Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Pineapple Chunk

Corporal Robert Arrotta center Lance Corporal Molinau "Pineapple Chunk" Niuatoa right

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Everyone has heard of Khe Sahn as the liberal traitors in America sang the name of that place relishing an American downfall in Vietnam, which never did take place.

Khe Sahn was assisted by 5 Hill positions of Forward Operating Bases manned by Marines. It as a shitty job for those Marines as it was a situation of Indian country and supply only came from air drops, and the communist Vietnamese were shooting choppers down, sniping, mortar and rocket fire, and the Hills were shit holes filled with rats, roaches and big green flies, because the goddamn communists would not take the time to bury their rotting dead.

There was a great deal of valor in the Americans there. They fought hard under limited rations and water for weeks and covered in red earth dust and taking incoming where they wore flak jackets all the time, their world was an issue of making war on an enemy which could not be seen.

The Vietnamese communist buried their artillery and mortars, but it fell to Marines with spotting scopes and binoculars to watch for muzzle flashes when they could be seen through the fog, dust or smoke. There were two Marines in this who should be remembered among all of them in Corporal Robert Arrotta who fire controlled over 200 airstrikes to knock out enemy positions, and the very remarkable American Samoan Lance Corporal Molimao Niuatoa, nicknamed Pineapple Chunk, because of his ample size like all Samoans.

Pineapple Chunk had a daunting job with his Navy 20 power binoculars searching 12,000 meters from his base for enemy muzzle flashes. There was absolutely no reference points in that endless jungle but Niuatoa would spot a muzzle flash, fix his eyes on that location and then guide through Arrotta to the tactical command as Birddog fired white phosphorous rockets at the location. The Samoan would walk those marking missiles by his direction onto the communist gunners.
What would follow would be an Mk 82 snake eye wing bomb dropped on the target. In every case there would be the primary explosion and secondary explosions rocking the hills.

It is accomplishing one's duty, not just by going through the motions, but doing that job well which saved numerous American lives and are the heroic acts of a Soldier, instead of laying in some hole or sleeping behind a spotting scope.

They did their job and in return America now has a Trump White House of coup plotters, check cashers, traitors in Congress finishing the Obama destruction of America, while the courts protect the treachery and the media treat Americans as the enemy.

These Marines did not do what they did for any of that. I would all of these sons of bitches of intrigue got dropped into a firebase without binos or air support for a few weeks to learn a lesson if they survived in what America expects of them in their 150,000 dollar salaries.