he speak with forked tongue and 
Crow take you on pony ride to heap big coal mine 

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


 Red Brother, I bring greetings from Great White Father who
remembers that General Custer came on your plea to rescue you
from terror Sioux and you left him for dead.
Therefore I bring you offer of you sell coal or Ivanka launches
Tomahawk missiles to repay your generosity.

I bring you great wampum, beads for coal mine.

Great White Eagle, beads so much wampum. They buy coal mine
and Medicine Pony for you to ride in seeing all the coal you
buy to Make America Great Again

So like I bought this coal mine for 27 dollars worth of beads
and got this white stallion too. His name is Rides like the Wind.

Greatings, great white eagle, I am Meadow Lark Woman.
My chief, Forked Tongue Voter, asks you now to seal deal
in having sex with squaw, Rides like the Wind. 

All I got from Zinke was a trout to bend my pole,
some guys get all the deals.


You may notice Great White Eagle that Rides like the Wind
has been out of the pen before.


Barack Obama or
Black Buzzard was here 15 moons ago.

Hump!!! Great White Eagle make em three smokes
Heap big wampum!!!!


Tonight I show you tipi style.....
Ah what's tipi style Mike???? 

PS: You think this stuff is easy satire.

Pence in Montana