Thursday, June 29, 2017

The British Are Coming

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The world is quaking and aquiver after the British pansy on defense, working for the British PM in panties, has threatened military retaliation for cyber attacks.

Cyber attack could lead to military retaliation, says Fallon

Apparently Britain is "building" two Queen Elizabeth aircraft carriers, all other nations would define them as death traps, as after the Falklands, the world witnessed what one French exocet missile did to their tinfoil hulled cheap ass Sheffield battle ships, so I sort of am at a loss just what the British are going to "retaliate" with that could be effective.


In Afghanistan, the Americans experience British battlefield prowess. As the history shows, President George W. Bush with his special forces  and Afghanistan tribal elders, they drove out bin Laden and bombed him to tears in Tora Bora. The British then had everything turned over to them, to which opium production exploded, the Taliban took over and the British army had to call in American Air Force, because the British RAF kept bombing their own people.

So besides arming ISIS terrorists to attack Ayatollah Khomeini's tomb and getting Americans blamed for it or spying on Donald Trump for image Obama, just what exactly are the British good for?


The thing is, the article threatening the world with British military might, it turns out they are real cock ups, as they can not even recruit those faggot British into their own army. Then again England is a country which imports Muslim Rape Cock to rip vaginas to shreds of little British girls when the Muslim is not running over the British mutton on London Bridge.

Speaking at the same conference, Gen Sir Nick Carter, the head of the British Army said reductions in troops meant generals needed to find ways to make up for a loss of numbers.
 The Coalition government cut the regular army from 102,000 to 82,000 after the cost-cutting 2010 defence review.
Yet a bungled outsourced recruitment system, poor morale after cuts and a lack of operations have all combined to see numbers dip further to around 78,000.


That is a far cry from the British redcoats of 1812 who raped their way across Europe and then tried to rape their way across America, until General Jackson slaughtered those grey bearded sons of bitches at New Orleans to send them to hell.
Things changed for Queen Victoria after that, as she had her Rhodes just slaughtering Boers in Africa, until her chumly son started foddering a million British to German machine guns in World War I. Worst thing in the world is British officers and British cloth of the land obeying orders.

You probably are wondering about this red haired fairy spawned out of Charles cum and that nutty Diana, as to what the hell is the British military. It is like what the hell is up with this kid as he gets a new uniform every week like some fag fashion designer.
Looks like Hars gets a new medal for each of his uniforms, as the British apparently hand out medals when the Royals figure out to change their uniform once they dribble in the cock slot.

Yes another uniform change, but he gets a fancy cap with this one, like the sodomites would all wear to gay parade. This is the British military on parade, the Royal who wanted to give up being a Royal as it was too demanding having your butt wiped with silken kerchiefs as you play soldier boy.


Hars apparently has been attracted to groups showering with men for sometime. Then again, when your old man is that odd cuck Charles who dreams of being Camilla's tampon while driving goofy Diana even more nuts, what the hell else would you expect for a red head.

The British are a cull caste. They bring in Muslims to rape and murder their mutton. That is why that ilk stands around believing this cyber attack was not MI6, starting another goddamn war for the Rothschild bankers and that dope running Royal family.

Thing is what is England going to attack? Sure we all would hope that the English would attack Vladimir Putin, so England would be populated by a real race of people capable of not being Muslim cock fodder, but England usually has plans like blowing up American things, or bribing Americans, to get America to bleed for London finance.
Never have trusted them English since they murdered the Czar who was their own blood kin for Russian gold.  That is just cold.

I figure the English can attack New Zealand. Charles already has a uniform for that, and the Kiwi are armed with sticks, so the RAF dropping a few nukes, it should be about even, and Kim Dotcom is there, so England will probably bomb New Zealand, as they do not have the balls to nuke France, and barring New Zealand, I figure they will wait for Iran to retaliate on America for what MI6 did at Khomeini's tomb, and then the Brits will bomb some bloody damn wogs who got something the Rothschilds want to steal.


The British are threatening military action. I am sure all the teenage hackers, sitting in their German lofts, surrounded by porn, are just terrified the RAF is coming for them. Be the safest place in the world really to have the British target you. Probably blow up Poland instead.

The United States really needs to get the hell out of England and alliances with them, as after spying on Donald Trump for Obama and this last Iranian manifestation, America is going to bleed again for British intrigue, and this time the wounds will be nuclear cauterized.

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