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The Simmer of Resistance

"Resistance Summer Shooter ID" - James T. Hodgkinson ...

"Resistance Summer Shooter ID" - James T. Hodgkinson. ... Shooter identified by law enforcement officials as James T. Hodgkinson

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The need was not to disarm James Hodgkinson, but to depoliticize him.

-  Lame Cherry

The Lame Cherry has the greatest sympathy fo the Hodgkinson family, because in empathy would any of us want to be in the position they are in. Those on the left are cheering murder. Those on the right are defining him correctly as a terrorist, and this family has to still pay the bills, go to work, have reporters and nitwits harass them and they still have to bury a man they loved who was in their lives.

James Hodgkinson was a product not any different than Saudi funded Wahabbist terrorism, or any of a host of brotherhood groups who are funded and utilized by the elite to intimidate the masses, so there are excuses for transfers of billions for war on terrorism or wars on poverty.

The point of this post is not to defend James Hodgkinson, but to not lose sight of the forensic psychology that if you beat a dog every day, he will jump over the fence eventually and maul the innocent.

That is who James Hodgkinson was, a very successful American in working his entire life. He raised foster children, but like Tim Kaine's troubled son, the democratic ideals did not bring peace as Christians find in Christ, but left them feeling they are failures, and when Mr. Hodgkinson's daughter acted out, he was so emotionally charged he struck back in violence trying to bring order to her life and save her.

There are numbers of Americans on the left from the snowflakes to the snowbirds who are past the edge now and not reasonable. In my community several years ago we had a democratic crank, mad at the world, writing letters to the editor all the time, who alienated his family, and eventually died. He is buried in a sheep pasture in his broken down property as he apparently wanted nothing to do with humanity in death.

We know that Mr. Hodgkinson was so distraught after the 2016 election that he gave up his business license as he had bought into all the Hillary Clinton rhetoric. He bought into the Summer of Resistance against President Trump engineered by the deep state and the socio conglomerate nationally socialized money confiscation scheme.
Prior to his death he was protesting about taxing the rich and scorning Ronald Reagan, but never reasoned that with Obama record taxes destroying everyone, that all of that money was not going to him or democrats in need. It was all about the same money concentration scheme where green industry got bribes, the blacks in the ghetto got a cell phone, while the cell phone giants got the billions in the taxes.

Mr. Hodgkinson did not fit the serial shoot profile as he was elderly, but that is why the democrats preyed on him, for donations and radicalization to intimidate Republicans. One must understand that Hodgkinson was from a generation which picked up guns. The snowflake whimpers in corners, so it is the elderly the democrats sought to turn into terrorists.

For this article of who is to blame for the attempted mass murder of Republicans and the murder of James Hodgkinson, the Lame Cherry conducted as simple search online to educate those about the Summer of Resistance in who it was, and how it was coordinated, for it is these people who are criminally responsible.

As Mr. Hodgkinson was infatuated in lock step with the lesbian Rachel Maddow, she is a fitting place to begin in the Molotov Media who have been beating these democrats up emotionally in spiking them and turning them into terrorists.

He 'Wants to Kill Us': Rachel Maddow Describes Her Bizarre ...

Rachel Maddow has taken with increasing glee to her role as part of the media resistance against President ... Rachel Maddow Describes Her Bizarre Phone Call With ...

Yes Rachel Maddow told James Hodgkinson and her audience that Donald Trump was trying to kill "us". In the strange conversation on her program with another Molotov mic head Seth Meyers, they went on to term Donald Trump as a serial killer. This has been engaged in for years in the dehumanization of those on the right and this constant din aimed at James Hodgkinson so he keeps burning himself out emotionally for Maddow Ratings or DNC donations creates Manchurian Candidates.

Meyers and Maddow spent much of the rest of their interview trying to psychoanalyze Trump’s relationship with cable news.
There’s never been a president who is more addicted to news about himself and who’s more response to the news that he supposedly thinks is so worthless,” said Maddow “So it’s a weird tension. It’s a dangerous time for the first amendment and the free press in this country. At the same time, we’re oddly influential with the guy who wants to kill us.
Meyers compared the whole thing to being a serial killer in love with the person trying to arrest him.

The following is a list of the accomplices from Nancy Pelosi, George Soros funded groups like Green Peace, David Brock led groups funded by Soros like Move On, to where even the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP was agitating minorities to resistance and violence.

Nancy Pelosi Kicks Off 'Resistance Summer' in Texas Slamming ...

The Democratic National Committee launched its "Resistance Summer" on Wednesday with House ... Nancy Pelosi Kicks Off 'Resistance Summer' in Texas Slamming ...

This terrorism of America was planned while image Obama was in the White House, and has continued on with his presence in he was the messianic roots of all of this. Obama was the political hub giving the living room acceptability to this terrorism as George Soros continued on with the Standing Rock funding of this next David Brock phase.

President Obama just made it clear: He's now part of the anti ...

President Obama just made it clear: He's now part of the anti-GOP resistance. ... President Barack Obama signaled when he left office that he'd largely stay out ...

Do We Need Obama in the Trump Resistance? | The Nation

Do We Need Obama in the Trump Resistance? Do We Need Obama in the Trump ... Former US president Barack Obama speaks during a meeting with youth leaders at the ...
Never to let any scab not to be torn off, Hillary Clinton in plotting a 2020 run has been the carnal madam of this terror movement in a continuous insanity of she won the election, the Russians beat her, Donald Trump colluded and the strangest one in attacking the DNC for letting her down as she beat herself.

Hillary Clinton: I'm 'Now Part of the Resistance' - Rolling Stone

Hillary Clinton described herself as "part of the resistance" while discussing women's rights and President Donald Trump's first 100 days. Hillary Clinton described ...

In a Grand Jury, there is a definite pattern of coordination, which involved the same Obama Clinton political infrastructure from 2008 of talking points media in the message, 'comics' like Stephen Colbert to Kathy Griffith being laugh track terrorists to reinforce the message, Rachel Maddow spiking this deranged group for audience along with CNN constant buzz fester, Soros and liberal Hollywood funding, and the political factions literally leading an open insurrection against America.

James Hodgkinson was the modern John Brown in being so off balance on a cause he left his home and family with guns, because Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders told him to resist, so Hodgkinson appeared in Virginia had no direction or friends, only democrat hate propaganda, and without anything to accomplish in being called out in a bridge to nowhere, he wanted to go home........
But James Hodgkinson could not go home, because Obama and Clinton told him his entire life was a failure, and if he left the field in Virginia, then he returned home an even larger failure, and that in forensic psychology is the conclusion of why James Hodgkinson shot his fellow Americans. James Hodgkinson could not go home in being told he was a failure, so in rage he created a situation where he could not be called a failure by Rachel Maddow, in he had the police execute him.

This is not Rachel Maddow alone. She just happened be what Hodgkinson was responding to in her hate talking points directly from CNN, the conglomerate billionaires, as it all coordinated in their protecting their national socialized money confiscation, with the political pariahs of the DNC telling all the injured Hodgkinsons they were nothing without a democrat in power to validate them.

There is absolute criminal culpability in this group of conspirators as they created James Hodgkinson as certain as if they were a Peking psyops programme turning out Manchurian Candidates.

President Trump has responded appropriately in public, but this is an issue with law enforcement now being fired upon, that law enforcement must understand that it is not Republicans who are just drawing the fire, from the collusion of the insiders now the focal point of Robert Mueller and James Comey, stoking this insurrection against Donald Trump. The President must order the Justice Department to convene Grand Juries for a systematic indictment of the ringleaders in this, and an understanding that this vitriol ceases so the James Hodgkinsons return to the validation that they are worthwhile as Americans and their lives do not end with a democrat out of office.

This examination ends with the conservative Charles Schumer who the Lame Cherry keeps stating is not what he appears, as he was under immense attack as the resistance leader in the Senate for actually not being radical enough and joining Donald Trump in governing behind the scenes.

For the leader of "The Resistance," Chuck Schumer is awfully ...

Chuck Schumer is meant to be the leader of the Democratic resistance in the Senate, but he's inaugurated that role by meekly accepting Trump's nominees for ...

Look again at the above photo of James Hodgkinson. He was a good man, but was victimized by an intense program as Cindy Sheehan was by Nancy Pelosi for the deep state. These people on the edge have to be protected from themselves in being depoliticized as much as people are forced to wear helmets on motorcycles. The boundaries must reappear in America for civility as this Summer of Resistance was plotted to manipulate the Hodgkinsons to terrorize politicians to intimidate them to keep the gulag in place.

The President by Attorney General Jeff Sessions must appoint a panel of US Attorneys to conduct Grand Juries to put an end to this upheaval and to protect the next James Hodgkinson out there from being so mind and soul raped that these coup plotters have stolen from him all value of worth he has as a human being.

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