Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Criminal Collusion of Robert Mueller

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As there are now criminal questions involving Special Counsel Robert Mueller colluding with disgraced FBI Director James Comey, in Comey's crimes of leaking documents, violating the law and being part of a conspiracy to remove President Trump, with the latest questions if Mueller give his protege Comey full immunity over his crimes, in more nefarious Robert Mueller activities.

It in this backdrop that the celebrated Robert Mueller must be unveiled in how he "built his career" to rise to the top of the money heap. There were three prominent cases which Mueller was involved in, which are a disgrace and violated US Law and in the international courts shamed all US law enforcement as a travesty.

The three cases of Robert Mueller were:

  1. Pan Am Flight 103
  2. John Gotti
  3. Manuel Noriega

For those who are ignorant of 103, it was terror event in which a passenger jet was blown up over Scotland in a rain of dead body parts falling from the sky. The "official" history which Robert Mueller was a part of, and which got Colonel  Khadaffi murdered along with his followers, was that Libya was blamed for this event.
While Libya was blackmailed for the pay out, the facts point to, three other groups who were proven to be involved. The first is Iran, the second the PLO and the third was a rogue Syrian officer who bragged that he was the one who brought down 103.
The worst of this is, is Chris Stevens and other Americans were murdered in the fall out of this Robert Mueller "investigation" framing Libya, in which Mueller had US agents in a Scottish court producing a kangaroo court trial to frame a Libyan.
That is Robert Mueller's legacy in terrorism..........until he oversaw the 9 11 attack on America and the cover up by the Clinton's Jamie Gorelick, who Mueller later hired at his law firm.
The end result is Libya on Robert Mueller's manipulation of law now in control of Muslim terrorists.

Pan Am Flight 103

This anonymous senior officer’s testimony chimes with the well-trodden theory that the American government had a hand in fixing the trial. Hans Köchler, the UN observer at Camp Zeist, reported at the time that the trial was politically charged and the verdict ‘totally incomprehensible’.
In his report Köchler wrote that he found the presence of US Justice Department representatives in the court ‘highly problematic’, because it gave the impression that they were ‘“supervisors” handling vital matters of the prosecution strategy and deciding … which documents … were to be released in open court and what parts of information contained in a certain document were to be withheld.’

In the first three years following the bombing, before a shred of evidence had been produced to incriminate Libya, the Dumfries and Galloway police, the FBI and several other intelligence services around the world all shared the belief that the Lockerbie bombers belonged to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine General Command (PFLP-GC), a Palestinian rejectionist organisation backed by Iran. The PFLP-GC is headed by Ahmed Jibril, a former Syrian army captain; its headquarters are in Damascus and it is closely allied with the Syrian president and other senior Syrian officials. In the 1970s and 1980s the PFLP-GC carried out a number of raids against Israel, including a novel hang-glider assault launched from inside Lebanon. Lawyers, intelligence services and diplomats around the world continue to suspect that Jibril – who has even boasted that he is responsible – was behind Lockerbie.

For those who never knew the Teflon Don, John Gotti, they missed one of tabloids most flashy mobsters. John Gotti operated out of New York and Robert Mueller was put on the case to take down the Gambino Crime Family.
The problem in this was, is that with all the work the FBI did under J. Edgar Hoover in getting their man throughout history, they never had to deal with a moron like Robert Mueller prosecuting. John Gotti was the brains and Mueller had the mind of a chimp, because three times Mueller brought Gotti up on charges, and three times Gotti beat Mueller, for the simple reason that Gotti convinced the jury  out of court to not convict him.
The FBI had produced the evidence, but Mueller could not convict. It came down to the FBI actually getting into an old woman's apartment where Gotti met for business, tapping her phones and then convincing one of Gotti's men to turn evidence.
The end result was Gotti ran the Gambino crime family from prison for years, until he died. Robert Mueller accomplished absolutely nothing.

John Gotti and the Gambino Crime Family

 Gotti was tried three times by federal and state officials, but was acquitted each time, earning him the nickname "The Teflon Don." It turned out that the trials had been compromised by witness intimidation, juror misconduct, and jury tampering. Gotti's flamboyance, however, proved to be his undoing. The FBI had managed to bug an apartment above his headquarters in the Ravenite Social Club in Little Italy, where an elderly widow let mobsters hold top-level meetings. Gotti was heard planning criminal activities and complaining about his underlings. In particular, he complained about Gravano, portraying him as a "mad dog" killer. Gravano responded by turning state's evidence and testifying against Gotti and other members of the family.

Lastly we come to the notch on Robert Mueller's belt which is how Robert Mueller operates into total, and is what he will unleash on President Trump.

George HW Bush decided as President that CIA President Manuel Noreiga of Panama just was not providing Bush fam the proper cut and silence over the drug and money laundering, so sent US forces in to invade Panama.
Then in thee most ludicrous thing ever, Robert Mueller charged the PRESIDENT OF PANAMA on illegal activities according to American law. That would be like Vladimir Putin charging James Comey for being an idiot according to Russian law, when Comey had not ever been in Russia.
That is the case with President Noriega. He had never visited America to run his CIA empire nor had he been in America breaking American laws, but Robert Mueller charged him with those crimes.

This degraded into something beyond even the frame up of Libya in Scotland, because Robert Mueller refused to allow President Noriega his defense before the jury, stating all of his drug and money laundering was CIA backed, as in Bush family. The court ruled that such information would "confuse the jury".

Yes we can not have juries knowing things or they allow the people Robert Mueller is railroading to be convicted, if Robert Mueller has four swings of the bat like at John Gotti. It is better to keep juries in the dark, as that way Mueller's court case can have Hillary Clinton blow up Libya when Syria, the PLO and Iran were guilty. Mueller can then waste time in having John Gotti run a crime family from prison, instead of a gentlemen's club, and lastly haul a foreigner into American courts where he has no jurisdiction and convict the CIA operative.
The net result is Panama is now controlled by the Chicoms of Peking, thanks to Robert Mueller and Bush Clinton fam.

Manuel Noriega

In April 1992 a trial was held in Miami, Florida, at the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida in which Noriega was tried and convicted on eight counts of drug trafficking, racketeering, and money laundering. At his trial, Noriega intended to defend himself by presenting his alleged crimes within the framework of his work for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. The government objected to any disclosure of the purposes for which the United States had paid Noriega because this information was classified and its disclosure went against the interests of the United States. In pre-trial proceedings, the government offered to stipulate that Noriega had received approximately $220,000 from the United States Army and the Central Intelligence Agency. Noriega insisted that "the actual figure approached $10,000,000, and that he should be allowed to disclose the tasks he had performed for the United States". The district court held that the "information about the content of the discrete operations in which Noriega had engaged in exchange for the alleged payments was irrelevant to his defense". It ruled that the introduction of evidence about Noriega's role in the CIA would "confuse the jury"

That is Robert Mueller, as much as he was the money man behind finding Volkswagon billions under the Obama regime over more Obama emissions nonsense and costing all of us a fortune in higher car prices.

Robert Mueller does not belong investigating President Donald Trump on the already disproven Russian hacking, but Robert Mueller belongs being investigated for his nefarious past and his current law breaking colluding with the disgraced James Comey, as Robert Mueller is nothing about justice or honesty, as he has overseen thee most dishonest cover ups and abuses of power in American and world history.

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