Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Reckless Homicide Becomes Felonious Fibbing for LaVoy Finicum's Murder

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The absolute pollution of Director's James Comey and Andrew McCabe are a sewer stench which has permeated all Law Enforcement across America, as in the murder of LaVoy Finicum, involving 5 FBI elite assassins, has not brought 5 counts or Reckless Homicide against those agents, but instead one agent was charged with a series of Felonious Fibbing.

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, working with the Deschutes County Major Incident Team, conducted the investigation. A Deschutes County sheriff's detective who was involved in the investigation attended the court hearing.

For a review in this, the FBI under Gregory Bretzing sent out minders to smear and threaten people across the internet, who cheered the murder of LaVoy Finicum in silencing Americans and fake news reporting.
LaVoy Finicum was set up in an ambush, where he was deliberately flushed into a kill zone, where the FBI opened fire on Mr. Finicum as he exited a vehicle and in the mayhem which followed it was stated that the Oregon State Police "shot" Mr. Finicum as he reached for a weapon on his hip.
The problem being Mr. Finicum did not have a weapon on his hip, but one magically appeared in his breast pocket, after he was left to bleed out in the snow for 10 to 20 minutes with his arms still raised in surrender.
Into this Mr. Finicum's body was rifled of objects, while the FBI assassin group of 5 agents were recorded gathering, discussing, plotting and picking up bullet casings in a cover up by ALL FIVE AGENTS, which was only discovered by the fine work of Oregon Investigators.



JOSEPH ASTARITA made a false statement to investigators.


JOSEPH ASTARITA made a  false statement about firing his weapon.


JOSEPH ASTARITA made a false statement hindering shooting response team investigators


JOSEPH ASTARITA made a false statement to Oregon State Police.


JOSEPH ASTARITA made a false statement to Oregon State Police

To review this again, LaVoy Finicum was set up to be ambushed. The FBI assassin squad opened up on a man with his arms raised in surrender, who was unarmed, which resulted in the murder of that American, who was denied medical attention, insuring his death. And all that has come after a year long investigation suppressed by James Comey and Andrew McCabe is 5 counts of Felonious Fibbing?

Knowingly firing at anyone who was deliberately set up to be ambushed, who is surrendering and unarmed, is more than five counts of lying. There were FOUR AMERICANS in that pickup, and that is four counts of Reckless Homicide, not charges of lying to investigators.

Oregon Sheriff Nelson who spearheaded this investigation lays correctly complete blame on the FBI leadership, who had the Obama Lynch Comey audacity to to keep all of these assassins on active duty. They were not even removed to paid leave. This type of arrogance is at the heart of this cesspool of the FBI leadership and Andrew McCabe was directly directing this cover up and James Comey was providing direct cover.

Sheriff Nelson credited his investigators for "going where the evidence led'' and discovering the the FBI shots. Nelson, though, said he was "disappointed and angry'' that the FBI Hostage Rescue Team's  actions "damage the integrity of the entire law enforcement profession.''
The sheriff also criticized the FBI for failing to place the agent and his fellow Hostage Rescue Team members on paid leave after he and investigators traveled to FBI headquarters over a year ago. They briefed the FBI's then-Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, now acting director, about their  findings and potential criminal liability, he said.

Andrew McCabe is not even being investigated for the LaVoy Finicum murders, but has been so entrenched in subverting Justice, that McCabe is being investigated on three other criminal activities he was directing out of the FBI.

FBI chief McCabe faces three separate federal inquiries into his behavior 

 by John Solomon and Sara Carter

I have absolutely not any confidence in the Justice Department that Sheriff Nelson has in "hopefully" more of these assassins will be brought up on charges, because this has been an entire year of cover up, of a murder with the entire Justice Department and the Trump Administration standing by as the Bundy's have been railroaded in Nevada kangaroo courts after being acquitted in Oregon on bogus Justice Department charges, that any kind of Justice is going to be accomplished for the Finicum family or every American.

The FBI attempted on several occasions to assassinate LaVoy Finicum and three other Americans. When Oregon State Police failed in the first fusillade, the FBI assassin squad opened up in another assassination attempt, which then  triggered the events of what appears there were Delta Force on ground mirror shooting the Oregon State Police, and Oregon State Police were left dealing with the aftermath of this murder plot.

"Today's indictment will ensure that the defendant and hopefully any other HRT members will be held accountable through the justice process,'' Nelson said.

You will notice in this that Sheriff Nelson is telegraphing a reality that he expected ALL FIVE to be indicted on charges in this, but the Comey McCabe cover up prevailed, exactly as Ruby Ridge in this continuous Robert Mueller sewage overflowing on America.

Justice for LaVoy Finicum, his family and America are murder charges against these 5 assassins, Gregory Bretzing now being rewarded in a civilian job, and for James Comey, Andrew McCabe and Loretta Lynch's role in this cover up.

When the investigation of the FBI's actions was announced last year, former FBI agents and criminal justice experts said they were stunned that an agent might lie about firing his gun. That the bullets missed their apparent target drew even more disbelief.
"Here you have one of the best trained units in the FBI. They're only supposed to shoot when there's an active threat. You would hope they would be accurate in doing so,'' said Michael German, a 16-year veteran of the FBI who now serves as a national security expert and fellow at the Brennan Center for Justice in New York University's School of Law.

See what you have now had confirmed is what was posted long ago, in the FBI on scene fired rounds to set off the Oregon State Police to fire shots, and likely that cover fire was to allow Delta Force to put in the kill shot.

So that everyone understands this, these 4 other assassins are still on active duty, and will deployed to assassinate Americans again, depending on which way the political wind is blowing. There has been enough pressure put onto the system with Donald Trump as President to offer sacrificial charges, the criminals in this have all gone deep state, what happens when they gain cover again and are in position with their allies to retaliate on Americans who dared expose this for the fraud it is and still is.

We need Justice from inside the system and that is not happening, nor is any change for Justice taking place.