Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Congratulations to SHS


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Watching the promised major shakeup at the White House by President Trump is like hearing the Big One is hitting San Andreas every month for an attention getter.

The fact is that all of the insider leakers were flat ass wrong. They told us after the President returned from overseas that a number of heads were going to be taken and put on pikes out front of 1600 Penn. So far that Zubke Dubke German sounding guy got the curb, and now Admiral Sean Spicer is ships ahoy.

A restructuring is set to take place in the White House briefing room. The Gateway Pundit has recently learned from someone with very close ties to the Administration that Sarah Huckabee Sanders is slated to take over for current White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Our exclusive source declined a further request for additional information regarding Sean Spicer’s future role in the White House Administration.

Who knew Spicer was a Commander in the Naval Reserve. He looks more like the guy who takes umbrella drinks around looking at navels at South Beach. Maybe the Admiral is leading an invasion of North Korea as I hear the President stopped that idiot McMaster policy of putting 3 carriers in the Sea of Japan.
Spicer looks Navy, short little dump with attitude, running in gay mobs on ships looking for validation.

With all that Kim Jong Un man on man stuff, people just sort of expected The Don to like fire Spicer out of a cannon to match Kim's firing mortars at his Uncle. It all seems so boring in Comey gets fired and just springs a leak, the paper kind. It is like we all expected heads rolling down 1600 Penn Avenue, and the most action we got is Jeff Sessions whipping it out to man handle the Senate coup plotters.

Congrats to Mike Huckabee's kid though. I doubt she will be interesting like having a cattle prod to taser leaking communication staffers, wiring up the press room with high voltage under the seats to scorch the scrotums off  those traitors in the press, and who would not like to see Huck take on Ivanka for some Jello Pudding Pop wrastlin'.

I am still waiting for the Trump Purge. Still got Ivanka causing problems. Still got Priebus.......yeah they say he is going political tits up July 4th........and still got that terror importer Kelly and that Dr. Strangepud in McMasters......and what about that boy lesbian that Katie Walsh put in charge of hiring all the people who hate Donald Trump.

Sending Admiral Spicer to invade North Korea is just not interesting. I mean why not send James Comey to invade Russia and Robert Mueller to arrest Vladimir Putin. Certainly would have saved a lot of money.

Maybe The Don should hire me as Special Employment Services Director. I am sure I could make things more interesting at the White House than promoting people and firing people.

Imagine what I could do with a parrot and Rex Tillerson.

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