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The Lame Cherry has taken it upon itself a Truth in Vietnam series of posts this past year involving the war in that communist front, and engaged in this due to the propaganda of Ken Burns faux history of World War II, which basically said white people were worthless and needed minorities to win the war.

In previews of Burns "Vietnam" it is more whining and wailing, instead of the Truth. The Truth this time comes in the not reported accounts that South Korea fought along side of Americans in Vietnam, and did so with honor, pride, bravery and enjoyment.
Yes the thing censored about Vietnam is that the majority of Soldiers there enjoyed their tours, but were shouted down by the liberals, and the nations who served in Vietnam valiantly as in South Korea and Australia have been blighted from the accounts.

ROKMC stands for Republic Of Korea Marine Corp. The Korean  Marines were formed in 1949 in defense of their nation. They were a special breed of Koreans who brought Korean togetherness into the military.
It was the Blue Dragons of 2nd Brigade who first came in country. It will surprise most of you that 300,000 Korean Marines served in Vietnam. 1968 was the peak year in 50,000 ROKMC were in country.
Of the Koreans who served, 4,407 were KIA and almost 10,000 WIA's were reported. They fought hard and they fought bravely.

This is something to understand in the "soft" South Korea which faces Kim Jong Un of the North, in the South Korean Marines are a very good group of Soldiers, and in two major wars they fought beside the Americans in a most honorable way.

There greatest victory in offensive warfare in Vietnam was at Tra Binh in 1967, where they were victorious over two NVA regiments.

While the Pentagon deployed the Koreans in defensive postures, as a matter of reserving the Koreans for a war if North Korea again invaded the South, as the North captured a United States Naval vessel at this time, the Koreans enlarged their base of operations and acquitted themselves very well.

Even at the end of the war when Vietnamization was the new Pentagon policy of turning warfare over to the South Koreans, in 1970 the Korean Marines were engaged in 150 unit actions each day, and maintained throughout the war a high friendly to enemy kill ratio.
To put it bluntly, the Koreans loved fighting in Vietnam and this is not the story that Ken Burns will ever portray in another whining commentary about America as a failure standing alone.

Yes it is an amazing thing, a generation after Vietnam, how the cowardly whining liberals still want to make Vietnam a sore on America, when in reality the American Soldiers never lost an engagement, nor did the Australians or South Koreans. The military fought Vietnam properly, but only did so burdened by having both hands tied behind their backs in insane  "rules of engagement".

America never lost that war in Vietnam. Vietnam was secure when America withdrew. It was democrat liberals in Congress who drove Richard Nixon from office and then when South Korea needed munitions for another North Vietnamese terror assault, the Congress refused to provide that necessary succor.

That is the reality of Vietnam which will only be told in another generation as the liberals die off and a real assessment of that glorious war is finally accounted.
The Australians kept signing up for additional tours. The Green Berets and US Marines kept signing up for additional tours and the South Koreans thrived in Vietnam warfare.

Those are the facts and a partial glorious history of the Marines of the Republic of Korea.

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jeolleumbal-i chelineun muljil munjee dogjeomhabnida.

jeolleumbal-i chelineun jinan 1 nyeon dong-an gongsanjuui jeongmyeon-eseoui jeonjaeng-eul poham hae jinan myeoch nyeongan beteunam-ui jinsilseong-e gwanhan jinsil-eul chwihaessgo, 2 cha segye daejeon-ui ken beonjeu gajja yeogsa-e daehan seonjeon-eulo inhae jongsahagoissda. sseulmo-eobsgo pil-yohan sosu minjog-i jeonjaeng-eseo seunglihabnida.

Burns "Vietnam"ui sisahoeeseo jinsil daesin-e deo uulhago ulbu jijseubnida. ibeon-e jinsil-eun hangug-i beteunam-eseo migug-in pyeon-e seoseo ssaunbogodoeji anh-eun gyejwa-e deul-eo waseo myeong-ye, jajonsim, yong-giwa jeulgeoum-eulo geuleohgehaessda.

geuleohseubnida. beteunam-e daehan geom-yeol-eun daedasuui gun-indeul-i tueoleul jeulgyeossjiman jinbo juuijadeul-e uihae jilchaeg-eul bad-ass-eumyeo, hanguggwa hoju eseocheoleom beteunam-eseo yong-gamhage bongsa han guggadeul-eun geu gyejeong-eulobuteo byeolag maj-assseubnida.

ROKMCneun Republic of Korea Marine Corp.ui yagjaibnida. hangug haebyeongdaeneun 1949 nyeon-e guggaleul suhohagi wihae seollibdoeeossseubnida. geudeul-eun hangug-in-eul gundaelo delyeoon teugsuhan pumjong-ui hangug-in-ieossda.

cheoeum-eulo nala-e deul-eoon geos-eun je 2 yeodan-ui Blue Dragonsyeossseubnida. beteunam-eseoneun 30 man myeong-ui hangug haebyeongdae won-i dangsin-eul nollage hal geos-ibnida. 1968 nyeon-eun 50,000 myeong-ui ROKMC jung gajang manh-eun haeleul bonaessseubnida.

geunmuhan hangug-in jung 4,407 myeong-i KIA yeossgo 1 man myeong-e ileuneun WIAgabogodoeeossseubnida. geudeul-eun yeolsimhi ssawossgo yong-gamhage ssawossseubnida.

igeos-eun bughan-ui gimjeong-ilgwa majdag tteulineun "budeuleoun"hangug-eseo ihaehaeya hal geos-igo, hangug haebyeongdaeneun maeu hullyunghan byeongsa jibdan-imyeo migug-indeulgwa nalanhi ssauneun du gaji jungdaehan jeonjaeng-eseo gajang jongyeongbadneun bangsig-eulo ssaunda.

beteunam-eseoui gongsejeon-eseo gajang keun seunglineun 1967 nyeon Tra Binh-eseo iss-eossneunde, du gos-ui NVA yeondaeeseo seunglihaessseubnida.

mi gugbangbuga bang-eojeog-in jaselo hangug-eul baechihaneun dong-an bughan-i dasi hangug-eul chimlyaghamyeon hangug-in-eul jeonjaeng-eulo bolyuhaneun munjelo bughan-i migug haegun hamjeong-eul jeomlyeongham-e ttala hangug-indeul-eun jagjeon gijileul hwagdaehago seogbanghaessda. geudeul jasindo aju jal.

beteunam jeonjaeng-i namhan-eulo jeonjaeng-eul dollineun saeloun pentagon jeongchaeg-ieoss-eul ttaejochado hangug haebyeongdaeneun 1970 nyeon-e maeil 150 hoeui dangyeol jagjeon-eul beol-yeoss-eumyeo jeonjang-eseo jeogdae selyeog-e bihae uhojeog in jaseleul yujihaessda.

soljighi malhaeseo, hangug-indeul-eun beteunam-eseoui ssaum-eul joh-ahaess-eumyeo, igeos-eun ken beonseuga migug-e gwanhan daleun jingbeol nonpyeong-eseo hollo seoissneun silpaelago myosahaji anhseubnida.

geuleohseubnida. nollabgedo nollaun il-ibnida. beteunam-ui han sedae hu, biyeolhan jingjing daeneun jinbo juuijadeul-i beteunam-eul migug-e apeugehago sipseubnida. siljelo migug gun-indeul-eun gyeolko yaghon-eul ilhji anh-ass-eumyeo, hoju-in-ina hangug-indo machangajiyeossseubnida. gundaeneun beteunamgwa jedaelo ssawossji man michindeushan "gyojeon gyuchig"e ttala yangson-eul deung dwilo mukk-eodumyeon neomu budam seuleowossseubnida.

migug-eun beteunam jeonjaeng-eul gyeolko ilhji anh-assda. beteunam-eun migug-i cheolsuhaess-eul ttae anjeonhaessda. licheodeu nigseun-eul daetonglyeongjig-eseo mol-a naen geos-eun minjudang-ui jayudang-ieossgo, bughan-ui tto daleun teleo gong-gyeog-e daehan gunsu muljaga pil-yohal ttae uihoeneun pil-yohan doum-eul jegonghagileul geobuhaessseubnida.

geugeos-eun jinbopaga juggo yeong-gwangseuleon jeonjaeng-e daehan jinjeonghan pyeong-gaga machimnae deuleonam-e ttala daleun sedaeeseoman malhage doel beteunam-ui hyeonsil-ibnida.

hoju-indeul-eun gyesoghaeseo chuga gwangwang-eul sincheonghaessseubnida. Green Beretswa mi haebyeongdaeneun gyesoghaeseo chuga gwangwang-e gaibhaessgo hangug-indeul-eun beteunam jeon-eseo beonchanghaessseubnida.

geugeosdeul-eun hangug haebyeongdaeui sasilgwa bubunjeog-in yeong-gwangseuleon yeogsaibnida.

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