Thursday, June 1, 2017

Dah bomb of Wee Baby Incubator Seeds

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

First I have to apologize in I wasted $2.50 on a purchase at the junk store. I could not wait, as I needed a sprouting container as I do not know what happened to mine from last year, and the one I was led to was just dah bomb of sprouters.

I thought it was a bread loaf thing from Tupperware, but Mom said it is a celery crisper. She has one as all women buy these things thinking they will use them, and they end up packed away in some cupboard never to be seen again, but now that I have discovered what their real purpose in life is as a heavy duty seed sprouter, I am sure they will all disappear again.

See with seeds, you need to keep the moisture consistent, and that requires a lid. If you try plastic wrap you end up sticking things to everything and if you used plastic containers from Walmart for storage they usually break. Tupperware though is something that is built for the job, and no one is ever going to admit they invest a lifetime of fridge space on celery. Celery, I mean is like the Obama's of the hors d'oeurve world in they are always at your table and no body knows what the hell to do with them.

So I wasted 2.50.......and it gets worse as TL got some quarter pants, and the woman rung them up at 3 dollars, and the other woman says, "Well just give them the Tupperware.", and they did that, but the pants at a quarter plus 2.50, means I got charged 3 bucks for 2.75 cost. I mean I went to the same school as these women and I can do math better than that. That is like monkey in the zoo addition.

But I got some too duffy dry potting soil, and have the wee baby apple seedlings in there.......helped birth a few in getting rid of the seed hulls......forget now what I was going to call them.......probably have to look it up.

Sugar could I forget a name for an Apple Tree like that. Might have to have a whole line of apples in the Sugar Tit line, as it is such a good name like George Foreman, I might as well keep the name going.

Anyway, gave them some light on the window sill which the clear plastic top helps, and have them warming in the oven pilot light now, and will return them to the sun energy tomorrow and pray that they pop like all good wee baby apple seeds do. Think God blessed me with like 80% germination. Will see if it bothers them in this not planned experiment of leaving them too long in the fridge, as they were turning green. Maybe the light does stay on in the fridge when wee little Leprechauns show up and do whatever they do in fridges.

So, that is the deal, most of you have one of those worthless celery crispers, and you could put it to use as you are never going to use it in being a nice incubator for wee baby seeds.

That is about it for this update, as by the time you read this, I will have more wee baby seeds sprouted and this time I am not going to lose this 2.50 thing, as I could see like 25 cents, but not that much for something a Mexican is never going to buy.

Oh additional note, I can fit 3 of those plastic planters that you get like flower transplants in......not the 6 packs, but the bigger ones. I think I can get 4 of the six packs in there if need be, which I will not as I do not need to, as the 6 packs come after sprouting in transplants.

Think I should have 4 of these crispers and that would be about right for most things.

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