Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Very Model of a Modern Major General

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was contemplating Mark Steyn, who is the interesting host when Rush Limbaugh thankfully goes on junkets to replace his viagra suitcase, and was stunned how Mark Steyn is really the opera of the Modern Major General.

I thought Mike Cernovich was the phenomena of the age in I honestly saw a Mike Cernovich look alike again today, which must make it extremely hard on his hotter than a Thai pepper wife to keep it straight who is the real Mike Cernovich.
Unfortunately Mrs. Steyn (I do not know what she is hotter than as Mark Steyn does not post photos of his wife loveliness as he is probably in phobia that Justin Trudeau will see her, and start accomplishing homosexual wooing of her as he did Ivanka Trump, whereby Mr. Steyn will have to cross the border into Canada, and be immediately apprehended by the Mounties for being a verbiage terrorist and be sentenced to some fate worse than living in Canada.)

Where was I? Oh the unfortunate Mark Steyn, in he just does not have 5 million twins on the planet, but Mark Steyn looks like the Modern Major General. See here is the proof.

Mark Steyn looks just like a Brillo Pad.

Here is Mark Steyn looking just like a sciora rock.


Then there is Mark Steyn looking like a terrier like Mike Cernovich.


Then there is Mark Steyn looking like Mike Cernovich which means he has 5 million clones, besides looking like animal and mineral.

but it gets worse in Mark Steyn looks like vegetable to sea urchin too.

I find it fascinating that Mark Steyn looks animal, vegetable and mineral.......and Mike Cernovich which is like all of the above. I could make good use of Mark Steyn as I have this big pan that needs scouring and I could stick his head in it and get it finally clean. I see an entire new vocation for Mark Steyn really in being the head pot cleaner on the planet. He could really clean up literally as there are lots of dirty pans, like a billion of them and for a dollar a pan, he could  then collect the money to buy Canada and solve all his political problems.

I see nothing of public warning of this except perhaps not using Mark Steyn on non stick pans or he would wear it all off. We just need to make use of Mark Steyn's talents. I simply desire first use as I have discovered this and once word gets out, I probably would have no chance at all in ever getting my pots scoured.

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