Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Now who is hijacking Lame Cherry's Internet

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is a post of making a public record for self protection, as something bizarre happened on our cell phone which was typically NSA disturbing, and either someone was leaving me a warning message of intimidation or someone was in the phone who made a mistake.

As a preface in this, we NEVER use the internet feature of this cell phone. It is hotspot access only. We rarely call anyone, except if it is necessary which is about once a month, as I hate talking on the phone, and looking at a cell phone screen for a computer screen is nothing appealing. I think the last time I texted anyone was months ago in something to my brother in I do not remember the nonsense.

So that is why it is of interest in we are in the brier patch, a long way from everything and and everyone. No one can sit around this place without being noticed, and I have lots of animals who notice anything when the Indian in me might miss some track on the road. I watch my dust trails on the road like Donald Trump watches stock prices. I know everything that comes near me.

So  I opened up the phone tonight and the screen was open to a Google search engine, which no one here activated and I took a photo of it, as proof of something going on which should not be going on.

As stated, the closest tower here is miles away. No one could have jacked this phone for use and it would make no sense to use it. Therefore the mystery of a cell phone opens up a program, leaves it open to recent apps on the screen so I would see it, and it is pointing to San Fran shootings and things.

Of course it is another glitch of unexplained reasons as the only probable source of this is AT&T, which is NSA monitored, and it begs the question out of all the phones in the world, why is mine opening up an app when no one ever clicks on it.
TL who has had smart phones since they smartened up, has never had this happen in those many years, and here once again interesting electronic malfunctions appear, like listening to Rense is now forbidden as it gets my phone cut off from AT&T.

It really would be pleasant if the deep state would toy with Sean Hannity or Mike Cernovich as they like the attention and I hear often enough they have more insider conversations than I have ever had.

All that can be done though is to make a public record of it, so those who did this, will have a record made by those who monitor all of us, and someone in charge will probably ask how this happened and who did it.

One more event on a popular girl blog which no one ever reads and fewer donate to, as I have no idea what is going on.