Thursday, June 1, 2017

Blessed are the Trump makers for they shall inherit Peace

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I am calling this a Trump White Paper, not to help President Donald Trump who has been betraying his promises, but to help all of us so that we do not end up nuclear fodder in a Great Eurasian War with Russia.

That is something which each of us can agree upon, and is more than Corey Lewandowski sticking the GOP which needs a stick and is more than democrats sitting back in Congress watching America burn down from coup plotters or these Ivanka types like Gary Cohen, Goldman Sacking of the world and influencing President Trump to his great hurt.

The Lame Cherry begins this Trump White Paper by advocating that President  Trump go before the American People as President John Kennedy did in explaining the Cuban Missile Crisis, as no one is explaining Ukraine, as all we get are John McCain diatribes for punishing Russia.
The President needs to add to his image in governing, beyond handshakes in the Mideast and Europe, but in educating the American public that he is sincere, has a plan for peace according to American ideals.

As most of you have not paid any attention to Ukraine, we sit with Russian sanctions and the Minsk Accords at Belarussia, which was calling for a ceasefire in the Civil War in Ukraine and working toward autonomous regions in Ukraine. Russia agreed to this Obama peace agenda, and this is where we are at as President Trump attempts to warm relations with Russia, after the coup plotters for war and profit, have caused great harm to world stability in the fake Russian hacking story and witch hunt.

The Lame Cherry is going to provide a series of maps which the President could do on public and cable television, and then have it posted on the internet, as his Sec. of State and new envoy to Russia, explain this to the American Public as a front burner issue that all can understand and get behind.

The first map is what Ukraine is currently in protests and the eastern Russian region of Donbas which is where the civil war front is in stalemate.

One can witness by the above, that almost 1/2 of Ukraine is protesting their current situation and part is in secession.  Crimean already voted as a Peninsula in the Black Sea to join mother Russia and has joined Russia now.
For numbers of Americans in the Midwest in Minnesota, Nebraska, Colorado, there is a fact that numbers of German Russian settlers came to America from the Crimea in the 1880's when the Czar attempted to conscript them into the military, after moving from Germany to develop that region.

The next map shows the linguistics of Ukraine in the region in upheaval is Russian by ancestry.

The next map sheds a great deal of light on the Ukraine situation, as the Ukraine was "created" as much of the Mideast was drawn by allied powers who won the wars, and had nothing to do with ethnic groups, as Turkey has a great deal of Armenian and Kurdish peoples in it's borders, and that is why the Mideast and other areas are having problems, is because peoples who are differing religions or ethnicity are locked in to nations with other religions or ethnicity and are being mistreated.
It would be like Texas and California being annexed by Mexico by some London scholar and the Americans there being abused and driven out, in the exact way Europeans were removed from Rhodesia, Kenya and South Africa by black Africans.

This is the damning map of the entire situation in Ukraine as in 1564 Ukraine was 3 small provinces. As the Polish empire diminished in Catholicism, Ukraine grew in the Ukrainian People rightly became greater Ukraine as an autonomous people.
The problem began after world War I, in 1922 Russian speaking areas were added to Ukraine.

In addition, Adolf Hilter rightly added the liberated western greater Ukraine in support of the Ukrainian People there. A few problems occurred in this in some Belarussian, Romanian, Hungarian and Polish enclaves on the borders were annexed into Ukraine violating their rights to be joined to their peoples.

This was compounded in 1954 when Ukraine had annexed to it's administration the recently liberated Crimea.

The President if he explains all of this and lays out a vision based on the Minsk Accords would bring a resolution to Ukraine, for peace and satisfaction of all parties.

The Lame Cherry offers this solution for the President to expand or detract from.

Ukraine must be offered economic incentives in polite company, and in impolite company bribes in order to entice them to solution as that is how all treaties are reached in what it will do for you in exchange for what you will give up.

The Lame Cherry terms this the 1922 Restoration, in Ukraine returns to the 1921 sovereignty it had for all Ukrainian People.  The additional provinces and enclaves in Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Belarussian and Romanian would each vote for their autonomous self governance, as States in the United States are sovereign, and if these autonomous regions would affiliated with Ukraine, Poland, Belarussia, Romania, Russia or Hungary.

This is the Solomon or Democratic solution as there can not be any argument in a fair election where the majority of the population rectifies what politicians abused the peoples with and have caused this current schism being exploited by the Soros interests.

There can not be any questioning the right of the vote to all people to decide their destiny and affiliation. That is the great mantra chant of democracy which is used against peoples to subject them, so let it this time be employed to save the world in ballots dropped instead of bombs.

Enact that these regions are demilitarized  by the existing nations, and that the peoples voting there defend themselves as the Cantons in National Guard in Swiss example and the conflict ceases.
Ukraine is not a NATO front against Russia, and in the future could become part of a Slavic or Baltic security alliance as a buffer between Russia and the West.

This falls to Professor Donald Trump, to expand his imprint as a leader, with a noble solution not of bombs, but of books. This cements the image of Donald Trump as a peacemaker of good intentions as an honest broker, which step by step rebuilds the shattered image of the President by his detractors.

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