Tuesday, May 16, 2017


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the Obama interlude of designer negroness, the Lame Cherry predicted correctly that Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush were the cartel choices for ruling America. Years later in 2015, the keyboard commandos all had chimed in, that 2016 was done, and to turn out the lights, but the Lame Cherry decreed otherwise on God's referencing a Jehu, and with that initiated a time line to place Donald Trump into the White House as the only choice to stop the American Genocide and global war.

I had not factored in that Mr. Trump would be so easily changed psychologically from 2016 to 2017 in a few short months, to literally be engaged in Obama, Clinton, Bush policies of American Genocide and global war. I expected the National monster to unleash the police state on liberals and protect Christians, as the President would join with the Russian nationalists for a Russian American Pax, to siphon power from the anti  Christ and leave Asian despots to self implode by feeding them debauchery.

What instead arrived was a Trump Trans of Neocons and Trumpefuror liberals who have destroyed the Trump Contract with America, and after utilizing Donald Trump as a cover for their policies, will blame him and remove the children to be replaced with more quislings marching lock step to the cartel.

In this we have achieved Trumpenstate, that Soviet of discourse to lawlessness, which if it succeeds will rid the planet of huge segments of populations, in a United Nations of Soviet Trumpism. If it fails, the world will be shrouded in the dark ages. Asia having enough surplus population to cannibalize, will remain. Africa will eat itself as the Negroid is incapable of saving itself. Pan Europe will have a smouldering eastern edge of death, America will have the bunker elite with pocket populations.
Latin America will be their aboriginals and Canada will cling to it's iceberg as nature recloses in.

The world is in a death spiral. This is not stated in passing, but in scientific fact. Just as nature as self destructive periods in wolves and apes eating each other, the world has had populations which the world was advancing under to civilization and periods where populations were decaying.

The brave neo world of Trumpenstate will be one of artificial wombs for organic life forms, a race of elite immortals, and a scratchling population of primate humans digressing to their shit behind the bush the sleep in front of status.

The only salvation now for this planet is the return of Christ, but even that revelation holds the implosion of nature and regime to a fiery sooty grave, before Christ's return.

My stated purpose in this was to lessen the blow of Judgment, but each day that blow increases to the proportions of the Great Tribulation. Those who have chosen correctly and are not following this last Obama incarnation of the messiah now at 1600 Kushner Avenue, will have the Light of God and His Peace for their reward, as God notes all actions and choices.

If one can believe the Seers of Europe, the great steel toothed machine of Trumpenstate is humiliated in it's teeth dulled and Russia fills that void.
I think of the Prophecy against the Northern Kingdom of Israel, in her apostate kings and religions, in being warned in all their power and wealth, how they were grey haired and old, meaning their population and infrastructure were past prime for fighting wars. America is grey haired and stooped.. The American  technology when it fails, then the hordes of Eurasia will have the upper hand in their fang and claw.

This is Trumpenstate though and it is what it is. There will be no changing it, and if the President attempts to walk it back, he will be dragged forward as all Presidents are dragged forward in profit wars of plundering other nations. You would know this as you have fed off the gold and blood of Germans in two staged world wars, as you were told patriotic things with Jew holocaust sobs stories to keep you from following the money which none of you received, and which all of you will be gleaned from again.

This must be what a deer feels like in watching a massive combine thresh a field for those queer little creatures in the glass towers who hide in mansions and hide in little metal  vehicles. Such is the cloth of the land in the American has now been relegated to the fields like the fur and the feather, looking up at the wall on the barn as in Animal House, once remembering that the laws once protected them, but now only criminalize them.